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RUSH: Even though they knew it was coming, and even though they knew they couldn’t stop it, the Democrats are having a post-confirmation meltdown of epic proportions.

After Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as the newest Supreme Court justice, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck-You Schumer vowed revenge. He promised that the next time Democrats take control of the Senate, they will run roughshod over Republicans, and make them regret confirming this justice.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi babbled about President Trump supposedly “manipulating” the Supreme Court and how it will supposedly hurt big labor, LGBTQs, the environmentalist wackos, healthcare, abortion, voting rights and all the other crap they care about.

AOC’s “squad” demanded that Democrats pack the Supreme Court by adding more extremist liberal justices.

Somebody must have told Joe Biden what happened, because he mumbled something about rotating justices back and forth between the lower courts and the Supreme Court. A hare-brained, idiotic notion that would never see the light of day in a sane world.

But the day was full of delicious irony. It was Justice Clarence Thomas – the target of Joe Biden’s “high-tech lynching” – who swore in now-Justice Barrett at the White House ceremony. And Justice Barrett was confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court justice on Hillary Rodham Clinton’s birthday.

Proving that Providence still looks favorably on America. With a great big smile.

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