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RUSH: Gregory in Charleston, South Carolina. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. How are you this morning?

RUSH: I’m fine. Thank you. I’m glad you called.

CALLER: Hey, listen. I want to get to my point quickly. You’re very well connected. What do you believe the chances are of the Republicans holding the Senate and retaking the House? And I’ll just hang up and listen to your answer on air. Thank you for what you do. I appreciate it so much.

RUSH: You are more than welcome. His actual question up there is, “What do your sources tell you about us being able to flip the House?” I don’t know if I ought to admit this ’cause I don’t know the image you all have, but I don’t have sources. I don’t. I don’t talk to anybody. I don’t think there’s anybody who knows any of this stuff.

The only thing that’s out there is people interpreting the polls like everybody else, and I can do that on my own, and then I can choose whether to believe them or not. So I don’t really have sources. Now, there are people that try to get hold of me and share various things with me, tell me things that they think and so forth.

But in terms of having a network of sources and people that I talk to, I’m really as big an outsider when it comes to Washington as anybody in this country. I don’t ever talk to anybody there unless it’s the president. I can’t tell you the last time I had a conversation with — and other members of the administration. But in terms of journalists or other supposed people in the know, I don’t have anybody I talk to.

I’ve never wanted to. I’ve never had a desire. You know, when the program started back in 1988, I learned a lesson. There were all kinds of people. This program was new, and it was popular, and it was big, and it was one of these things that everybody wanted to be a part of it. Everybody wanted to be a guest, everybody wanted in.

So I was exposed to these kinds of experts that the caller is asking about, and I found out that there’s nobody who really knows. It’s just a series of opinions that people have, which is fine if people want to traffic in their opinions and all that. Now, to the specifics: I haven’t heard a thing from anybody about flipping the House. I haven’t heard a thing about it.

Holding onto the Senate, I gather, is gonna be a very, very challenging, tough thing to do, simply by listening to Lindsey Graham on Fox last night. Lindsey Graham on Fox last night sounded scared to death. Lindsey Graham was on with Hannity, and it was right after Amy Coney Barrett had been confirmed, and Lindsey Graham was essentially asking people to campaign for him, send him money and whatever.

He’d got the most well-funded Senate candidate opposing him in the history of the Senate. There’s isn’t a candidate that has received more — including Beto O’Rourke — than Lindsey Graham’s opponent, and you could tell that he was very worried, very alarmed. He admitted that these past two weeks, he hadn’t been able to sleep.

He hadn’t been able to sleep because he’s been scared to death the Democrats were gonna do something to derail Amy Coney Barrett like they did Kavanaugh. He’s been unable to sleep for two weeks ’cause he thought that was coming. (interruption) Yeah, I know. He could have prevented that by just skipping the hearings and just going straight to the vote.

It was fait accompli what was gonna happen, but he wanted to make sure that everybody knew that he gave the Democrats a fair shot at Amy Coney Barrett, ’cause that’s what Washington’s all about: Giving Democrats a fair shot at destroying Republican nominees and so forth. But he was extremely relieved that she was confirmed. So I gather that holding the Senate is gonna be a challenging thing.

Folks, I go back and forth too. You know, I try to get a feel for all of this myself, all of this information we have trying to balance it and measure it. Like, “What does the early voting mean?” as I discussed earlier, in the previous half hour. Who is it? Who are these early voters? Why are they early voting? Are they Trump people ticked off at the way their man’s been treated?

Are the deranged leftists who have been poisoned with hatred and can’t wait to get rid of Trump, and they’re chomping at the bit and they’re going out there voting early? I don’t know who they are. Well, except in some cases we’re finding out that the early voters are Republicans. A majority of early voters in some states, like North Carolina, are Republicans — in a shock.

And I think in Florida, early voting has been shown to be majority Republican, which nobody can believe. But I’m sitting here; I watch this stuff go by like you do, and so much of it doesn’t make any sense to me in terms of good, old-fashioned American values. I just… I can’t for the life of me understand how it is that a guy like Joe Biden is leading this race as they’re trying to tell us that he is, ’cause did doesn’t make any sense.

Folks, I can’t believe we’ve lost our country. I just can’t believe it! But you look out there, and if you pay any attention to the media at all and all these ancillary events, it looks like we are on the verge of it. I asked myself about these pollsters. They got it dramatically wrong in 2016. They got it dramatically wrong for a host of reasons.

