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RUSH: Yeah. You know what? I’m glad this happened because, folks, this is such a big bugaboo. He says to her, “The biggest scandal, they spied on my campaign.” They spent two years of your presidency trying to put you in jail. They spent maybe the first three, if we want to really get down to brass tacks, they spent the first three years of your presidency constructing a series of lies about what you had done. You were a traitor. You were an agent of Vladimir Putin. You were trying and did steal the election from Hillary Clinton. That is far worse than spying on your campaign, which ended on election night 2016.

This didn’t end on Election night. If you tell her they spied on my campaign, she can say there really isn’t any evidence for that. Of course there is. But you didn’t offer any. This is the problem. This is frustrating because this is the biggest scandal in our lifetimes, in our political lifetimes what these people tried — Comey, Brennan, Clapper. We’ve been through it left and right.

We’ve been through it I don’t know how many times. You’re probably sick and tired of hearing the details. George Papadopoulos, setting everybody up. And it’s so much more than spying on his campaign. They tried to put him in jail. They tried to run him out of office. They tried to reverse the results of the election ’cause they don’t like his hair and whatever else. They were trying to put Donald Trump Jr. in jail.


RUSH: Yeah, I gotta get to him and make that point. Sir, this is not about spying on your campaign.

This is about something much more egregious and criminal than spying on your campaign.

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