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RUSH: So CBS News says that Joe Biden will not be seen again until Thursday night at the debate. And, yeah, we’re gonna get to the moderator being in the tank for Biden and Obama. It’s what it is. Kristen Welker, a total in-the-tank Democrat just like Steve Scully was for Biden, isn’t gonna change.

The reasons for the lid — and, by the way, this lid, I think it went on yesterday — so Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. Five days. Five days Biden is going into hiding. And, yeah, we’re gonna delve back into the Hunter Biden laptop. We spelled all that out for you last week. You should have no more questions about that. Actually not true. Now they’re blaming the Russians for this. Is this not great? They’re validating its truth. They’re validating what’s on Hunter Biden’s computer is true by blaming the Russians for it. I will explain that in due course.

Now, here is why CBS News says that the Biden campaign’s putting a lid on the campaign through the debate. The Biden camp thinks the debate is everything, that if Biden wins the debate, it’s over. Everything else is academic. If Biden wins the debate, Trump can kiss it good-bye. With that in mind, the moderator, NBC’s Kristen Welker is in the tank for Biden and won’t let the Hunter Biden scandal get much time. This is what the Biden camp is planning on.

Now, the Hunter Biden emails, folks, they are devastating, and if Joe Biden can’t refute what’s in them, then he’s gotta go into seclusion. If he can’t answer questions about what’s in those emails and what’s on that laptop, then he’s gotta go into seclusion. The media’s not gonna cover the Hunter Biden scandal in the coming days. Biden is confident of this. And so if he remains under the lid there will be no reason for the media to cover it, and they won’t.

It doesn’t matter, because we will. But I’m telling you, going back to the basement in whatever palatial home Biden chooses to live in — he’s got a bunch. Did you know that? This is 100 percent damage control. This is not going on offense. This is not giving people a reason to vote for you. Biden hiding under the lid proves this scandal is deadly to them.


RUSH: Peter in Farmington, Connecticut. I’m glad you waited, sir. You are up next. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. First, just a quick comment. You may have stepped back to second base. But with all our prayers, your excellent doctors, your positive thinking, you will make it home, and you will win this game.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Yep! We’re still in the game.

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Just at second base. Just at second base. Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Yes. Listen. My point is, I feel Kristen Welker, out of all the moderators, is the most disingenuous of them all. For 3-1/2 years she has done nothing but smear Trump and berate him, and I did something you suggested. Not to watch the news. But I gotta tell you I remember the last time I did watch her.

It was when there were shots fired at the White House, and when Trump had a leave, which is standard-operating procedure. She came back in and she said to the president, “You look rattled.” But Trump came using (unintelligible) lines, and he said to her, “Do I look rattled?” and I just don’t have any highly (sic) opinion of Kristen Welker.

RUSH: Well, you’re not alone. I think a lot of people are very dubious and suspicious. She spent Christmas 2012 with the Obamas in the White House. Did you know that? Why is somebody like that the moderator a debate? If she’s spending Christmas 2012 with the Obamas in the White House, who’s the vice president at the time? That would be Joe Biden.

I think Kristen Welker is partisan, is judgmental, is mean-spirited. I think she is arrogant and looks down on Trump, and I don’t think she’ll be able to hide that. The topics have been selected. She announced the topics. Ready for the topics? Fighting COVID-19 (ahem), American families, race in America. Climate change. Why in the name of Sam Hill? Climate change?

Chris Wallace did climate change, and then Savannah Guthrie peppered Trump with climate change at that whatever that was, that debate with her. Climate change? Now climate change is gonna happen again. Here’s Kristen Welker peppering Biden and Trump with questions about climate change. I’ll tell you why, folks.

Climate change is one of those Democrat issues that contains every other Democrat issue. It contains every dream scenario. It contains total control over citizens’ lives. It contains control over the energy sector of the country. It contains control over the price and affordability of gasoline, energy, other sources of fuel.

It contains the ability to basically control every aspect of a person’s life — what a person eats, what a person drinks, what a person drives — because it all has an impact on the planet, all could end up doing grave damage to the planet. It also promotes globalism. You have to have a globalist coordination on an issue like climate change, and the reason you want globalist is because there’s one country that has to be blamed more than any other, and that is the United States.

The United States must get blamed for all the problems to the environment. We’re the biggest, we’re the baddest, and we have the largest back pocket that can be picked by other nations. It is also an issue whereby the media gets to somehow try to portray the Republicans as not caring about people and not caring about the planet and not caring about the future.

