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RUSH: Folks, are you serious about draining the swamp? Are you serious about it? I mean, you might think it’s a rhetorical question, but I’m serious in asking the question. It’s one of the primary reasons that people elected Trump four years ago. And we have an option here: Vote for Trump or vote for a cover-up.

The Biden only hope — it’s a small hope — the only hope, get at some of this bone-chilling corruption in Washington is to vote Trump. If you want to get rid of some of this corruption, if you’re really tired of it, if you have had it with the corruption.

So we’ve got this story about Biden and his son, and it’s been corroborated. Tony Bobulinski. There is no question, there is no doubt. The evidence is on the laptop. The evidence has not been created or written by the witness, Tony Bobulinski. The evidence is what it is. Joe Biden installed his son on several Chinese company boards and Communist Party organizations. Same thing in Ukraine. Same thing, it turns out, in Russia, in an attempt to get around U.S. sanctions to make money and energy. All of this to enrich the Biden family personally.

If you’re serious about getting rid of that kind of thing, you’ve got one choice, and that’s keep Donald Trump in Washington. What decent person votes for in-your-face corruption? Really. I get so sick and tired of hearing that Joe Biden, decent guy, old Joe, nice guy, wouldn’t hurt a fly. This man is as corrupt as anybody in Washington who has finagled the system for his own personal financial benefit ever has been.

And the thing about Biden, he lied time after time with his denials that he knew nothing about Biden’s family business overseas. He has said he’s never talked to his son about any of the things his son was involved in. We now know that that is a total lie from Tony Bobulinski and from the evidence on the laptop. Joe Biden talked to Bobulinski about it, asked Bobulinski to look over his son.

Joe Biden knew his son didn’t know what he was doing. His son was there to collect the money and then distribute the money from the Chinese energy firm, from the Chinese government. The money went to Hunter. And then Hunter disbursed the money to Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s brother Jim. In fact, there’s one instance where Bobulinski illustrates that they increased the percentage cut that Jim Biden got from 10 to 20%. That additional 10% went to Joe Biden. But the point is Joe’s out there saying he never talked to his son about any of this stuff.

Not true. He installed his son in the position. Then he talks to Tony Bobulinski, who is a well-known, wealthy CEO in his own right by experience, and he asks the guy to look over his son, to take care of his son, to watch over him, ’cause he knows that his son doesn’t know what he’s doing. So Biden lies time after time after time with these denials, that he knew nothing about Biden family business overseas. And then to add insult to injury, he called all this evidence “Russian disinformation.”

And that is what sent Bobulinski over the edge. Bobulinski is fed up. Russia, Russia, Russia. When he heard Adam Schiff claim that everything on that Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, that was the last straw. That’s when Bobulinski decided he had to go public, because he is being called a Russian agent. He is being called a traitor, just like they called Trump a Russian agent. Just like they called Trump a traitor. Well, Bobulinski’s not gonna take it, so he goes forward, goes public, shows up with Tucker Carlson last night, spills the beans on all this, credibly so. Very credibly so.

The last thing. He’s a former patriot, military guy, very successful. He’s not gonna sit there and be tarred and feathered a Russian disinformation chief. Which is all the Democrats have. If something’s not going their way, Russian disinformation. That’s what Adam Schiff said. In fact, Bobulinski is said to have gone to the Bidens (paraphrasing), “You get him to retract that and I’ll shut up.” Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother said, “Tony, if you go public, you’re gonna ruin us. You’re gonna take us all down.” Bobulinski asked these guys at the very outset when it became apparent to him that this was corruption on steroids, Bobulinski said, “What are you doing here? How are you protecting yourselves here?” And Jim Biden said, “Plausible deniability. Do you know what that is, Tony?”

Well, of course Tony Bobulinski knows what plausible deniability is. It’s a way of lying and saying you had no idea this was going on. Plausible deniability is Joe Biden being able to say, “I never took a dime of foreign money.” No, because he got it from his son Hunter. Plausible deniability. “I didn’t know that the money Hunter gave me came from China.” Plausible deniability. Well, Tony Bobulinski is saying, “That’s not gonna fly. It wouldn’t save me. It’s not gonna save you guys.”

We know that Joe Biden was lying. We know why he won’t answer questions. And we know why the media is protecting him. Right now this is a media conspiracy to protect a dirty candidate. Biden is dirty, folks. I take no pleasure in pointing it out. But if you’re serious about draining the swamp, you have no choice; you have to send Donald Trump back to town. This is a media conspiracy to protect a dirty candidate.

