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RUSH: Now, I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen, that I found a piece today by a woman that goes by the name Bookworm at BookwormRoom.com. The woman is a blogger for decades. She is devoutly Catholic. She writes on moral issues. It’s a long piece here that I’m going to have to pull quote and summarize for you, because I think she makes some really good observations here.

Now, I have always warned everybody what this election hinges on, the issues on which this election will hinge have not happened yet. I said that six months ago, three months ago, four months, eight, whatever. I cautioned everybody, don’t believe the polls today, because the things that are gonna shape this election outcome haven’t happened yet. And there are still events that haven’t happened yet that are going to shape this election’s outcome.

I don’t know what they are. But I would think that the Democrats — I have been telling people, so I’ll tell you — I think the Democrats are gonna try to unload some massive scandal-related October Surprise-type thing tomorrow or Thursday because I firmly believe they want Trump to pull out of this debate. I think they are the ones on defense. I think they’re the ones afraid of Biden and an open microphone. I don’t think that they’re thinking they’re gonna get Trump from the first debate. I think they know that’s not who Trump is.

So I’ve been expecting some massive dirty trick, October Surprise-type thing, to happen tomorrow or maybe even Thursday, the day of the debate. Even if I’m wrong about that, the point is that the events that still have a chance to shape the election, some of them have not happened yet. So the headline of her piece: “Two Bidens and a Toobin: Could Trump Have Scripted These Last Two Weeks Any Better?” And what she’s done in this piece is lump Jeffrey Toobin and his getting caught masturbating in a Zoom phone call at New Yorker magazine in with Hunter and Joe Biden.

And her point is that they are all the same. They’re left-wing Democrat activists. They have the same really questionable morality. That Trump has already been through his morality test and he passed it. That’s the Access Hollywood tape. I mean, what else can they do on Trump after that bomb? They couldn’t believe that didn’t work, but it didn’t.

So let me pick up with what Bookworm says. And this is just some random pull quotes here. “It was always going to be Trump that controlled the October Surprise. After all, since they subjected Trump to a daily colonoscopy for the last four years, the Democrats have no arrows left in their quiver. Trump’s own bout with the coronavirus shows that we’re coming to an end of the pandemic.

“As Americans watch Europe again collapse under the weight of the virus, despite supposedly doing everything right compared to Trump doing everything wrong, they’re realizing that, in fact, Trump didn’t do anything wrong, terribly wrong. He responded swiftly to events based on the best information available. No matter how one approaches the Wuhan virus, some people sadly will die.”

Her point here is that the Democrats want to try to rely on the fact that Trump screwed up the virus, and her point is that he didn’t. He didn’t screw up the virus in any way large enough to cause him any problem for reelection.

Another pull quote. “What I had not seen coming down the pike was Hunter Biden’s computer. Indeed, how could anybody have imagined that Hunter Biden would drunkenly abandon his computer in a little repair store. That the owner, after taking legal possession, would investigate the contents. That deep state agencies would rebuff the owner’s efforts to turn over the contents to the government. That the FBI, having ignored evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption, would eventually send one of its child sexual exploitation experts to check things out or that the New York Post, Rudy Giuliani, and Steve Bannon would end up being the ones taking the story public.”

Let me jump back to something here. The deep state agencies would rebuff the owner’s efforts to turn over the contents to the government. Do you realize what that means is the FBI did not want the computer. The FBI, deep state, the intel community didn’t want it. Why wouldn’t they want it? Very simple. They don’t want to investigate Joe Biden. You have to understand, the people we’re talking about are still the Comeys of the world, they’re still there. The FBI structure hasn’t changed. There hasn’t been any severe punishment. The people that did what they did, for all intents and purposes, to date have not been punished for it.

So you got the FBI, got the intel agencies, they don’t want the computer. Well, they want the computer. They’re gonna get the computer. But they don’t want it to investigate Biden. They want Biden to win, folks. They want to control Biden. They want to have that data on that computer. They want to be able to, quote, unquote, blackmail Biden if he wins.

It’s a new era in the American government. The days where everybody in government was looking out for the Constitution, looking out for the country, those days, sadly, on the Democrat side of the aisle don’t exist. It’s all about globalism now, and it’s all about control, and it’s all about a central government of the world. And these people in the intelligence community, some still left over in the FBI, they want whatever dirt they can get, on Biden in this case, in order to be able to control him if he wins.

Now, with Trump, they tried that and bombed out. The effort to control Trump, the effort to blackmail Trump, the effort to run a coup on Trump, the effort to not investigate the actual criminals in the coup but rather to investigate Trump, all of that was to intimidate Trump. All of that was the United States government deep state telling Donald Trump, “We run this show, buddy, not you. We can get rid of you in a moment’s notice. We get rid of you at the drop of a hat. We hold you in the palm of our hand.”

And Trump effectively said, “Well, screw you.” And he didn’t play ball. He didn’t act intimidated. So they didn’t stop. So these four years have been a power play between Trump and the deep state. The deep state now wants Biden, they want as much dirt on Biden as they can get, but not to investigate him and not to get rid of a bad actor because of whatever damage he might do. They want a guy who’s controllable by having all the dirt on the guy’s embarrassing practices while a senator and vice president.


RUSH: Nope. I definitely believe that. I believe the FBI would rather have the dirt on presidents and vice presidents rather than investigate ’em and clean the office out. I think they’d rather keep dirty people in there to control them. I don’t think there’s any question about it, intel community especially.

Guys like Brennan and Clapper?

Hell, yes, that’s what they would prefer!

I mean, they want to run the show, and they want to run the show without having to get elected. They want to run the show without having to go through the hassle of being approved by the American people. This is… We’re in a very, very dangerous period for our country here, folks.

This election is important for a host of reasons.

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