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RUSH: We’re gonna JIP it here in just a second. Rasmussen Reports is out with two different poll results. The daily presidential job approval tracking poll shows Trump at 52% job approval, which is a great, great number for incumbent reelect.

And in the presidential race poll, they have him up 48-47 over Biden in Rasmussen. So Trump up in two different Rasmussen polls — or I don’t think they’re the same poll. I think one’s daily tracking presidential job approval. The other is an actual presidential contest poll. Let’s now join the president live in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

THE PRESIDENT: You know what? Our flag deserves a lot of power, doesn’t it?

CROWD: (chanting USA)

RUSH: These are great. If you’ve not heard one of these or seen one of these, they’re the most uplifting. He’s in the zone on these things here today, folks.

THE PRESIDENT: Now after years of economic treachery, Sleepy Joe Biden wants to ban fracking. That’s what it is. He said, “Oh, play the tape.” This guy went for a full year: We will ban fracking. We will ban fracking. Like a hundred times. I could have this thing running for hours. I’ll just show you a couple. When it goes on. Cecil B. DeMille. When it goes. Right? I just show you a couple. But it went for a whole year: We will ban fracking, ban fracking.

Then he got lucky. Elizabeth Warren decided that she wanted to hurt her — you know, her person where the philosophies are the same, so she stayed in. Think of it. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. She would have — all she had to do was get out before Super Tuesday and Joe would not have won any states, right? Wouldn’t have won a state. She took the votes away from Crazy Bernie —

RUSH: That happens to be true.

THE PRESIDENT: And Bernie is the best sportsman I’ve ever seen. He loses all the time and he’s happy. He goes back in to Congress –

CROWD: (laughing)

RUSH: Well, but there’s big news about Crazy Bernie today, folks. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: — does anyone know —

RUSH: Glad Trump said that.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they’ll give you a fake answer.

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: No, it’s true. He is a tremendous loser. He is a tremendous loser. But he did us some big favors. Now, we had a lot of Bernies — people come with us last time because they agree with me on trade. They couldn’t have done what we did, but they know that we were being taken advantage of by foreign countries, many of whom are allies. They keep saying, we don’t treat our allies right. Well, they don’t treat us right, either. Gotta remember that. They don’t treat us right. You don’t have to take my word about his record. Just take a look at this magnificent tape that we made for you, for the people of Pennsylvania, and it really pertains to you so much. Go ahead.

BIDEN: My problem is I voted for NAFTA. I’m supporting NAFTA because I think it is a positive thing to do. And I do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters.

JAKE TAPPER: When you ran for president and when Barack Obama ran for president, you both said he would renegotiate NAFTA. You didn’t.

BERNIE SANDERS: Trade agreements like NAFTA and permanent trade agreements with China would force American workers to compete against people making pennies an hour has resulted in the loss of 160,000 jobs.

JOHN KING: The president is absolutely right when he says that China has been cheating for 25 years and that Bill Clinton didn’t do enough about it, George W. Bush didn’t do enough about it, Barack Obama didn’t do enough about it.

OBAMA: How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?

BIDEN: A rising China is a positive development —

RUSH: This is so great. Trump playing video and audio at his rally like we do here. (crosstalk)

BIDEN: — China is a positive, positive development. It is in our self-interests.

RUSH: The media won’t do it. Trump will. (crosstalk)

BIDEN: We want to see China rise. China is a great nation and we should hope for the continued expansion. China is not our enemy.

RUSH: Well, there you have it.

BIDEN: We should be helping. (Unintelligible)

RUSH: Playing Biden on the giant video screen at Lititz, Pennsylvania, rally. (crosstalk)

BIDEN: The idea that China is gonna eat our lunch, come on. The idea that they are competition, they’re gonna beat us is bizarre. China is gonna eat our lunch. Come on, man. They’re not bad, folks, folks. China is not a problem.

JAKE TAPPER: Allowing China into the World Trade Organization, which you supported, extending most favored nations status to China, which you supported, those steps allowed China to take advantage of the United States by using —

RUSH: That’s Jake Tapper, by the way, interviewing Biden. (crosstalk)

JAKE TAPPER: — trade deals against us.


