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RUSH: Here’s Bob in Covington, Georgia. I’m glad that you called, Bob. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing well, Rush, and thank you so much for taking our call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: My wife and I lift you up and your family and your medical team to fight this battle that I know you’ll win. But here’s the quick question: I have a loving wife I’ve been married to for 45 years, and I know you and Kathryn have a wonderful relationship. I don’t understand how a relatively bright person like Jill Biden has allowed her husband to be made a buffoon. What’s in it for her?

RUSH: Uh, my reaction is, I don’t think she thinks that he has been made to look like a buffoon. I think in the last debate, the last… Well, no. The last town hall he did, for example, with George Stephanopoulos, he was okay. He didn’t come across as having Alzheimer’s or early onset Alzheimer’s. He wasn’t Mensa, but he didn’t portray or betray any deficiencies — and in the debate with Trump, when he was on the way to descending into those levels, Trump kept goading him.

If Trump had just stood silent while Biden was beginning to answer things, Biden would, I think, have gotten rattled and he would have looked like he was having some trouble. But I know what you’re talking about because early on I asked the same question. And it’s impossible to answer other than to say she apparently doesn’t think that he’s looking bad. Or maybe she knows he wants this so badly. I mean, to be elected president. How many people have been able to do that?

She knows, probably, he’s not gonna serve in office long after he wins, if he does. And so she’s simply being loyal to her husband’s desires and doing what she can to make them happen and try to shield him and protect him from the worst of things. You think that she ought to do what? You think that she should have pulled him out of the campaign?

CALLER: Well, I have watched her in a couple different audios — or I should say videos — where she has been very protective of him pulling back from a crowd because she didn’t want to him to get close to possible COVID affected individuals. So I know she has a caring heart for him, but I know that in the private times in their house and when they’re discussing politics, he has to have slipped in front of her as well. It’s just not possible that he couldn’t have. And she must know there has to be some reduction in his cognitive thinking process. And this is gonna come out, maybe not tonight, maybe not next week, but it’s gonna come out very quickly —

RUSH: Well, she would know that well more than any of us would.

CALLER: Certainly.

RUSH: Well, I can tell it’s a loving question that you are asking, Bob. That I can tell. You’re asking this question from a perspective of how could a loving spouse even want her husband to run the risk of being humiliated? And I understand the question. I just think the stakes are so high, and I think he probably has convinced her he wants it so badly. Or it could be something totally unrelated to what we think it is. It could have nothing to do with the things that we are guessing are behind this.

But remember this. Joe Biden is a stand-in for the people who really, really want this. Joe Biden is the guy that has been put in position to win it for these people, and these people probably have a whole lot of power over Joe’s wife. And if Joe’s wife, if Jill Biden ever expresses any kind of reservations about this, these are the kind of people that would remind her what’s at stake, what’s on the other side of this, to chill out, that everything is gonna be okay.

These are big stakes. These are things that you and I, in the living of our lives, are never gonna approach in terms of the kind of power and the closeness to just the stacks and stacks and stacks of money. There’s all kinds of things here that will cause a lot of people to put these concerns aside and those concerns aside and so forth. And we just really don’t know what those are. But I’m glad you called. I appreciate the question.


RUSH: I just got a little note here from Kathryn. She heard the last call. She said, “Babe, if you started to sound like Biden, I would mute the mic.” (laughing) How about that? “If you started to sound like Biden, I would -”

There’s Toobin. What’s Toobin doing up there? Did Fox hire him? Is that what’s happened up there? No, I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. “If you started to sound like Biden, I would mute the mic.” She’s making the point that if she were Jill Biden, it wouldn’t have gotten this far, is the point.

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