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RUSH: Grab sound bite number 1. President Trump still in the midst of his rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was just talking about truckers and how much he admires them and how hard they work and how they are the backbone of America.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” last night Lesley Stahl interviewing President Trump, and she asked him to characterize his supporters.

STAHL: Can you characterize your supporters?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. I think I can. People that love our country, more than anything else, and they like to see our country thrive.

RUSH: There you go. That is exactly it. Can you characterize your supporters? Now, Lesley Stahl thinks that they’re a bunch of hayseed hicks. She thinks they’re a bunch of know-nothings, low-information, unsophisticated rubes. I don’t know what she expected Trump to say, but, you know, even with people like Lesley Stahl, I have to tell you, it is considered — what’s the word? — considered boob-like to say, yeah, you love your country. It really is. These are people that kind of raise their nose and make facial expressions at that.

It’s considered so simpleton-like. It’s not sophisticated. It’s not forward thinking. It’s not modern. It’s not current. To say you love your country is akin to patriotism. Patriotism, of course, is white supremacy, the way these people think. So Trump said, “Yeah, I think I can. People that love our country more than anything else. They like to see our country thrive.”

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