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RUSH: Last month, New York’s idiot governor Andrew Cuomo said that he doesn’t trust the federal government when it comes to a coronavirus vaccine. His state will conduct its own review when any vaccine is released, he said.

California’s ultra-leftist Governor Gavin Newsom has followed suit. He says he will not take “anyone’s word” that a vaccine is effective. He appointed eleven doctors and scientists to review any coronavirus vaccine that is rolled out.

This is one of the most brazen displays of political partisanship we’ve ever seen. Their obvious message is that the Trump administration can’t be trusted, that any vaccine that’s released on Trump’s watch can’t be trusted – and only these Democrat governors have the moral and scientific authority to clear a vaccine for use by citizens in their states.

It’s actually about more than this, you know. This is arrogance. These two lamebrains, Cuomo and Newsom, actually think pharmaceutical companies would spend billions of dollars researching and testing a vaccine, investing their reputations, to create a dangerous or ineffective vaccine just to somehow prop up President Trump?

Do these two political hacks really think that any pharmaceutical company, anywhere, would risk lives to help Republicans? Fat chance of that.

Governor Cuomo. Governor Newsom. Both of you are really telling us who you are and how low you will sink to put your politics before everything else, including the lives of the American people just to make sure Trump doesn’t get credit for it. How low a couple of skunks could you guys be?

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