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RUSH: Let me go to Lake Crystal, Minnesota. Hi, Steve. Great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hey, thank you very much. My question is regarding what’s going on right now with obviously Joe not gonna be the president and Kamala gonna be the president. Is this kind of a slippery slope to try to back-door, you know, somebody getting in there, an unelectable person, or not?

RUSH: Wait. What do you mean, Joe’s not gonna be president?

CALLER: He’ll be physically present it, but we all know he’s not gonna be the president. So, I mean, it seems to be common knowledge now that if the guy lasts a year, you know, he’d be doing pretty well —

RUSH: Wait a minute.

CALLER: — and that Kamala —

RUSH: Wait. I’m not sure I heard you. Did you say Joe’s not gonna be president and Kamala’s not gonna be president or so are we looking…?

CALLER: No, no, no. She will. She will. What I’m saying is, to try to get an unelectable person, a person like Kamala who didn’t garner 2% of her own party’s vote —


CALLER: Now, is that a way to…? It’s kind of a slippery slope for both, for all parties. If you have, let’s just say, the Democrats say, “This Kamala, we really like her –”

RUSH: I myself —

CALLER: “– and she’s gonna get our agenda”?

RUSH: I myself have weighed in on this. Many, many weeks ago when it became obvious to those of us with the wherewithal to focus on it that Joe Biden is not mentally capable of being president. He’s not. It’s not his fault. He’s got some mental deficiencies that are taking place resulting from old age, and that’s just the way it is — and yet, they’ve made him the nominee.

They’ve put as his running mate somebody who is radical left, could not even get the Democrat Party nomination. This woman got out of the Democrat primaries before a single vote had been cast. She was doing so horribly at fundraising, she had no hope and no prayer — and yet, who did they choose to be Biden’s running mate? A woman who had no prayer of winning the nomination.

So they name Plugs the… Well, they name him. They finagle the primary so that Biden wins it by default. One of the reasons that Biden’s the nominee is COVID. COVID shut down the campaign process. Once he wins South Carolina with the help of James Clyburn, former Congressional Black Caucasian leader, they pretty much had to close up shop.

They couldn’t run the campaign anymore. They couldn’t… Well, he couldn’t campaign. They couldn’t have rallies. None of those things could happen. So he was the nominee by default. She, as the number two, is the… Well, she’s gonna get the gig! If he wins, if he’s elected, he’s not gonna serve anywhere near the first year of his first term, and I don’t even think… (sigh)

Well, your question is: Is this a long-form trick to get the most radical leftist Democrat in the White House, somebody who would never have a prayer of actually winning enough votes to do that? And the answer to your question is, yes. That’s entirely possible what this is about. There’s no doubt in my mind that your theory is, in fact, a working prospect.

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