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RUSH: Over the weekend, Politico slammed President Trump for amplifying “allegations of bias against another presidential debate moderator.”

The president retweeted info about the next moderator’s deep Democrat party roots, as reported by the New York Post. NBC News correspondent Kristin Welker spent Christmas 2012 at the White House with the Obamas. Her parents have given tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats, and she herself is known as an activist, not a reporter.

Speaking of bias: C-SPAN has indefinitely suspended Steve Scully, who had been scheduled to moderate the second debate, which didn’t happen. The former Biden intern, Scully, lied about his Twitter account being “hacked” when he was caught asking for advice from Scaramucci, Trump-hater Anthony Scaramucci.

Speaking of bias: Over the weekend, ABC got busted. Turns out, they never disclosed that two of the “questioners” at the Joe Biden town hall have big Democrat party ties. One was a speech writer with the Obama Regime; the other is married to a Democrat party leader.

Speaking of bias: Remember in 2016, when then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile admitted she gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions in advance?

None of this bothers the Drive-By Media. Their only problem with bias is when President Trump calls out the media hacks for doing what they have always done. Stacking the deck.

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