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RUSH: So have you heard about this? Fiddy Cent has just endorsed President Trump. Did you hear about that? And the reason that he did this is taxes. He is fed up with high taxes, and he heard Joe Biden talk about his promise to raise taxes — and Biden’s tax increase plan is like $4 trillion. Folks, it’s a shovel. It is gonna bury the U.S. economy.

The Democrats want to do it. They want to do it. They want to set up a socialist government. They want to destroy wealth. Wealth is freedom. Wealth is power. The ability to acquire wealth, even the ability to have a career, to set your sights high, have a dream, fulfill it, they want to kill all of that.

You may be saying, “That doesn’t make sense, Rush.” It does if you understand socialism. Wealth and independence on the part of the individuals is the biggest enemy to a socialist, tyrannical government. They need as many people as possible dependent. They need as many people in poverty as possible. They need a permanent underclass that will vote for them to keep whatever meager things they get in life coming. This is what Biden’s promise is and Fiddy Cent has heard about it.

And it’s not just Fiddy Cent. Ice Cube has decided to vote for Trump. Have you heard about that? (interruption) You hadn’t heard about Ice Cube? (interruption) His Platinum Plan to create jobs in black communities — this is Ice Cube’s plan — it was hatched in the barbershop. And they want to create some jobs out there in the black communities, and Biden turned it down. (interruption). Right. They told him not until after the election, don’t bother us with this stuff now, Ice Cube.

By the way, how can a black guy be an ice cube? Biden doesn’t understand it. In fact, can you imagine, can you imagine the poor guy that had to run in and tell Plugs, “Sir, you’ve lost 50 Cent”? Plugs said, “Dadgum it, that’s a day’s wages.” Gotta be a shock also to Fiddy Cent to learn that he ain’t black now because, you know, Biden said, (imitating Biden) “You ain’t black, if you ain’t voting for me, you ain’t black.” He said that to our old buddy Charlamagne tha God.

So Fiddy Cent not voting Biden, endorsing Trump and suggesting to all of his friends that the smart thing is to vote for Trump. And now Ice Cube doing the same thing. Now, you might think, “Well, Rush. This doesn’t matter.” Oh, yes, it does. This is the kind of stuff that sends waves of — I don’t know if it’s panic, but certainly waves of unrest and fear through the Democrat Party. This kind of insolence is not accepted. This kind of insolence is not tolerated. It’s certainly not expected. So I think this is absolutely important stuff, as it flies under the radar may be for the Democrats, they’ll do their best to ignore this.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 22. So they just lost Fiddy Cent. Fiddy Cent, noted rapper, noted television producer. Snerdley, did you watch his TV show, Power? (interruption) You didn’t? (interruption) It’s on Starz. You can watch it. It’s… (interruption) Well, what do you mean, “decent or compeling”? (interruption) Well, I gotta be careful here because I watched it. I liked it. But it’s not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea.

It’s about drug dealers and club owners and stuff, and Fiddy… Fiddy plays an absolute reprobate character. But he’s one of the producers of the show. Anyway, they’ve lost him. Fiddy Cent has been lost. Fiddy’s making some money; he doesn’t want to see it all taxed into oblivion. So he has abandoned Biden. He’s urging everybody to go out there and vote for Trump. So Kamala Harris has got to jump into this fray and come to the rescue.

So we have a sound bite here from the Players TV network. This is a channel available on Samsung TV Plus, and Sling TV streaming services. (interruption) Do you have Sling TV? (interruption) You have Sling TV. It’s like YouTube TV. It’s just a streaming service like cable on streaming service. They have released a preview clip of their new show, a new show that debuts tonight. It’s called Remaking America hosted by the Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum.

Now, in the clip, McCollum’s first guest is Democrat vice-presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris. Here is the clip…

HARRIS: There is not a black man I know, be he a relative or a friend, who has not had some experience with police, which has been about an unreasonable stop, some kind of profiling or excessive force. So it starts with having leadership that speaks the truth about the fact of it. We don’t have that in the White House right now.

RUSH: BS, we don’t! We sure as hell do. Where is this stuff happening, Senator Harris? Where was George Floyd murdered? He was murdered in a Democrat city, in a Democrat state, in a police department run by Democrats. Republicans had nothing to do with it! You can talk about speaking truth to power. You can talk about having the honesty to admit the problem.

But it is a problem happening on your watch! What happened to the police department in Seattle? What happened to the police department in Portland? All Democrat cities, all Democrat states. Look at what’s happening the police department in New York City. People are resigning, retiring, quitting. It’s a shame what is being done to the police in Democrat cities and Democrat states.

Meanwhile, police unions all across America are endorsing who? Donald Trump. Police departments across the country are endorsing Donald Trump. But this is all they’ve got. Okay. So Fiddy Cent comes out. Fiddy Cent abandons Biden, urges people to vote for Trump, and so they… I know this is not in direct response to that because they had to tape this show.

But here she is doing? She’s the vice-presidential nominee. She goes on a show hosted by a Portland Trail Blazer player, and all they can do is talk about race. All they can do is talk about police profiling, unreasonable stops and all this. Let me tell you something. The Democrat Party has been promising African-Americans for 50 years to stop this!

They’ve been promising for 50 years to stop this kind of treatment of African-Americans. They’ve been promising, for 50 years, African-American prosperity. Economic prosperity is gonna blow up and skyrocket. They’ve been promising all these changes. They’ve been promising they’re gonna get even with all the people discriminating against ’em.

They’re gonna get even with the racists and the provocateurs, gonna get even with the Klan, get even with all of this out there — and yet nothing ever changes. Every presidential campaign year, here comes a Democrat ticket telling African-Americans, “We’re gonna fix it for ya! We’re gonna make sure those evil Republicans don’t continue to many of you treat you.”

Why do you have to keep making this promise every four years for the last 50? Why doesn’t it ever get fixed? Answer: You can’t fix what you won’t stop, and you people are the ones engaging in the profiling. You people are the are the ones who are engaging in the discrimination against African-Americans. You’re the ones that look them with the soft bigotry of low expectations.

You’re the people, you Democrats, you look at African-Americans, you feel sorry for them. You think they can’t accomplish anything else on their own, the deck is so stacked against them that they can’t do anything without you. But you don’t do anything for ’em. And for 50 years you haven’t done anything for ’em. So Kamala Harris, appealing to the NBA demo, trying desperately to shore up the black vote.

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