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RUSH: There’s an outfit out there called Poll Watch. And they’re basically a poll analyst bunch, best I can tell. They don’t do their own polling. They take a look at other polling. And they extrapolate and analyze and assemble and then come up with their own results. And here’s their latest report from yesterday.

They said as of today, this is how we view the core three states. Trump is gonna win Florida by 2 to 3 percent, Trump to win North Carolina by 4 to 5%, Trump to win Arizona by two and a half to 3%. They say that this analysis is based largely on voter registration trends and polls from pollsters who were accurate in 2016, which would largely be the Trafalgar group and others.

(interruption) Yeah, that’s right. Corny is the word I was looking for. It’s corny to say you love your country. It’s corny. Of course everybody loves their country. Of course they don’t. See, that’s the rub. Not everybody does love our country.

At any rate, I think it’s gonna be bigger than this. I think it’s gonna be bigger than 2 to 3% in Florida, bigger than 4 to 5% in North Carolina, and bigger than two and a half to 3% in Arizona.


RUSH: So, folks, here’s where we are right now. If we see the mainstream polls by Wednesday or Thursday suddenly tightening, if they suddenly show a close race, well, then we’re gonna know some things. Among the things that we will know is that they were lying throughout the past three years. We know they’ve been lying for the past three years. They’ve been lying about Russia, collusion, meddling, stealing the election. We know that was just a gigantic lie. There was never any evidence for any of that.

I mean, there’s been one lie after the other. In fact, in four years, there hasn’t been a single good thing reported about Donald Trump, not a single positive thing. Stop and think of that. Those of you who are on the fence out there, if there are any of you, if you can’t make up your mind, if something’s odd, remind yourself of this. There hasn’t been one positive thing reported about President Donald Trump in a four-year span of time. It is incredible. There’s never been anything like it.

Four solid years of nothing but negative coverage. And for that to be true, most of the coverage has to be made up of lies. But can you ever remember a single president or a single prominent political figure never having one positive thing reported in a year? Never mind four years. Now, ask yourself: Is that normal? You need to ask: Is it normal that, in four years, a man as popular as Donald Trump obviously is hasn’t done anything good, hasn’t done anything that would merit or warrant a positive report?

They ignore all of the good news. And man, folks, there is so much on the achievement. For example, listen. Trump called China to account for its commercial cheating and insidious infiltration into western banking. The ChiComs have intruded in media, entertainment, academic institutions, and Trump has called them out on it. He has called them to account. He’s the only American politician to ever call ’em out in such a way.

He cut off aid to the Palestinians who refused to recognize Israel and he’s getting a piece deal in the Middle East nation by nation by nation. You think that’s good news? You think that’s worthy of a positive report or two? It is, but there hasn’t been one. Like every American president precedent to him, he has promised to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. The thing that’s different about him is he actually did it. You think that’s worthy of a positive report or two? It is. But there hasn’t been one.

He reminded the regime of Bashar al-Assad, that they would never recover the Golan Heights to launch another war on Israel. Never. Think that’s worthy of good news? Think it’s worthy of a good report? It certainly is. Has there been one? No.

Trump encouraged the moderate Arab world to ally with Israel to protect against revolutionary Shi’ite Iran. He has succeeded in aligning much of Middle Eastern Arab nations with Israel in opposition to Iran, which is the real threat to the region. Think that’s worthy of a good news report or two? It is. There hasn’t been one.

Trump reminded Canada and Mexico that one reason why they’re able to have small militaries along with growing economies was their close proximity to the United States, meaning they are protected. Think that’s worthy of a good news report or two? Of course there is an unending supply of good news like this that has yet to be reported in the mainstream media. It’s just amazing.

As I was saying, folks, if we see the mainstream media polls by Wednesday suddenly tighten, if we see a suddenly close race, then we will that know they were lying. I think we know this already, but this will confirm it. And if they see these polls tighten by Wednesday and Thursday, it’s gonna mean that they’re worried Trump will win. They’ll want to say they called it close.


RUSH: Let me share with you an email note I got from a friend earlier today. “Rush, this is the weirdest time I have seen. All of my gut instincts -” and he cites the things that are lighting up his instincts “– there are huge California car rallies for Trump everywhere,” and I have had people report them to me. There were a couple down in — come on, what’s it — not Redondo Beach. Mental block. But Trump wasn’t even there. There were just massive car rallies for Trump, and they’re all over Southern California. My friend is seeing them. And he’s marveling at them.

Then he cites data from gun sales. Gun sales are through the roof. This indicates that people are scared to death of it Democrats and what their intentions are. He says the grassroots enthusiasm that he is seeing out there all over the place is unlike anything he can recall other than in 2016. Then he cites the best 2016 polls, show that Trump will win big in the Electoral College. But then he asks me this question. “Is the left so unhinged, that after the 2016 embarrassment and the surety that Mueller was a genius, that Mueller was gonna indict Trump in weeks, would they be so stupid as to repeat that embarrassment in 2020? A third self-inflicted humiliation?”