Their polls were not really polls. They were attempts at shaping public opinion. They were convinced that Trump didn’t have a prayer. They were convinced that everybody hated Trump. None of the data showing Trump was gonna win… They just didn’t believe it. So they ran their polling numbers and they had Hillary up 10, eight, 15, whatever it was — and they were shocked and stunned.

Can that happen twice?

I asked myself, “Can these pollster people get it wrong dramatically two elections in a row?” What do you think? Can you see that happening, simply ’cause they don’t know where Trump voters are or simply because of the phenomenon of the shy Trump voter? I pray I’m wrong. I pray these guys are blowing it again like they blew it in 2016, because I believe they’re entirely capable of it because of their arrogance and their hubris.

I believe that they can totally blow it. I can believe it because they hate Trump so much, they’ve been poisoned by that hatred, and I think they’re doubling down on using their polling data to shape public opinion. And I see Frank Luntz out there saying that if we get it wrong — meaning we pollsters.

“If we get it wrong this time, then we gotta go out of business. It’s the worst thing that ever happened for our business.” Would they do that? I look at the rallies. It doesn’t make any sense that the guy with thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people versus a guy that can’t draw insects would be trailing.

One guy isn’t even working. One candidate doesn’t even leave home. He doesn’t know where he is half the time. All he has is lies and a lying media. The other guy, our guy, is working harder than anyone ever has in politics for four straight years. And are we to believe in the United States of America there’s no reward for that anymore? That the guy sitting at home in the basement, the guy sitting at home lying to you, not telling you the truth about his agenda, trying to keep it from you, that’s the guy that’s leading?

A guy that the American people don’t even really know, Joe Biden, he’s just a generic candidate with a D next to his name? He’s the guy running against Trump’s personality? They’ve turned this into a referendum on Trump. This isn’t about Biden or his agenda or how good a candidate he is ’cause he isn’t any of those things.

Meanwhile, Trump is out there working harder than anybody ever has in politics for four years. I can’t believe there’s no reward for that. It’s not the America I know. Donald Trump has done more for the people of this country in four years than any president ever in my lifetime short of Ronald Reagan, and there’s no reward for it? There’s nothing but a bunch of people saying we gotta send you packing?

How can that be? Because the people don’t even know it, because Donald Trump has received 92% negative media coverage for four straight years. In addition to having a coup run against him, he’s been the subject of a political assassination for four straight years. And despite the fact the people of this country have lived prior to COVID-19 the economic advances, the economic recovery, the rising wages, black unemployment record low, all that, they’ve lived it. And they still don’t know it? Good Lord.

Donald Trump has brought manufacturing jobs back. He’s straightened out the justices with the ChiComs and other foreign leaders. He shored up NATO. He’s brought peace to the Middle East when nobody has ever been able to do that before, and it doesn’t matter? ‘Cause the people don’t even know it. How can they not know it when they’ve lived it? Ah, but there we go. Hello, COVID. COVID comes along, wiping out everything positive that happened in the first three and a half years.

We got one guy who I swear is the exact opposite of infectious. There is nothing about Joe Biden that says, “Join my team.” He can’t draw flies to his appearances and doesn’t even want to. Neither can his surrogates. Obama can’t draw a crowd, Kamala Harris can’t draw a crowd. Yet this is the guy who’s leading by double digits here, eight points here in all these battleground states, it doesn’t make any sense to me. But then nothing has made sense this year to me.

The guy who can’t draw flies has an agenda that’s going to destroy the American economy. It’s going to destroy the country as founded. That’s the purpose of the American left today. The agenda isn’t even really his. Speaking of surrogates, he’s the stand-in for it. And then we got a bunch of Republicans, so-called Republicans are pulling for Biden, all on the basis of class, they just can’t believe that somebody like Donald Trump, Mr. Bad Orange Man, should even be in the White House.

So much we’re learning about what our country has not been that we thought it was since Reagan. Our entire value base, the one you’ve raised your kids by and your grandkids, apparently it doesn’t even exist. We all thought it did, particularly after Trump won in 2016, we thought that value base was there. We thought the foundation of American greatness was reaffirmed by Trump’s election. So as to what’s gonna happen, I haven’t the slightest idea, ladies and gentlemen. I have no feel for it right now, other than what I just shared with you.

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