RUSH: At the rally. (crosstalk)

JAKE TAPPER: — naive about China?


THE PRESIDENT: Today we’re finally ending the NAFTA nightmare and signing into the law the brand-new US-Mexico-Canada agreement. Very special.

BRET BAIER: It’s hard to overstate the importance of USMCA. This is the single biggest bipartisan legislative victory for this president and this administration. It is a huge deal.

JAKE TAPPER: Wage growth is better than that has been since 2009. That means it is better than it has been for seven out of eight of the years that Obama was president.


REPORTER: President Trump is speaking in the battleground of —

RUSH: Yeah. So we’ve had to bump out because I’m a little bit behind. I’m playing you live video from the Trump rally. And when Trump goes to the video of Biden and so forth, Fox bumps out of it. And they provide their own commentary at that point. So when that finishes, when Fox finishes commentating or covering up for when Trump is playing the Biden video that you just heard on this program but they are not seeing on the Fox News Channel, we’ll get back to Trump and the rally.


RUSH: We’re now gonna go back to Donald Trump, President Trump at his rally, second one of the day in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

THE PRESIDENT: And they stopped it. But they didn’t stop it from going out to the world. And that includes us and Europe and every other place,188 countries, they didn’t. Next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. You see it all happening.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: And watch, you know, Pennsylvania is a late-voting state, by the way. You know you vote late. And I love that. I love that. I like voting a little late, because you can see what we’re doing. We’ve done an incredible job with a lot of different things. You’re gonna have a GDP number, the Atlanta fed said, now, the highest I think was 8%, 9%, it was not , you know, it was high. They projected 35% increase in GDP. Nobody’s ever had that.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: Whoa. Whoa.

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll take 25% right now, okay? They projected a 35. And that number will come out on November 1st, right before the election. So if you’d like to wait. Everybody here is sure about Trump, but if you happen to be a little bit nervous, just wait. We’re gonna have a 35% or a 25%, but it’s gonna be magnificent because we are doing great. It’s the greatest comeback anywhere in the world economically, and we went down the least of any country in the world. So remember that.

CROWD: (cheering)

THE PRESIDENT: I gave working families record-setting tax cuts, largest tax cuts in history, and in my second term I will cut middle class taxes even more. We’re cutting the middle income taxes very substantially. We’re doing another cut. And what it does, you know, to be honest, it brings more business, it brings more jobs. You have to see in terms of what we did for business, companies are pouring into the United States. Joe wants to take all of the regulations that we took off, 20 years to build a highway with environmental and all, 20 years.

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: No, they want to take ’em and they want to put ’em all back. Now we have it down to two years to build a highway, and it could be one. But — and it may be that you don’t build it because of environmental or safety, and that’s okay. But you’re gonna know fast, right? You’re gonna know fast. And you will build it. But you’re gonna know fast. Twenty years, we have much worse than 20 years. We have highways that have taken 21, 22, 23 years and then never got approved. How about that? You go work on something for most of your adult life and then they reject it at some environmental board 3-2 —

RUSH: I want you to contrast that, folks. Turn this down just a second, Mike, so I can be heard. I want you contrast this with what you’re getting from the Democrat Party and the Democrat candidate. You’re getting nothing. You’re literally getting nothing in terms of issues, in terms of policy, in terms of the future, in terms of an agenda for the country. Listen to how Trump is able to just rattle these things off, thinks he’s thinking about, things that he wants to do, things he wanted to implement, his agenda items, and they’re all promoting American greatness, they’re all about making America great again.

It’s all about recovering from COVID. It’s all about doing what’s necessary to have this country reach its potential every day for the decency, the goodness of the American people. You simply do not have anything like this coming out of the Democrat Party. You’ve got pessimism, you have doom and gloom, you have apocalyptic attitudes like it’s gonna be a dark winter, like we gotta get used to dying with the COVID virus. As you listen to the president here, I want you to contrast what you’re not hearing from the Democrats, which is anything like this.

THE PRESIDENT: Which will. That will lead to a depression like you’ve never seen. This is a terrible thing. By the way, this is the most important election in the history of our country. Remember that.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: Yeah, it is.

