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RUSH: The Democrats are measuring the drapes in the Oval Office. They’re already plotting how they’ll spend your money.

Politico reports that Democrats are “eyeing aggressive budget and spending plans” if they sweep in November. They plan to deploy every tool at their disposal.

The Democrats are sick and tired of strict budget caps and the threat of automatic spending cuts. So if they pull off a trifecta — winning the White House, Senate, and the House — all bets are off. They’ll use “budget reconciliation” to get around the Senate filibuster so they can spend big on “infrastructure,” clean energy (the Green New Deal), government-paid child care, and other leftist big-ticket items.

Senior Democrats are not hiding it. They plan to disperse trillions of dollars on their budget fantasies. Democrat Congressman John Yarmuth — who would head the House Budget Committee — said, “The possibilities are endless!”

So, we will get endless spending on the Democrat agenda, plus Joe Biden’s promise to raise taxes on businesses and get rid of the Trump tax cuts. Add it all up, and here’s what we’ve got:

Businesses fleeing the country again. Massive recessions again. Low economic growth again, millions of jobs down the drain again. Prosperity out the window. The American Dream: destroyed. That is what Democrats have to offer, and it’s what they want to offer. It’s what they do best.

Don’t doubt me, folks.

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