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RUSH: Here’s Martha in San Francisco. Martha, I’m glad you called. You’re up next on the Rush Limbaugh program. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. I’m extremely honored, and I just need to report from the San Francisco Bay area. I have been to about seven rallies each week, turning down three or four every week. We had 3,000 cars — and this is the East Bay, not San Francisco per se — East Bay of San Francisco, we have 3,000 cars turnout for a rally on Saturday. We have flag waving at intersections —

RUSH: Now, where was this actually in San Francisco? Where did this happen?

CALLER: This is across the bay from San Francisco in the city of Dublin. It went back from Dublin to Pleasanton to Livermore.

RUSH: Down to Livermore. Okay. So technically it was not in San Francisco, then?

CALLER: We tried a rally in San Francisco, and about 300 dark forces showed up and put some people in the hospital. So we don’t do San Francisco.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Although we did the Golden Gate Bridge and the police protected us there, it’s easier to defend. But we get so much love. We go out there on the intersections in Danville, for example, and we’re out there for two hours, and it’s non-stop honking. It’s like the Trump motorcade was coming through, but it’s just us. There’s so much love, so much enthusiasm, so many thumbs up, people honking, cheering, applauding, and videotaping it because they can’t believe it.

RUSH: Well, it’s great to hear. Thank you for the report, Martha. She’s talking about Trump rallies in San Francisco.

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