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RUSH: Yes, my friends, Barack Hussein O is in Philadelphia today campaigning for Biden at a car rally. They actually go out there; they talk to cars. It’s like a drive-in theater rally. A bunch of cars show up, there are presumed to be people in there, and then Obama is somewhere at the concession stand inside with a microphone rallying these guys or these people to show up, and the purpose for this is Obama is supposed to drive in votes of black men.

Why? I thought Obama had that locked up! I thought Biden had that locked up. I thought these guys owned the black vote. Oh, I forgot! Fiddy Cent! Did you hear what Fiddy Cent said? 50 Cent said he don’t want to be 20 Cent. He don’t want to be 20 Cent. He wants to be Fiddy Cent. They’re losing the African-American vote in certain places. They’re having big troubles.

So they have Obama — and Obama is not good at this. Obama does not… His endorsements don’t carry a lot of weight. They don’t help. Ask Hillary, if you doubt me. The reason Obama is in there is that Biden’s Pennsylvania lead has been cut in half. President Trump has pulled to within 1.1 percentage points in the brand-new Trafalgar Pennsylvania poll.

Biden’s at 47.5%, Trump’s at 46.4%. That’s a difference of 1.1%. Trafalgar is the group that got it closest to right in all the battleground states back in 2016. So I think, ladies and gentlemen, the trends here are moving away from Biden and they don’t quite know what to do about it because the candidate is hiding in the basement, ostensibly hiding away from COVID.

But it’s I think actually worse than that.

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