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RUSH: Here’s Chris, Springfield, Missouri. I’m glad you waited. I appreciate your patience, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you, Rush. Mega prayers. I’m bouncing off a call, that lady that called a little bit ago about the fear of loss of liberty, the loss of the Statue of Liberty —

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: — if Biden were to get elected, and certainly I share that fear. But I think we have bigger problems even if Trump gets elected, and one of these problems come back, I feel strongly that there’s a phrase gone around for several decades in conservative circles, and that is the silent majority. You know, this idea that there’s a group of people out there going about living their daily lives and, you know, believing in the country, and I hope that’s true. You know, I question if there’s still a majority.

But my point is if there is in fact a silent majority, the time to be silent has stopped. And I don’t mean going and voting every two to four years or sending a strongly worded email to your congressman. We’ve got to engage in the culture. We’ve gotta speak up, we’ve gotta talk up, we’ve gotta talk to people directly in our work, in our day-to-day life. And too many people are saying, “Well, you know, everybody around me is liberal so I can’t speak up. Or, you know, I can’t say anything in school.” My point is if we don’t say anything, this is why these ideas take root and grow and spread because too many people are not willing to step up and stand up for those values and those freedoms. And so the silent majority needs to become the unsilent majority.

RUSH: Well, I agree. I agree. But I can explain it to you. It isn’t gonna satisfy you, but I can explain it to you. You see, the silent majority used to be everybody. It used to be 90% of America was a silent majority. It really wasn’t silent, but they didn’t have to be vocal about freedom. They didn’t have to go out and engage the pop culture and universities because everything that happened there was fine. American values were taught. American values were in entertainment like It’s a Wonderful Life, a great Christmas movie. There was a time where it just was. American values were dominant and everywhere you went.

Well, they were lurking during all these years a bunch of people that hated American values. They became the fighters. They became the unsilent fighters. They became the agitators. They were the ones who were the agents of change. They had to attack what we believe. They had to attack marriage, they had to attack the Bible, Christianity, religion, and all that. And they did. We sat by and didn’t do anything because we thought we were the power base, we were the strength, we had strength in numbers.

We never had to stand up and fight for that stuff. It’s just always what was. And that went on for generations. Now we’re, you know, cutting to the chase, we’re where we are. We haven’t agitated for what we believe. We’ve never had to. We don’t know how to. The other side has been doing this for 75 years. It’s the only road open to them. They had to start raising hell. Our option has been to fight back; we don’t know how. Anyway, there’s obviously more to this, but I’m out of time right now. We’ll continue with it on another occasion, I promise you.

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