THE PRESIDENT: Because you have a radical left movement that wants to make us a large scale, very large scale version of Venezuela or so many other countries with the same philosophy. And it can happen. You know, 18 years ago Venezuela was a very rich, beautiful, powerful place. Now they don’t have food, they don’t have water, they don’t have medicine, they’ve nothing.

RUSH: But they’ve got oil.

THE PRESIDENT: Nothing. They have oil. It’s worse, the whole thing is like, what’s happened? This would be a very, very large scale version of the same thing. And it can happen. When you see these people and what they want to do, it’s the same thing. It’s all the same thing.

RUSH: Right. It’s why they don’t talk about it, folks. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: It’ll happen. We can’t let it happen. This is the most important — and I never thought I’d say is it because what we did altogether, most of you were with us four years ago, nobody thought that anything could ever be more important as an election than that. This is now the most important election we’ve ever had.

CROWD: (cheering)

RUSH: Damn straight it is.

THE PRESIDENT: It’s a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression, and it will be a depression —

RUSH: That’s exactly right. He’s exactly right. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Biden lockdown — he wants to lock down the country.

CROWD: (booing)

THE PRESIDENT: We understand the disease. We have to take care of our older wonderful people, our elderly, especially if they have heart problems, diabetes problem in particular, different problems. And we do that. But look, I mean, I got it and I’m here, right, I’m here.

RUSH: Ah, this is where they hate him. This is where they hate his guts. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Great medicines now, great therapeutics, and the first lady got it and she’s doing great. But, you know, you know who else got it? Barron. My very tall son got it. He’s definitely tall.

RUSH: Uh-oh. They hate him for this. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: He’s very young, he’s very tall, and he’s strong. And, you know, the doctor said, “Sir, I hate to inform you, Barron has tested positive.” I said, “Tested positive for what?”

CROWD: (laughing)

THE PRESIDENT: And they go, “Corona–” you know, there’s about 30 different names, right, for this? I call it the China virus ’cause that’s where it came from.

RUSH: And they hate him for that.

THE PRESIDENT: The China plague. No, Barron has tested. And I said, “Wow, that’s too bad.” “Well, he’s gonna be good, sir.” So 99.9, right, 99.9. So I said, “How you feeling, Barron?” “Good. Why? What’s the problem?” He didn’t even know. I said to the doctor like two minutes later, “How’s Barron doing?” “Oh, he’s okay, sir. He’s fine.”

RUSH: They hate him for this stuff. They hate this stuff. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: The young kids, they have a strong immune system. I’ve gained such respect for them.

RUSH: They hate realism and they hate optimism, folks. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: — whether we like it or not, so it’s one of those things. But we have to do that and it’s incredible. But we have made such strides. It’s absolutely an amazing thing what we’ve done in a period of seven months. Because, you know, I’m the president of the United States. I can’t lock myself in the basement of the White House.

RUSH: He can’t. That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: I can’t lock myself in a beautiful bedroom in the White House upstairs. I can’t do it.

RUSH: Can’t do it.

THE PRESIDENT: I can’t do it.

RUSH: Can’t do it.

THE PRESIDENT: Because we have things to do, people to meet. And I’ll meetings, sometimes I’ll have meetings —

RUSH: Life goes on. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: — that were pretty much unavoidable if you’re the president. I mean, you can’t go and lock yourself away. You can’t do that.

RUSH: Can’t do that.

PENCE: And I’d leave those meetings, even with Gold Star families, and they’re looking forward to for months and months and they lost their son or their daughter or their husband or their wife, and you can’t cancel that. And I say, boy — and I’m not referring to that. So many of the meetings I’d have, I’d say that’s little risky, right —

RUSH: Okay. That’s it. We may rejoin the president later on in the next half hour of the program. Folks, it is important, the riff that he’s on now is crucially important. His point — and they hate him for this. They think it’s insensitive. But he’s saying, look, you can’t shut down the country for this, we can’t stop working, we can’t put ourselves in the basement like Biden is doing. People have to deal with it, people have to get up, get out of bed, go to work, deal with it.

