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RUSH: That’s right, my friends! Joe Biden addressed a record crowd of 365 cars in Atlanta yesterday, while trying to project energy by going to where FDR went to die. That’s your Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, going to where FDR went to die. “It’s gonna be a dark winter,” but at least a record number of cars showed up.


RUSH: Here’s Plugs. Grab sound bite number 24 very quickly, Wilmington, Delaware. Plugs is out there to scold everybody again.

BIDEN: I just completed in here another public health briefing with my team of public health experts.

RUSH: Scientists, yeah.

BIDEN: We looked at the latest reported data on how it indicates that we’re on upward slope of a bigger wave of confirmed infections than anything we experienced to date. This is not political. It’s patriotic. Wearing a mask. Wear one. Period.

RUSH: (scolding) “Wear one. Period. It’s patriotic.” So Plugs is warning everybody it’s really dark out there. It’s really dank out there. It’s really hopeless out there. There’s not much we can do. Just wear your mask! Biden had an unusually busy day yesterday. He first addressed an audience confined to socially distant circles in Warm Springs, Georgia.

You know, Warm Springs, Georgia, is where FDR went to die — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for those of you who may not know who FDR is. He was a president married to Eleanor Roosevelt, who Hillary Clinton talks to at night, one ghost to another. (interruption) No, Hillary says she does! I’m not making it up.

So, this is where Biden addressed a record crowd: “365 cars easily made it the largest event of the campaign for Biden.” You believe that: 365 cars is the biggest rally of his campaign, and this is the guy that’s the so-far-away frontrunner we can’t see who’s in second place? Record crowd, 365 cars in Atlanta, “the largest event of the campaign” for Plugs.

You know, 365 cars, that wouldn’t even make a respectable Trump caravan. Seventy-five thousand cars rallied for President Trump in Miami last week. By the way, aren’t Biden’s car rally’s attendees, by definition, honkers? That’s what they do: They honk their horns instead of applaud! I thought that was the funniest thing when I was watching Obama last weekend.

He’s in North Miami, and he’s doing these appearances and extolling the virtues of Biden — and whenever he talked about Biden, nothing. Zilch, zero, nada. But when he started ripping into Trump, that’s when all the car horns went nuts. I tell you, there is no movement for Biden. There isn’t any bond or inertia for Biden.

The Democrat Party is made up of people who are just immersed in pure hatred. It’s all it is, just pure hatred for Donald Trump, and you know one of the reasons for the hatred? He’s successful. He has succeeded. These people have done everything they know to try to stop him. They have failed. He is better than they are. He is smarter than they are.

He wins and wins and wins while they continue to lose, lose, lose, and they despise him for that. Now, they tell everybody they hate him because his personality is abrasive, and he’s got bad manners, and he’s unkind, and he’s mean-spirited. That’s not what it is. They hate Donald Trump like high school kids hate each other. They are jealous.

You want to get down to brass tacks? They are jealous as they can be! These clowns, there’s not a one of them could get on the reality TV showed called The Apprentice or anything else. There’s not a one of them could be a star on TV by telling guests, “You’re fired!” Donald Trump has his own jets. He’s got his own helicopters. He’s got his own resorts. He’s got his own golf course.

They just are jealous as they can be. Joe Biden is jealous. All of the Never Trumpers, if you want to get down to brass tacks, they’re jealous. They are envious as they can be. They’re the smart ones! They’re the ones that went to the Ivy League schools. They’re the ones that are genuine brainiacs. They’re the ones to whom all of these material riches should have been flowing.

But, no, Donald Trump went out and earned them — and Donald Trump has his own building named after him where he lives in the top 10 floors. And it’s all bedecked in gold. And they hate him. They’re jealous, folks. It’s just simple, basic, raw human nature. They are jealous. Trump has done things they cannot do. They’ve tried. Some of the Never Trumpers, for example, have run for president. Some of them have been campaign consultants for others who ran for president. They’ve never amounted to anything.

They write. They work for magazines. They ask rich guys to give them money so that they can publish a magazine. And then they tell the readers of the magazine to join them on a cruise after every election defeat. Just join us on our cruise to the far Rockaways as we explain to you what went wrong and how if you listen to us again, you’ll keep losing. That’s the Never Trumper recipe for financial success.

But Trump just wins and wins and wins, and despite their best efforts to stop him, they’ve thrown everything, Democrats, media, Never Trumpers. They’ve thrown everything at Donald Trump, and he’s still there. And you know what else? Donald Trump is still enjoying life — his. He still gets up and loves living every day, despite their best efforts to make him miserable, to make him unhappy, to trip him up, to try to turn him into somebody bitter and dank and dark and pessimistic. They haven’t even been able to do that.

In fact, that’s what they have done to themselves. They have turned themselves into dark, dank people who exist in a constant state of misery, a constant state of misery that is buttressed by jealousy and envy. And make no mistake that’s what it is. Oh, they’ll tell you they’re above jealousy and envy. “Jealousy and envy? No, no, no, no, no. We’re too smart to be jealous. We’re too smart. We don’t waste our brilliance on envy and jealousy. We’re immune to that. We’re too smart for that. No, no, no. We genuinely hate this guy because this guy is genuinely hate-worthy.”

No. You hate this guy because you couldn’t beat him. You hate the guy ’cause you couldn’t stop him. You hate the guy ’cause you tell everybody you’re twice as smart as he is. This goes for the Democrats too. All of these career, lifetime political people, career lifetime journalists, career lifetime inside the Beltway experts. And they cannot defeat, stop, or outsmart somebody who’s not one of them.

“Joe Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die.” That’s a headline. Robert Spencer, PJ Media. I think it’s a great headline, by the way. “Biden Tries to Project Energy By Going to Where FDR Went to Die — In an uncomfortable parallel with the Biden campaign, not only did FDR die in Warm Springs; he did so after deceiving the American people for many months about the seriousness of his condition. Despite Joe’s numerous verbal slip-ups and increasingly obvious signs of dementia, the Biden campaign continues to insist that their man is just fine, and in fact more vigorous and in the pink of health than the president who is traversing the country holding three rallies a day.

“Franklin D. Roosevelt died in Warm Springs eighty-two days into his fourth term. Biden’s choice of Warm Springs for a speech today projected not so much hope and resilience as it pointed up the parallels between Joe today and FDR in his final months: the confused speech, the need for long periods of rest, and the suspicions that have dogged the campaign. Will President Biden, should he shuffle into the Oval Office as most polls continue to insist he will, last longer than eighty-two days” of FDR in his fourth term?

And here is a story. This is at the Issues & Insights website. Their editorial. “Biden Looked Normal At The Debates, So Why Does He Appear Senile At Most Other Times?” Do you know that’s a good question? And I’ve asked myself, how have they done it? How have the Biden handlers done it? How have they — not prepped. I mean, how have they insured that for 90 minutes Plugs can look together and look like he knows where he is and what’s going on when any other time he doesn’t?

He looked normal at the debates. Why does he appear senile most other times? This piece speculates on that. But we’ve got other things to do.

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