It appears the FBI is protecting Biden. And the reason is they want to control him. They don’t want to clean Biden up. They’re not interested in that. They’re not interested in, you know, civics 101 and this is how government works according to — no, no, no. This is the real world where power determines who runs things. Power determines who is and isn’t relevant. And these people want power over Biden. And they’ve got it when they’ve got his laptop and they know what’s on it.

They’re trying to take out Trump for a reason. Trump’s a threat to all of this. Trump wants to broom all of this. Trump wants to drain the swamp of all of this. We cannot let our country become a banana republic. And we’re on the verge. That’s what all of this stuff ultimately leads to. Tell everybody you know. Tell family; tell friends; tell your enemies.

Don’t have regrets a week from now. You could have done more. You could have stopped this. Our country is riding on it.

Here’s Gerard. Gerard’s in Atlanta. I’m glad you waited, sir. It’s really great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s always great to hear your voice. Hey, I have a postelection prediction regarding voters and COVID-19 and wanted to hear your thoughts.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: And that is they say all politics is local.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I think that when voters are gonna be asked about COVID-19 postelection, I think a lot of them are gonna hold their local mayors, school boards, and state governors much more accountable than they are the president. And I can tell you why I think this, but I just wanted to hear your thoughts. What do you think about that?

RUSH: You think voters are gonna hold mayors and school boards and state governors much more accountable for COVID-19 than the president?


RUSH: And you think this is gonna happen after the election?

CALLER: Well, no. I think this is what they’re gonna say when the polls come out and ask, “How did you vote or why did you vote this way?” They’re gonna say, “Well, I held my governor or my school board responsible.”

RUSH: Well, wait.

CALLER: I was more —

RUSH: Why would they be asked this question? Voters…

CALLER: As opposed to… It’s like a postelection question, like, “Why did you vote this way,” or, “how did COVID-19…?”

RUSH: Okay, exit polls. So people are coming out and it’s exit polls.


RUSH: “Why did you vote for who?”

CALLER: Yeah, why did you vote for…? Exactly. Sorry.

RUSH: So somebody comes out, says, “I voted for Joe Biden,” and you then think they’re gonna be asked about COVID?

CALLER: Well, I think they’re gonna say, “I voted for Trump,” and they’re gonna say, “Why?” and they’ll say, “Well, I’m holding my governor or my school board much more accountable than I am the president.”

RUSH: Okay. This is a long way around saying you don’t think people are gonna blame Trump for COVID. That’s what you’re saying? That’s essentially your point?

CALLER: That’s the narrative that obviously the Biden campaign has put all their chips on, and I think it’s gonna come back and bite ’em. And just talking to a lot of my liberal friends here in Atlanta… We’ll talk and politics comes up and I’ll ask how they’re doing, and they give Brian Kemp, our governor, a lot of credit here. But then they get made at the school board, and not one… I’ve talked to several. Not one has even mentioned or brought up Trump or even tried to blame him.

RUSH: Okay. Well, that’s fine. I don’t know where this is coming from, but I guess this is your way of saying you don’t think Trump’s gonna be held accountable for COVID, that local officials are. I appreciate it.

Here’s Matt in Frederick, Maryland. You’re next. Hello, sir.

CALLER: A great honor to speak with you, Rush —

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: — and mega prayers.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: So Democrats on Fox keep saying to look at Joe Biden’s tax returns as if that’ll show if these allegations are really true. Well, if you’re willing to sell out the country, why would you put any breadcrumbs of incrimination on your tax returns?

RUSH: Well, obviously, of course. That’s just absurd. The Democrats say that Biden’s tax returns prove no deals with China. The Hunter Biden laptop proves there are deals with China. The Hunter laptop proves there are deals with Ukraine. Joe Biden and his bragging comments to the Council on Foreign Relations prove that there was chicanery in Ukraine!

Do we have to repeat this story again? The prosecutor in Ukraine is looking into Burisma. This is the company Hunter Biden works for. It’s an energy company. Hunter Biden doesn’t know anything about energy. He’s being paid… I forget. The numbers run together, but it’s an incredible amount of money, and to him it’s not enough.

He’s upset he’s not making more. The local prosecutor in Ukraine thinks Burisma’s corrupt, is looking into it, including into Hunter. Joe Biden gets wind of it; goes over to Ukraine while he’s vice president. He tells the president of Ukraine, “Fire the prosecutor looking into my kid. Fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma.” The president says, “I can’t do that. I can’t do that.”

