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RUSH: I hope a number of you saw Tucker Carlson’s interview last night with Tony Bobulinski. We have some audio sound bites from it if you didn’t. I think the best way to sum it up is that it is now beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden knew. Joe Biden has lied through his aging teeth each time he has said that he never spoke to his son about any of the business dealings his son had with companies or agents in China or Ukraine, or it turns out any number of other places.

Biden has been lying from the get-go about this. And now this is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Joe knew, he had to have known, and common sense would tell us that he knew. He set it up. It was Joe Biden’s name that provided all of the credibility anybody needed. Joe Biden’s family was set up to reap huge financial rewards for providing influence for the ChiCom government, Chinese agencies and companies, and ditto the same thing in Ukraine. Now, Tony Bobulinski, this man comes off as extremely credible. He’s got nothing to gain here. He’s got much more to lose by coming forward.

He’s now had to hire a SEAL team to provide security for his family because he’s under threat now having gone public with this. He said he met twice with Joe Biden, once at the Milken — maybe both times — at the Milken conference, which is a big deal, it’s at the Beverly Hilton Hotel out in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. I have appeared at the Milken conference. I was on a panel with Willie Brown, Harold Ford, and Frank Luntz some years ago.

It’s a big deal. People come to this thing from all over the world to chat about business, finance, culture, any number of things, sponsored by Michael Milken, of course. And this is where Biden needed to meet Tony Bobulinski. And this is where Biden signed off on Bobulinski running the Biden family affair that ended up being tied together with the Chinese government and businesses, and the same thing in Ukraine.

Now, to my mind, folks — we watched this last night — one of the most outrageous parts of it all was where Hunter Biden and the Chinese energy company were trying to bypass U.S. sanctions on Russia by having one of the companies that Bobulinski had been hired to run — of course, he was aced out of this, and this is what caused the red flags to start going up — U.S. sanctions were in place on Russia, and here are the Bidens attempting to get around them, to bypass the U.S. sanctions on Russia by having their company buy 14% of Russia’s-state-run oil company so they could sell the oil on the world market and avoid U.S. sanctions.

Now, this was a deal Bobulinski said that was gonna cost ’em $9 billion to pick up 14% of this company. I mean, for crying out loud, folks, the whole Russian conspiracy hoax was based on the lie that Donald Trump had promised Putin that he would lift sanctions on Russia if Putin would help him get elected. Look at what this really is.

Here we have the Bidens trying to bypass U.S. sanctions just to make themselves rich. And they are bypassing American policy. U.S. sanctions. They are taking steps here that would damage the policy of their country, the United States, so that they would personally benefit. And this has been documented. And Bobulinski, I’m telling you, he was imminently credible. He’s got nothing to gain by going public here. And he was very concerned.

He thought this was all a legitimate enterprise when they hired him. I mean, the Bidens are the Bidens. He thought it was a legitimate enterprise to have some kind of relationship — this is after Biden leaves the White House. And they hire him to be essentially the CEO of the company that is going to interface with both the Chinese communist government and some Chinese companies. And $10 million is going to be put into this company to, A, fund it and to provide the first series of payments for the people that work — i.e., the Bidens. And the money never showed up. At least Bobulinski never got any of it.

He started getting concerned what was going on. And after a while he went to Joe Biden’s brother Jim. He said, “Are you guys not concerned about what you’re doing here?” And what they were doing was exactly what we thought. Joe Biden was installing his son Hunter, who knows nothing about energy or the Chinese communist government, he knows nothing. It didn’t matter that he knew nothing. Biden installs his son in both the Chinese enterprises and the Ukrainian enterprises for the express purpose of making money.

And it’s all been documented here by Bobulinski, and it’s all on the laptop. It’s all there. None of it has been created by Bobulinski. None of the things that he has shown did he write. These are things that have all been written by the principals in the form of emails, WhatsApp text messages and so forth, and it was exactly what we thought it was.

Joe Biden puts his son Hunter in these positions where Hunter then gets paid, and Hunter then sends a portion of what he gets paid to Joe Biden, his dad. And that permits Joe Biden to say he’s never accepted a dime of foreign money — and on the technical side, he would be accurate. He’s got the money from Hunter. Hunter essentially launders the money.

The ChiCom energy firm, the ChiCom government, they pay Hunter. The deal is that Joe gets 10%. He’s “the Big Guy.” Jim Biden gets 10 to 20%. Bobulinski was supposed to get his percentage. He never got much at all. Hunter Biden’s supposed to get his percentage. But it all went through Hunter. Hunter is the laundering service, if you will.

And after the money goes to Hunter, he then distributes it, which allows Joe and Jim Biden to run around (indignantly), “I never accepted a dime anywhere from any foreign country,” and technically, he’s exactly right. Folks, this is… (chuckles) In a way, this is the Russian scandal, Chinese scandal that they tried to nail Trump for, and the media wants nothing to do with it.

