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RUSH: I mentioned that I watched Obama, and I mentioned in the previous hour that I had forgotten what a serial liar this guy is. And I was reminded when he shows up in North Miami on Saturday. It was either Saturday or Friday. I can’t remember. It’s late Friday or sometime — must have been late Friday. He’s doing a rally for Biden, North Miami ’cause they’re worried about Florida. And it’s a car rally because of COVID. So everybody’s afraid of COVID, don’t want to get out of the car. So people honking their horns was the way they applauded. And it was the strangest thing. Obama would tell a lie and you would hear bunch of car horns honking. And I couldn’t stop laughing.

But what struck me was how many abject lies the guy told, Obama. And some of them were just blatant. Some of them were not even close. Some of them were not even what I would call good lies. Obama cited the presidential debate on Thursday, said (Obama impression), “He doesn’t have a plan. Coronavirus. Trump doesn’t even know what he’s doing.” Except Trump does. He has something called Operation Warp Speed to deal with the plan, to develop and distribute a coronavirus vaccine quickly.

Trump couldn’t answer Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes when she asked what’s your priority in your second term. In fact, Trump did answer her. Obama’s out there telling people (Obama impression), “You believe this? The guy walked out on Lesley Stahl. For crying out loud. If you want to walk out — if you gonna walk out on Lesley Stahl –” now, you gotta imagine a bunch of car horns honking here. “If you gonna walk out, if you gonna walk out on Lesley Stahl then you gonna walk out on a bunch of dictators. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Am I funny or what? I’m Barack Obama and I’m funny, you gotta walk out, you gotta walk out on Lesley Stahl and you gonna walk out on dictators.”

All these car horns are honking, but the problem is Trump did answer her. She said, “What’s your priority second term?” Priority is to get back to normal, to get back to where we were, to have the economy rage and be great with jobs and everybody be happy. That’s where we’re going. That’s where we’re heading. It’s exactly what Trump said. But Obama’s out there lying. “He couldn’t answer Lesley Stahl when she asked him what’s your priority.”

You know, it’s probably true in the sense that Obama didn’t even hear the answer. Can you imagine how odd an answer this is to somebody like Obama. The priority is to get back to normal. These people don’t believe in getting back to normal. Normal is when America was a slave state. That’s what they think we mean. Normal is when America was white supremacy running amok. That’s how perverted these people are. It’s how perverted they look at America’s past.

So when Trump says the priority is to get back to normal that’s like saying Make America Great Again. They just get mad and livid over it. We’re gonna get back to where we were. We’re gonna have the economy raging and be great with jobs, everybody be happy. That’s what we’re headed for. (Obama impression) “Everybody be happy. Right. Okay. Well, what’s he gonna do for that? Wave a magic wand, make everybody happy?” This is a foreign language to these people on the left. No, no, no, no. Happiness. That’s not an objective. No, no, no. The shtruggle is the object. The shtruggle. And handling it and dealing with the shtruggle.

What’s the shtruggle? The shtruggle is overcoming the obstacles put in front of you by America. In Obama’s world, in Michelle Obama’s world, in Joe Biden’s world, Kamala Harris and the entire world of the American left, the shtruggle is all of the problems created by America, and that’s preventing anybody and everybody from ever being happy. We can’t be happy because of the shtruggle. Obama said of Trump, “He doesn’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem with the coronavirus.” Now, this is obviously not true. Provably so. Trump’s even talked about the coronavirus in the State of the Union address, which Pelosi ripped into too.


RUSH: Obama’s appearance for Biden in North Miami was Saturday, just to nail that down. Here’s another gigantic lie from Obama. He said that Trump said that if you put some bleach in you, you might clean things up. Trump never said it. It’s like Charlottesville all over. Trump never said inject yourself with bleach. This is a criminal kind of slander, if you ask me, folks. Because Obama says it, the media lets it fly by as though it is accurate. Trump never said it. He never got close to saying, “Hey, maybe we could inject some bleach in people. That might clean things up.” He mentioned experimental technologies and ultraviolet light, but specifically said he was not talking about putting bleach in people. This is absurd.

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