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RUSH: Last Thursday, before the last presidential debate, an alarming op-ed appeared on the NBC News website.

Ilene Prusher, a journalism professor at Florida Atlantic University, wrote that she was terrified that the final Trump-Biden debate wouldn’t be “presidential” and if she let her two children watch, they’d learn the wrong lessons.

The professor was especially concerned for her 10-year-old son. He had already been hurt by politics, she says, because in kindergarten he was smart enough to know that Trump doesn’t like immigrants. Even as a tot he knew the bad orange man was bad. But other tots in his class liked Trump. They chanted his name over and over. And they celebrated when the orange man won. Her son was traumatized.

So, allowing him and his 8-year-old sister to watch the debate could be like letting them watch a bloody boxing match. She worried they could be scarred for life.

Well, let’s hope that if Professor Prusher’s children did watch the debate – they experienced no distress.

And while we’re at it, let’s all hope for something else. Soon, Professorette Prusher’s precious children are going to grow up. They’ll start to consume the fake news in the hate-filled Drive-By Media, coming from hate-filled, deranged liberal journalists and journalism professors. Let’s hope they won’t be scarred for life from that experience, either, ‘eh?

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