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RUSH: So, folks, we’re heading down the home stretch. President Trump now has — and it’s holding — this is what it was the last Rasmussen voter approval poll, 52% likely voter job approval for President Trump. That is strong. Fifty-two percent is the number that is very closely associated with incumbent reelection. There’s also gonna be, the president keeps hinting at this too. Apparently, there’s gonna be a blowout gross domestic product number before the election, GDP. You know, the media and the Democrats have to be livid about that, that the president’s hyping it. But what are they gonna do about it? “It is what it is.”

As you heard these Trump rallies, they’re simply incredible. And there is talk that Biden has shut down public events. Do you know why? He had a public event in Pennsylvania on Saturday, and do you know who showed up? Trump supporters. It was almost — and I’m not making this up — it was almost — I watched a YouTube video of it — almost 100 percent Trump supporters. And they were there in their gigantic trucks, they were there with their gigantic flags, the Trump flags, the banners and so forth. It was humiliating for Biden. It was an embarrassment. There was nobody there for him.

And then on Saturday — I think it was Saturday. Days are running together. Might have been Friday afternoon after I got home. I can’t remember which. I had forgotten — and you’ll have to forgive me for this, folks — I had forgotten what a serial liar Barack Obama is. He was doing a rally for Biden in North Miami. Now, the first thing I said to myself, “What the heck is this? I thought these guys thought they had Florida in the bag. Why are they sending Obama down to North Miami?” And it was the strangest thing. I found myself laughing myself silly. It was a car rally because of COVID-19.

So you have all these, I guess — I don’t know who they were. My guess is they were Obama supporters, not Biden. Maybe they cross over. But Obama would say something, he would come up with a — we got a story here — 19 different lies he told during this rally. And then people would honk their horns. That was what applause was. So he would say something and beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. This is the strangest thing I have ever heard.

But, folks, Obama was telling lies along the lines of, “You know, Donald Trump, Donald Trump thinks that people who died in the military for their country are jokers and loser.” Now, he knows that Trump didn’t say that. He knows that was totally made up. Trump never called people in military cemeteries jokers and losers. And Obama was filled with those kinds of lies and misrepresentations. And those car horns were honking left and right, and all I could see was a bunch of blithering idiots in those cars and in those trucks believing this garbage because they themselves are woefully malinformed, ill-informed, what have you.

Yeah, at Biden’s rally on Saturday where it was nothing but Trump supporters, he called ’em “chumps.” He was calling the Trump supporters chumps. You know, this is looking so much like 2016 all over again. It just is. Kamala Harris didn’t even know where she was the other day when she was in Cleveland. There was an open mic. She wasn’t sure. “Where are we, in Cleveland?” She’s not drawing crowds, either. It’s incredible. The Democrat candidates are not drawing crowds whatsoever. Not saying they’re not gonna get votes, don’t misunderstand. They are generic. They are the people on the ballot with the D next to their name, and that’s worth a certain percentage of the nationwide vote.

But, man, these people have no direct connection with the vast majority of people voting for them, as contrasted to President Trump. My goodness, folks, the bond of connectivity, dare I say the bond of love and affection that exists between Trump and his voters is some of the most incredible I have ever seen or witnessed in American politics.


RUSH: We’re gonna start here with audio sound bite number 12, and we’re just gonna keep going here. I think the experiment of let Joe be Joe is over. They called the lid on his campaign on Saturday after that rally, where only Trump people showed up in Pennsylvania. It was crazy. Biden has this gigantic promoted rally, and it was overwhelmingly attended by Trump supporters in their trucks, in their automobiles waving Trump flags and so forth. When Biden finally got up to speak — well, audio sound bite number 12, here it is.

BIDEN: What kind of country are we’re gonna be. Four more years of George, uh, George, uh, gonna find ourselves in a position where if, uh, Trump gets elected, we’re gonna be, uh, we’re gonna be in a different world.

RUSH: That’s the Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden. That was last night, actually, on the Biden campaign website during an “I will vote” concert. Oh, that’s another thing. Did you see where they had Jon Bon Jovi, the Biden people had Bon Jovi come out for — did you see the actual footage of that? There was nobody there. Once again, there was nobody there. Bon Jovi’s playing to nobody. It’s fascinating.

All of these Biden rallies or Kamala Harris rallies, the camera is never off the stage. It never leaves the stage. It never leaves when Obama is in North Miami, never leaves Obama. Well, a couple of times they ventured out to show. But there’s nobody at these things. Not even Jon Bon Jovi is drawing crowds at these Biden rallies. Play number 12 again just in case you didn’t believe it. This is Joe Biden. This is why I say that they put a lid on everything and Joe’s been sent back to the basement. The let Joe be Joe experiment’s obviously over.

BIDEN: What kind of country are we’re gonna be. Four more years of George, uh, George, uh, gonna find ourselves in a position where if, uh, Trump gets elected, we’re gonna be, uh, we’re gonna be in a different world.

RUSH: I watched a little bit of Biden over the weekend, maybe Friday. I don’t know. The days run together. Sorry, folks. I watched a little bit of Biden and it struck me how this guy’s not even of the moment. This guy is a fossil. He is living in a world of years and years and years ago. The campaign rhetoric, the speech rhetoric, the worldview. It’s all old. None of it is relevant to today.

The criticisms of Trump are standard. They are right out of the Democrat Party playbook, Criticism Republican presidential candidate 101. And it’s all “they don’t care about you, they don’t have any compassion, they don’t care about you and your kitchen table, they don’t care about your taxes, they don’t care about you. We care about you. We have compassion for you.” It’s just nothing but a repeat.