He said, “Rush, my only worry now is vote fraud in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. ‘Cause Trump I’m gonna win the Election Day turnout big time.” I’ve asked myself the same question. Would these people be so unhinged that they would repeat 2016 all over? Would they repeat Mueller again? The thing about Mueller is they were dead set certain that Mueller was gonna make sure Trump was indicted, frog-marched out of the White House. They believed it. Just like they believe that Trump had colluded with Russia, they’re gonna get him thrown out of the office because they had tampered. Would they repeat themselves a third time here in 2020? ‘Cause that’s exactly what looks like is happening.

Let me grab a call quickly. Julie in Hartford, Connecticut. Great to have you with us. How are you?

CALLER: Hi. Good, Rush. Thanks for having me. I was at the massive rally in New Hampshire yesterday, and it was so much fun. Just like the clip you just played. It was massive. It was joyful. There were tens of thousands of people. Everybody was happy. There were people from everywhere, from New Jersey, from Pennsylvania, from New York, from all over. And they all love our president. And I’m telling you — well, you can tell Connie Chung there were Asian-Americans there. There were all kinds of different people there. It was just massive. And these are not people the pollsters are gonna find. They’re not your standard political people.

RUSH: Why do you say that?

CALLER: Because, you know, they told us, you know, they don’t get involved. I mean, up here in New England you don’t get involved because, you know, this is Democrat central, right?

RUSH: Exactly right. I know what that means.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah. So these are people that are just terribly excited, excited enough to get up early and get themselves there and get themselves in. And what the president says is true every time. There are thousands upon thousands of people behind the press that don’t make it in. They don’t show you that. But they’re there.

RUSH: Oh, I know. I know. I have been to enough of these things that I have seen and read enough about these things to know exactly what goes on at all of them in terms of the people who are not able to get in and that show up hours in advance trying to get in. It’s mind-boggling. And there’s nothing — I mean, folks, on the left, on the Biden, Kamala Harris, there’s nothing like this. There’s not. I mean, it isn’t even close. And it does not make sense that Biden and Kamala Harris are up by eight, up by 10. It just doesn’t make any sense, like it didn’t make any sense in 2016. But we can’t rely on just that, the fact it doesn’t make any sense.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go on this, the Rush Limbaugh program and the EIB Network.

Megan in Atlanta. Glad you called. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m always happy when I turn on the radio and your voice is on.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: And you say you’re grateful to God every day when you wake up, and I’m always glad to hear you. I wanted to respond to your caller last hour, you asked her why you think the polls are not capturing these people going to these rallies and doing them and stuff like that. I think it’s because — and I can speak for myself and I can’t imagine that —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I just want a point of clarification. She said that these people are not being captured by pollsters, and I asked her why.


RUSH: Okay.


RUSH: She made the assertion and so I wanted to know what she thought was the reason why. You have a theory?

CALLER: I do. I mean, I can speak for myself and I can’t imagine I’m alone, but I think it’s because there’s a great distrust that’s been sown among just polls and media in general. And in a lot of people’s minds, the polls are kind of linked to the media, and they’re afraid, like there are a lot of people who are afraid to answer honestly in polls and they don’t want to be bothered ’cause they’re afraid of being doxed.

I mean, you saw what happened to those nuns who just showed up at a rally for Trump who were sitting behind him. They’ve been doxed immediately, and the woman who was nodding behind Trump at the town hall that he did with Savannah Guthrie, like immediately the press was calling for her to be doxed, and I think there’s a lot of fear among people —

RUSH: I remember that. Now, that woman was out of focus, though, plus she was wearing a mask on the bottom —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — half of her face, so were they able to dox her?

CALLER: Yes, they were. They found out who she was, and they called for the doxing of those nuns at the rally this past week. And people have families, people have jobs that they’re afraid of losing simply because they responded to a poll and said yes, I’ll vote for Trump or showing up at the rallies because they have a lot to lose. I think there are a lot of Trump supporters who are unwilling to talk to pollsters out of fear of what’s going to come from that information that they give the pollsters.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. The question is to what extent? Let’s go back to 2016. In 2016, these polling companies had to be profoundly embarrassed. There is not a one of them, other than Trafalgar, there’s not a one of them — folks, now, this is really important. There’s not a one of them that forecast Trump was gonna win. Not a single polling company found it. Not a single one.

Now, go back to 2016 and the same fears existed probably on a smaller scale. You still had people scared to death on one hand. And, on the other hand, you had people who just want to lie to the pollsters for the hell of it. ‘Cause they don’t trust them anyway. And they would love to make a mockery of their business. They would love to screw them up. So they don’t tell them the truth. And the reason for that is a significant number of people believe that polling is dishonest, that it is nothing more than an extension of the Democrat Party, that all it is is an attempt to shape public opinion rather than reflect it. A lot of people believe this.

So you have a combination of people that don’t believe it, that don’t trust it, that don’t in any way think the polling units are honest. And then you have people afraid of it. People are scared to be identified. People that think they’re gonna be targeted. So in 2016, however it all jumbled together, not a single major polling unit was even close. Now, it’s important to remember that. ABC, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, you name it, not a one of these major polls got it right. They weren’t even close. It’s their business.