The country must go on. We don’t let the flu stop us, we don’t let anything else stop us, why this? But again, I want you to contrast whatever the president’s saying here, it’s always optimistic compared to what we’re getting from the Democrat Party as a political agenda.


RUSH: Let’s rejoin the Trump rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania, for a few minutes and see what’s happening at this juncture.

THE PRESIDENT: — five, six, and sometimes seven of these in one day those last few days. And during the regular time I do two or three. Today, today I’m doing three of these. Tremendous crowd waiting for us in another part –

CROWD: (applauding)

RUSH: Indefatigable.

THE PRESIDENT: So when they told me that information, you know, you feel badly, but I didn’t feel bad because I left — you know, the athletes, they say we left it all on the field. It was all left. And I did six or seven that day, six or seven of these. This is not like talking in front of 10 people, right? There’s a lot of people here and I did ’em from early in the morning ’til 1 o’clock in the morning the next day, which is Election Day. So I didn’t feel — but then what happened — so I told the first lady, I said, “Not looking good.” She said, “Do you mean we lost?” I said, “It looks like it.” Then about an hour later, “First lady, I got news for you. I think we’re gonna win.” Because they —

CROWD: (laughing)

RUSH: First lady. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: — amazing thing, but they didn’t say that they had this tremendous record set of numbers, you know, when you leave, people usually say, “I voted for this one, that one, I voted -” but we had a record set of numbers, Jeffrey, we had a record set where they just said, “It’s none of your business. We don’t want to tell you.” And all of them were our votes. And this was the only guy that figured it out. So we had one of the most exciting evenings in the history of this world, let alone this country. It was all over the world.

RUSH: I’d say so. It was for me. Starting about 9 o’clock.

THE PRESIDENT: And we’re about to go into an evening in eight days — can you believe that? — we’re about to go into an evening that I think is gonna have a similar result and maybe even a bigger margin, but a similar result.

CROWD: (applauding)

RUSH: Oh, that would be I so great, wouldn’t it, even a bigger margin?

THE PRESIDENT: You know, a good writer, a very good writer, a writer on politics but a lot of things, Byron York, right? Would you rate him good, right? I think he’s good. But I saw him this morning —

RUSH: Everybody’s going, “Who?” (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: — they’re asking, who’s gonna win? He said, I don’t know, because they always show these fake polls. He said, I don’t know, but I cover this. He’s great political guy, and he said I go around and I cover this whole thing.

RUSH: Yeah?

THE PRESIDENT: And I’m not only talking about the rallies that Trump has, ’cause he sets them up. You know, we have to take the space and we have to —

RUSH: Right.

THE PRESIDENT: Organically, there are rallies of boats, thousands of boats —

RUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: — all over the place.

RUSH: In San Francisco.


RUSH: In Southern California.

THE PRESIDENT: And tractors and trucks, trucks, thousands of them. He said there’s never been anything like this. He said I’ve never seen anything like this —

RUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: — there’s a such a spirit like I’ve never seen. You have these organic — and Trump has nothing to do with them — but they’re rallies where truckers get a thousand trucks. In Iowa they had like 2,000 tractors —

RUSH: This is exactly right.

THE PRESIDENT: He said I’ve never seen anything like this.

RUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: I can’t really tell you but I have never seen and how about these rallies? Nobody’s ever had rallies like this.

RUSH: That’s right.

THE PRESIDENT: You might have — you might have a rally like this, you might have a rally like this on the night before the election, right?

RUSH: Right.

THE PRESIDENT: The night before election but you’d never have rallies — these are massive, every one. Ohio was so big. Ohio, if you would have added up inside and outside, you had at least 50,000 people. Wisconsin, the same kind of a thing. But he said, forget those. I’m talking about where they just organically form. Nothing to do with Trump. And it’s an amazing thing. Right? It’s an amazing thing.

RUSH: Right. It’s kind of like the way the Tea Party formed.

THE PRESIDENT: We have a spirit and enthusiasm, which is the most important thing. We have a spirit and enthusiasm that’s even far greater than four years ago. We had a lot. We had a record.