And Biden literally doesn’t even know what he’s saying. He’s just mouthing the syllables. It’s not even a campaign where he’s in touch with his own issues and with his own presence in it. It’s the most amazing thing to watch. He’s just disconnected from it all, whether he screws up by thinking four more years of George, uh… he’s just not there. The guy is simply not attached to this campaign. It’s the best way I can describe it.

Yeah, I know he’s the nominee, and I know he’s the candidate. I know he’s the guy on the ballot. I know he’s the guy that a lot of people are gonna vote for, but I’m telling you, folks, the one thing this campaign is missing, this is not a personal connection between their candidate and their voter base in any way, shape, manner, or form. It is not a campaign on which there is legitimate enthusiasm for the candidate. The candidate isn’t even for anything. The candidate does not dare announce the agenda. The only agenda is that Trump sucks, that Trump’s got a rotten personality, that Trump is a mean guy, that we have to vote against Trump because, “Trump. Yuk.” That’s it. It’s all they’ve got.

And they’re being propped up by a sycophant media, which is not reporting any of the negatives, not reporting any of the disconnect, not raising any questions whatsoever about the actual condition of this campaign. But it’s a campaign that’s in total disconnect. Can’t draw any kind of crowd to any of its rallies. Doesn’t dare even try anymore. There isn’t even any sanity on the left running this campaign. These people have gone insane with Trump hatred. It’s difficult for me to actually try to quantify this and characterize it. I’ve not seen anything like it. I’ve seen two campaigns in a row, 2016 and now this, and they are repetitious.

The only thing different is the candidate. And even if you go back to 2016, we had a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who didn’t know where she was. And she wasn’t able to go too many places because of physical infirmities and any number of other problems. And she didn’t think she had to because they believed their polling data, they believed that they had it all in the bag. It was already and done, goose was cooked, all they had to do was go through Election Day. The same stuff is happening with the same kind of unattached candidate. I don’t know. I don’t know.

I think we’ve all been treated to a faux campaign on the Democrat side that’s been built and constructed by the media to look like something that it isn’t. And what it isn’t is legitimate. Yeah, they’ve got a nominee, and, yeah, his name is Biden and, yeah, he’s former vice president, but there’s something about it that just isn’t all there. They chose as their vice presidential nominee somebody that didn’t even get a single vote in the Democrat primaries. Now, we have our theories about that, and you’ve heard them.

By the way, Senator Murkowski. This would be Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. She has announced that she’s gonna vote “yes” on confirming Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court based on her sterling record and qualifications. In other words, Judge Barrett is too good to not be seen voting for. Now, who is the senator from Maryland? The female senator from Maryland a similar name. It’s not Murkowski. It’s Zatkowski, Bratkowski, Zitkowski — Barbara, Barbara what is her name — in Mikulski, McCluskey, Mikulski, a ski. That’s who I thought this was at first. I thought it was the Democrat from Maryland. I got it wrong. It’s Democrat Lisa Murkowski.

All right. Sound bite number 14, Saturday, Bristol, Pennsylvania, during a Biden campaign event. This is the eventual where no Biden supporters showed up. This is the event where Trump supporters vastly overwhelmed the Biden event, and here’s Biden talking about it.

BIDEN: We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphone are doing, the Trump guys. It’s about decency. I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps.

RUSH: Oh, man, he’s ticked off, isn’t he? We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones are doing, the Trump guys. It’s about decency. I’m gonna work as hard for those that don’t support me as those who do, including those chumps out there. Those chumps.

And let’s see. Let’s go back September 9th, 2016. So we have Hillary called us deplorables in ’16. Obama called us bitter clingers in ’08. Now Biden’s calling us chumps in 2020.

HILLARY: You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.

CROWD: (laughter)

HILLARY: Right? The racist, the sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.

RUSH: Homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it, basket of deplorables. Hillary Clinton. That’s September 9, 2016. Here’s Obama April 6, 2008.

OBAMA: They get bitter. They cling to guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren’t like them.

RUSH: Right. So these are people that are the thoughtful, the compassionate, the tolerant, those people who are far more sensitive than you or I because we’re what? We’re the homophobes. We’re the sexist, racist pigs, we’re the xenophobes, we’re the Islamophobes, we’re the you-name-its. We’re the basket of deplorables. They, on the other hand, are all of these nice, sensitive, tolerant people.

Yeah, I know, I know, I know, I heard Biden call Trump supporters chumps twice. Not a mistake. Of course it wasn’t a mistake. He meant to say it. That’s exactly what they think of you. You’re just a bunch of chumps.


RUSH: Mike in Southfield, Michigan. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Mega, mega dittos. I’ve been listening to you for over 30 years.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to say, Biden does not do campaign events. He does video production events. He came to Southfield, Michigan, on the 16th to do a health care event, and no one knew where it was. I went down to the city to try to find out where it is. And no one in the clerk’s office knew. They said they wished they did. Later on that evening, it was reported in the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press that it was at the Beechwoods Recreation Center in Southfield, which is a completely and temporarily closed facility. I went there the next day, took pictures and saw what was going on and saw two huge Sunbelt generators —

RUSH: Okay, let me interrupt here because of vanishing time. You say that these events are all staged, that they do not want the public at these events. Why?

CALLER: Why? Because they don’t want people to see plastic Joe Biden, who is not a real person —

RUSH: Well, I know, but then why do this at all? Why have events where they’re only inviting politicians to these things? Why do it at all if you don’t want Biden to be seen by anybody?

CALLER: They don’t want their lies to get out there to the public. They don’t want to be accountable for the words they say.

RUSH: Okay. So your theory is that this is a bunch of Democrat politicians telling each other what the agenda is but nobody else? They’re being honest with each other about what they’re gonna do, but they don’t want anybody who’s voting to happen to know what it is? That makes total sense to me. I don’t think they have any confidence the public would show up anyway. I think that’s a big factor here.

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