Joe Biden — and we know this ’cause Biden said every syllable of this recounting it at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Biden said to the president, “You can’t do anything about it? Well, you know what? You got a billion dollars in U.S. aid coming here, and I’m gonna put the kibosh on it if you don’t fire this prosecutor and get rid of this investigation into my kid.

“If you don’t believe me, call the big guy. Call Obama. He knows. He’ll tell you,” and then Biden is speaking — and he’s actually got an audience at the Council on Foreign Relations — and he says, “Sumbitch! Six hours later, right before I’m scheduled to leave, they call and say the prosecutor’s been fired.” They start applauding. The Council on Foreign Relations audience starts applauding.

Biden has admitted, in that telling of the story, that he interceded in the workings of a foreign government and their investigation into one of their own companies, Burisma, to protect his kid. We don’t need his tax returns to know that he’s been engaged in corruption! Of course, you’re right: Who admits to corruption in their tax returns?

Do you remember, folks, Christine Blasey Ford during the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings? Here comes Christine Blasey Ford, biggest story in the world. Christine Blasey Ford came forward… Oh, my gosh.


RUSH: So my point is, Christine Blasey Ford, she comes forward (impression), “I felt so bad. I was worried. I was raped. I’m — I’m — I’m so — I’m — Oh ho! I’m so scared to be here, uh, today.” She captivated everything. Biggest story in the world for two weeks! Tony Bobulinski? Treated as a leper!

Tony Bobulinski is treated as a nonstory. Trump calls the fake news “the fake news cartel,” and this is why. Christine Blasey Ford was an out-and-out fraud, an out-and-out liar, a political tool. Tony Bobulinski is a solid-gold witness to stone-cold corruption by Joe Biden, possibly the next president. In both instances, part of the story is the media. Their collusion.

Their conspiratorial behavior. Their participation in a journalism crime. Now, let me ask you a question. Think about you. Imagine yourself accused on TV last night like Joe Biden was: A credible witness comes forth and nails you to the wall on financial corruption in China and Russia, accuses you of all sorts of major law violations, moral shortcomings.

Do you think that if that had been you last night, if you had been summarily accused last night like Biden was, do you think that you would have called every friendly media outlet there is — and there are gobs of them for you — to explain how you’ve been falsely accused?

You think you’d call ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, and explain to them how it’s all lies? “And right here we got the proof,” Joe Biden could say. “I got the proof right here. Right here it is. (shaking papers) Bobulinski making it up.” But no, Biden hasn’t done that. Biden hasn’t called the fake news cartel and asked them to help get his bacon out of the fire.

There’s just silence. Oh, except to come out and trash the country. “Make sure you wear a mask,” he says. “Make sure! It’s gonna be a dark winter. It’s very patriotic to wear a mask.” No media vans in front of anyone’s houses this morning, including Joe Biden’s. He doesn’t even bother to try to deny this? What would you have done were it you?


RUSH: I want to ask you to think about something again. Imagine that you are the subject of a major, hourlong TV interview last night on the most-watched cable hour at 8 p.m, and there’s a guy there being interviewed who’s credible, who knows you, who has just spelled out for the country how corrupt you are — and he’s got the evidence.

He’s got a laptop computer with the evidence on it, leaving no doubt about the corruption of you and your son and your family. Wouldn’t you think…? If it were you, and you’re accused like Biden was on TV last night, and if you have a friendly media…? I mean, you’ve got a sycophant media. You’ve got a bunch of media people who can’t wait to help you out. You’ve been accused of all kinds of violations of law.

You’ve been accused of moral depravity. Do you think that if you had a friendly media out there willing to help you over the hump that you would talk to ’em? Do you think you would take every single media availability offered to you to explain that all that was said last night about you was a lie? Wouldn’t you love and relish the opportunity to tell everybody that what was said about you was bogus and not true, that it’s all lies?

And then wouldn’t you like to hold up a bunch of pieces of paper (shaking papers) and say, “I’ve got the proof right here”? Remember, you’ve got a friendly media. You have a sycophant media. You have a media that will die of anal poisoning, they’re so close to you. They’ll do anything they can to get you elected! Why aren’t you using them? Why isn’t Biden out there today using these people to refute all this?

Instead, what do you do? You come out of your bunker and start trashing the country, scaring people left and right, telling ’em they “gotta wear masks because, you know, it’s patriotic.” But there are no media vans. There are no media trucks in front of anyone’s houses this morning, including Joe Biden’s. And Hunter? Where’s Hunter? Hunter Biden has vanished. We need to put out a Silver Alert, whatever they call ’em, a wellness check.

Where is Hunter, folks?

Where is any of this?

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