They are not covering it.

They are totally ignoring it.

They are leaving it alone, including the Wall Street Journal.

Ronna McDaniel tweeted at 11:25 this morning: “Last night, Hunter’s own business partner gave a credible first-hand account of Joe Biden’s pay-to-play scheme with China. How many times did the mainstream media mention it this morning? ABC: 0 CBS: 0 NBC: 0 CNN: 0 MSNBC: 0.” The Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson:

“Corporate media outlets,” this is a tweet, “have been warned not to cover Tony Bobulinski & Hunter Biden’s laptop or they will be blacklisted by any future Biden/Harris Administration — according to several media sources.” This is exactly what we thought it was. This is how Joe Biden can afford four or five houses, never earning more than $175,000 a year or whatever a senator’s salary is.

A vice president’s salary, I think it’s a couple hundred thousand dollars. But you don’t end up owning four really, really nice lake houses and beach houses like Joe Biden does. And, of course, he’s skated along, “Well, that’s just old Joe.” He’s got this reputation that there’s no such thing as corruption with Joe Biden. This is corruption! Folks, this is exactly why Donald Trump was elected, to get rid of this kind of thing, to drain the swamp of this kind of stuff.

This is exactly why you sent him there. This is exactly why. You may not have known specifics, but you knew that the people in Washington have the game rigged on their behalf for themselves, for their families. I mean, this Biden story is a microcosm of how it works for everybody that acquires any kind of power in the Washington establishment, the deep state, you name it.

This is exactly how it happens. This is how people end up getting very wealthy without having any employment that would generate this kind of wealth. They simply sell their influence, and the Chinese and the Ukrainians and the Russians are more than happy to corrupt these people. They’re more than happy to have these people on the blackmail payroll.

They’re more than happy to do that. FBI, the same thing. I’ve mentioned this two or three times, and a lot of people can’t get their arms around this. But the FBI has had this laptop, the Hunter Biden laptop for a long time and not done anything with it. People are asking, “Why?” Well, see, people have a misconception, sadly.

The misconception is that there are people in Washington at the highest levels of our government are extensions of us, and we’re citizens, and we expect that they’re gonna keep things clean. They’re gonna hold lawbreakers accountable. They’re gonna search for bad guys. They’re gonna find them, gonna root ’em out because that’s what they do.

That’s what law enforcement patriotism is. Law enforcement patriotism is simply defending and protecting the Constitution, finding people who have sworn an oath to it and who are violating it, and making them pay a price for it. In this case, they held on to the Biden laptop, didn’t do a thing with it. There’s an explanation.

More than likely it is that the FBI, these certain elements in the FBI and the intelligence community… Think James Clapper, John Brennan, Comey, people like this. Everybody in that town wants influence. Influence is the coin of the realm in Washington, D.C. Power. Influence. So here you have some guys in the intelligence community.

They don’t run for office. They don’t get elected. They don’t have the power of having won an election; therefore, having a mandate from the American people. They’re government service employees. So how do they exert influence? How do they exercise power in that town? It’s very simple. You get hold of the Hunter Biden laptop, and rather than investigate…

Well, I mean, you investigate it, but not to get them in trouble.

You investigate it to hold it over their heads, so that if Biden gets elected, guess what? These people in the, quote-unquote, “intel community…” This is what the objective was with Trump. That’s what the golden showers story was all about when Comey walks in the Oval Office and tells him that, “We have intel, sir, that you hired a bunch of prostitutes to urinate on a bed that had been slept in by Barack Obama.”

Immediately Trump thought he was being blackmailed. He thought he was being set up. He didn’t know by who, but he knew he hadn’t done that. He said, “What the hell is this? Why is my FBI director coming in here and telling me that this stuff’s out there? Why isn’t he defending me against this kind of stuff?” Comey says, “Well, sir, these are the kind of things out there all the time. You need to know about ’em.”

Why does he need to know about ’em? They’re made up. The golden showers story was made up. Christopher Steele made it up. Dossier. The Biden laptop is not made up. The Biden laptop is fact after fact after fact after fact. So now you have the possibility of people in the intelligence community — who, remember, they want to be the first to meet with the president every day.

It doesn’t matter who the president is. They want the access. They want to be able to tell him the hot spots around the country, around the world. Power. P-o-w-e-r. It’s what they want. If they’ve got the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden laptop, and it’s got evidence of all this criminal activity on it, do you realize how much power they have over the Bidens if Biden gets elected?

“But, Rush! But, Rush! Why wouldn’t they want to clean it out? Why wouldn’t they want to bring charges against Biden?” That’s not the way it works. There isn’t any power in bringing down Biden. I mean, it’s just gonna make other people mad. The real power is having something on Biden — and that, I fear, is what much of this is about: The lack of pursuit of the evidence rather than holding onto it for other usage.

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