It is because of climate change that Republicans foolishly run around claiming to be for clean air, as though they’re not, and are foolishly running around claiming to be for clean water, as though they’re not. So, anyway, climate change. National security will be another topic, and leadership. Those are the topics announced by the Commission on Presidential Debates in a tweet on Friday.


RUSH: Listen to this. This is Kristen Welker, March 6, 2016. It’s a flashback. And this is debate moderator Kristen Welker caught giving questions in advance to Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri. It’s March 6th, 2016. MSNBC special coverage Democrat presidential debate, Hillary Clinton and Crazy Bernie.

After the debate, the anchor Ari Melber tried to send the broadcast to White House correspondent Kristen Welker before she was ready when Welker was in the post-debate spin room set to interview Hillary Clinton director of communications Jennifer Palmieri, here’s how it sounded.

MELBER: We go right to Kristen Welker. Kristen, go ahead.

WELKER: Okay. Okay. And I’m gonna ask you about Flint.

MELBER: Kristen go ahead, you’re live. Kristen Welker in the spin room, I believe she has the Clinton communications director with her, go ahead Kristen.

WELKER: Okay, thank you. I think this is his last question. Hey Ari, I’m here with communications director, Jen Palmieri, for the Clinton campaign.

RUSH: She was telegraphing this series of questions that she was going to give Jennifer Palmieri, and she did it live. “Yeah, and I’m gonna ask you about Flint.” Meaning, I’m gonna ask Hillary. She’s talking to Jennifer Palmieri. “I’m gonna ask you about Flint.” And this is Flint, Michigan, and the water and all that garbage there. And Ari Melber said (imitating Melber), “Kristen, uh, uh, you’re live, uh, go ahead, uh, Kristen, uh, we’re in the spin room, I believe she has the Clinton communications director with her. Go ahead, Kristen.”

And then Kristen Welker kind of softens, kind of whispers. “Okay, okay. Thank you. I think this is his last question. Okay. Hey, Ari, I’m here with communications director Jennifer Palmieri for the Clinton campaign.” She was caught live giving questions in advance to Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri. Now, that’s 2016. So four years ago. How does this woman end up moderating a presidential debate in 2016?


RUSH: Here’s Glenda in Chattanooga. Nice to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. Hi, Rush. I’ve got a quick question here. Who’s in charge of getting all the moderators ready? Because why don’t we have a Republican moderator?

RUSH: Well, because the Commission on Presidential Debates picks the moderators. It’s a supposedly bipartisan organization made up of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats. But the Republicans on the committee all hate Donald Trump.

CALLER: Oh, man.

RUSH: I’m not lying. Not making it up. There may be one member of the Republican Party. But every member of the presidential committee or commission, whatever highfalutin name they give themselves, every one of them, Republican or Democrat, despises Donald Trump. Every moderator has been a debate. Chris Wallace would dispute that he’s a Democrat. But there’s no question that Steve Scully is. There’s no question that this babe, Kristen Welker is.

The answer ought to be, if you’re a Republican, you don’t show up. You just don’t go. If you’re gonna moderate these debates with a bunch of partisan Democrats, and you’re gonna announce the topics in advance, we’re gonna get climate change in all three of these babies? Then I’m not going. I’ll do something else that night that will have just as big a crowd or a bigger crowd than what your debate is.

Look. They throw a debate, they choose the moderator, we show up, what happens is our fault. Maybe “our fault” is the wrong way to put it, but we don’t have much to complain about because everything about it’s known going in. I think it is silly to complain about it after the fact. Everybody knows that this babe Kristen Welker is as partisan a Democrat moderator as they could find. I don’t care what she would say, I don’t care if she would deny it. She is what she is, and she’s proud of it. And to complain about it after the fact, well, you could say we’re braver than they are.

I think if there were a Republican moderator named, who would it be? It would, by definition, have to be somebody from Fox, correct? (interruption) Washington Examiner? Yeah, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m thinking TV. But, yeah, all right. You could get Byron York. Byron York would be good. But in those circumstances, the Democrats may not show up. Tucker Carlson? Chatsworth Osborne Jr.? Great choice, as far as I’m concerned. They’d never show up for that. There’s no way under – (interruption) Ha-ha-ha. Ask me. Right on. That will be the day.

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