So here we are four years later. Now, what is their excuse for not getting it in 2016? Do you remember? What did they offer as their excuse for missing it in 2016? Well, it was a combination of, “Well, people didn’t tell us the truth, we can’t find certain voters. Trump voters especially. We couldn’t zero in on ’em, we couldn’t find ’em to know who they are.” That was the big one. “We don’t know who the Trump voters are.” And to this day they’ve made no effort to find out who they are. They don’t care who they are. The only thing they care about is swamping ’em. They don’t care about finding out who these people are. They don’t care why these people are voting Trump. The only thing they care about is making sure that those people don’t win this year.

So what do we have now? Now we have what looks like an exact repeat. We have the same polling companies suggesting the same margins of victory for the Democrat nominee. We have a Democrat nominee who doesn’t even campaign, like Hillary Clinton didn’t. We have a Democrat nominee who is making no effort whatsoever to shore up the areas that Trump won in in 2016. Oh, Biden makes an effort of going out there, but then he’s overrun by Trump supporters at his rally and they call a lid and go home.

The point is the similarities between 2016 and 2020 are eerie. Just eerie as they can be. Now, Frank Luntz was on television over the weekend, and he said that if my industry blows it this year, that’s gonna be the worst, gonna be some serious problems. Meaning, if the polling people get it wrong again then his industry is in serious trouble and it may lose everything and go out of business, which is why I say keep a sharp eye on Wednesday or Thursday and see what happens in terms of how these polling units start reporting.

Does the race tighten? Do they say that it’s on getting closer? Do they make some kind of indication that it’s moving now like they didn’t do in 2016? In 2016 they literally could not fathom Donald Trump winning. Even if they had polling data and results which showed Trump either winning or much closer to Hillary than they thought possible, they didn’t report that because in their minds it simply wasn’t possible. Trump could not win. Their arrogance, their status, their elite status literally prevented them from seeing that Donald Trump was winning, that he was capturing the minds and hearts of millions of Americans who wanted nothing to do with the existing Washington establishment.

Now, they know that the existing Washington establishment knows there are people out there that don’t like ’em, but they don’t think they have any power. They don’t think there’s enough of you — or they didn’t — to affect things until Donald Trump was elected in 2016. So here we are at, you know, roughly the same place. And it is just uncanny how similar this is to 2016. And it doesn’t make any sense. Based on what we can see, based on what our eyes tell us, there is no way that Joe Biden is ever been up by 15 or by 10. Not legitimately.

I’m sure you can poll any group of people and get any result that you want. But the idea that Biden, who has never — Joe Biden has run for president a couple of times. He’s never lasted at all. The idea that all of a sudden this guy is the dream team leader just hasn’t made any sense. I’m watching all of this, and I’m mesmerized by it because of the similarities.

And I think these people would actually stick with the lie as long as they have to. Meaning, I’m not so sure that even if their own polls show things tightening on Wednesday and Thursday, I’m not so sure they’ll report that. It’s possible, but I don’t think. I think there’s too much invested now in Biden winning.


RUSH: I want to go back to 2016 for yet another memory. Do you all remember how after Trump won the media of course was in a meltdown period of shock and dismay. Everybody on the left was. They were on the road to legitimate insanity. So the New York Times and other Drive-By Media outlets, they apologized. They said that there now should be a new way of covering Donald Trump, that they had missed it during the campaign. Their coverage had been unfair. They had not been hard enough on Trump. They had not taken Trump seriously enough. It was time for a new day in journalism, and the New York Times sent Jim Rutenberg out writing a piece in which he basically said it’s time that we dispense with all previously known journalistic standards. Just eliminate ’em. Because they don’t work in covering Donald Trump.

So they were filled with apologies. Their coverage of Trump has been unfair because it hadn’t been tough enough, it hadn’t been mean enough. And because they had not reported on Trump sincerely and honestly, this is how they missed that he would win. Had they been more up front and honest, had they been more deeply probing of what a reprobate Donald Trump really is rather than some carnival barker, entertainer, then they would have caught it and they would have been more ready to have their readers properly informed.

They said they had learned their lesson and they would cover Trump more fairly from that day forward, meaning more unfairly, bye-bye journalism, this guy cannot be allowed to prosper, this guy cannot be allowed to govern, he cannot be allowed to implement his agenda. That’s what they meant when they said that they would cover Trump more fairly. So now here we are a week out, and what do they do if their polling data shows the race tightening? Do they sit on it? Do they report it? They have used polling data to shape public opinion, not reflect it. So what do they do?

If their data, if their polls all of a sudden on Wednesday and Thursday show the race tightening, do they ignore it? Why would they start telling the truth all of a sudden? “Well, Rush their reputation.” They don’t care about their reputation. Their reputations have been out the window for four years. You think they’re gonna start caring about their reputation now with a week before — we’ll see. It won’t be long.

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