CROWD: (applauding)

RUSH: And he’s leaving everything on the field, folks, everything on the field.

THE PRESIDENT: Because we’ve done so much, nobody, no administration has done in the first three and a half years what we’ve done when you think we’ve rebuilt our military, we’ve gotten the big tax cuts, we’ve gotten the biggest regulation cuts in history. I mean, so many things, right to try, I’m just thinking, Right to Try where you can now as a patient, you’re terminally ill, you couldn’t get anything, you’d have to travel all over the world, most people didn’t have money, they’d go home and they’d die. Now we have Right to Try where you can get these advanced treatments that haven’t been fully approved, you’re terminally ill. Very hard to get. They’ve been trying to do it for 40 years. What we’ve done for the vets, what we’ve done for the vets, 91% approval rate.

CROWD: (applauding)

RUSH: There we go. The agenda.

THE PRESIDENT: So there’s more enthusiasm now by far. And we had — look. We were known as — that was the most enthusiastic anybody has ever seen —

RUSH: Because you’ve got a record, that’s why. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: — campaign. The deplorables. Remember Hillary? The deplorables. I heard that speech. She said — she said a second word, irredeemable, right? She said the deplorables and the irredeemables. I thought irredeemables was worse but that one didn’t catch on. Little did she know whoever wrote that speech, I want no part of them because the next day “I am a deplorable, I’m a proud deplorable, right?” It was the craziest thing.

RUSH: All right. There you have President Trump. He’s at his second rally of the day and I think he said there’s two more. There’s four he’s doing today. That’s in Lititz, Pennsylvania. And I just want to remind you again, folks, in a contrast here. You take the president who’s doing these rallies anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, and there’s not a wasted moment in them. Every moment of these rallies is productive. He’s either, like he just did, reciting the first term success stories, or he’s announcing the second-term agenda or he is shoring up support, he’s thanking the people who were there. Whatever, there’s not a moment that goes by that’s wasted, that’s not substantive.

And I really want to you contrast these rales with what you’re getting from the Democrats, which is a big, fat zero. The Democrats — Biden, Kamala Harris, take your pick, I mean, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there’s nobody capable of this. There’s nobody on the other side capable of reciting with pride their agenda. There’s nobody that’s capable of in any way, shape, manner, or form attempting to convince you of the superiority of their agenda, of their ideas. They’re not doing anything of the sort.

This man can stand up for an hour and an hour and a half without notes and tell you what he wants to do. He can recite what he has done. He can make his promises for the future and so forth. I mean, when it boils down to it, folks, there isn’t a choice here. You don’t really have a choice when it comes to voting for president. The only choice is Donald Trump. You there is no other choice. It doesn’t make any sense.

This race is about a number of different things. But one thing that it’s about, got a guy who loves America, who wants it to be better every day than it was the day before, and the reason is he loves the American people. He wants the American people to prosper, he wants them to be happy, he wants the American people to be able to experience all that the promise of America contains.

On the other side you have a candidate, Joe Biden, who is backed by people who do not believe in American Greatness, they do not believe that America is even a good place. They think America’s deeply flawed, it is deeply racist and bigoted and homophobic and all these other things. They believe this country needs to be ripped apart and reconstituted as a socialist nation. They don’t believe in the decency and goodness of America to date. They don’t believe in the decency and goodness of America, as founded. And Donald Trump does. There is no choice here.

Now, if you’re on the fence or if you don’t see it this way, I beg of you, you must see it this way. The Democrat Party does not. They’re not the Democrat Party of JFK. They’re not the Democrat Party of 30 years ago. We’re not in a competition. It used to be able to be said that all Americans wanted the same things; we just had different philosophies how to get there. Well, we don’t want the same things now.

The Democrats do not want what Democrats used to want. The Democrats used to say they wanted prosperity for people. They just thought government should provide it. They used to say that they wanted freedom and liberty and all that for the American people. They don’t say that anymore. They don’t believe that anymore. The Democrat Party has been taken over and co-opted by the far left of the world.

There is no choice. We do not want the same things with simply disagreements over how to get there. The American left and the Democrat Party does not want American prosperity for individuals.

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