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RUSH: Democrats have a little half-baked podcast out there they think is the greatest thing under the sun. It’s called Pod Save America. One of the co-hosts is this radical leftist little guy named Tommy Vietor, and he’s got former President Barack Hussein O on as a guest. Here’s the question.

“There’s this debate about whether Trump is an aberration or whether he’s the next phase of a Republican Party that’s been built on racial grievance, built on cruelty on immigrants and Fox News conspiracy theories. Now, we all hope the Republican fever would break after the 2012 reelection. Clearly it didn’t. Things have gotten worse. Do you, Mr. Obama, have a view on this debate about whether Trump is an aberration?”

OBAMA: I did well in a bunch of white, evangelical counties, rural counties that I think, it’s fair to say, there’s no way right now that I could get those votes, right? And the reason is because they see me only through the filter of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh. Those folks right now are just being fed what’s coming through that filter.

If they were watchin’ Walter Cronkite, then you could, in fact, have just the normal debate — and in that circumstance, democracy works. Trump is expressing or mirroring — and in some ways, explicitly exploiting and took on — the crazy that was being pumped out through these venues each and every day.

RUSH: So, there’s crazy here on this program, and Trump has kind of taken it on. (summarized) “If we just had Walter Cronkite! If we just had Walter Cronkite back, then none of this would matter. If we had Walter Cronkite back, then we would have a media monopoly as well.

“If we had Walter Cronkite back, there wouldn’t be Rush Limbaugh; there wouldn’t be anybody to criticize us. There wouldn’t be Fox News out there criticizing us.” This is what they want, folks. They’re telegraphing what they’re gonna do if they win. They’re setting up a one-party everything. Good-bye, individual liberty and freedom on everything. This is drastic!

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