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RUSH: I want to deal with the panicked email stuff here first. I mean, people are really panicked, upset. I don’t blame you. If all you are reading is aggregator sites of mainstream media, you need to stop. It’s not what it once was. And you just need to stop exposing yourself to this.

For example, I mean, how could you not be panicked? Here’s a headline from Drudge yesterday: “Battleground Map Expanding. Shock poll: Biden plus 17. Ninety-one percent chance of winning.” Now, I’m capable of worrying as well and as much as anybody else. But I’m not worried about this, folks. I don’t know how to tell you other than that. I’m not worried about the election. I’m seeing the exact things I saw four years ago. In fact, the things I’m seeing on the Democrat side are worse than they were four years ago.

And if I have learned anything in the past four years, it’s that every time I think that Trump is in deep trouble, may not have a way back, may be just this is it, he bounces back up and he wins bigger than ever. I mean, what are we seeing here? We’ve put some of these crowd videos up on Twitter, @RealRLimbaugh. You ought to see some of these videos, folks, of the crowds at Trump rallies. They’re huge. They are massive. They are comprised of happy people who are in a great frame of mind and a great mood.

They are not worried. They’re just enthusiastic people showing up, and why wouldn’t they be? They’re hanging around with a bunch of like-minded people. In addition to these huge crowds, all of these boat parades, the car parades. Even in San Francisco there are massive boat parades. Now, what all this adds up to is grassroots enthusiasm for Trump that is not the result of anything forced; it’s not from anything created.

People are not buying these rallies like Soros does. They’re not buying the boat shows. None of this. Nobody’s paying for this to happen. Nobody’s sending out secret memos saying, “Hey, we got a boat parade coming.” I mean, the organizers may be, but the organizers are part of the average, ordinary, real people engaging in these things, his rallies. I don’t know how many people are looking for them. You know, they’re covered sporadically here on Fox. One America News Network covers the whole thing every time there is a Trump rally, as does C-SPAN. So you can find ’em. They’re mind-blowing.

The energy level that Trump has had this week alone will belie any impression that he thinks it’s over. You know, he’s got his own internal polls. If he’s on the verge of thinking that not only is it over, it’s going to be a slam-dunk over, I mean, it’s gonna be one of the most humiliating presidential defeats in history, which is what they’re setting everybody up for, there is no way — don’t care who he is, Donald Trump could not be as enthusiastic, upbeat, happy, and positive as he is in these rallies.

There have never been, in my lifetime, in our history, so many mammoth political rallies. And when we think that they found a way to shut ’em down because of COVID-19, Trump comes up with a new way. “Okay. We’ll fly Air Force One right to the door of the hangar. We’ll put people in the hangar, outside the hangar,” and tens of thousands show up. Even Obama could not pull this off. And we were told that Obama was the epitome of American popularity.

So, what’s driving this? I’ll tell you exactly what’s driving this. All of this is coming from the organic hope and optimism of people who love this country, know that Trump does too. They know he is their last great hope. They want him to stay up. They want him to stay inspired and motivated. They’re doing what they can to make that happen. People say, “What else can I do, Mr. Limbaugh? What can I do besides vote?” Well, you can go to a Trump rally or you can find a Democrat and try to get ’em to change their mind about Trump. We’re arming you with information on the Twitter account just for that purpose.

How to turn a Democrat — remember, the Democrats do not know Trump’s record. Trump’s record’s not part of the daily news cycle on Drive-By Media. You get hold of a Democrat, you tell ’em the legitimate things Trump has done that make a genuine difference, improvement in their lives, in the lives of their kids. Who knows. Out of every seven, you might turn one. But that’s what you can do. That’s doing something more than voting.

“Rush, come on. There’s gotta be something else. That’s not sexy.” Folks, this is grassroots. That’s where it all begins. Sexy or not, this is where it all happens. People have this natural hope and optimism. The desire, the desire to vote for Trump — I even think Republicans — I think it’s strong. Long lines. Look at ’em. Long lines. Virus polling. Doesn’t matter. People are doing whatever they can to vote for Trump and the Republicans. They’re doing whatever they can to show up at a Trump rally.

Our Facebook and our Twitter feed, there’s a lot of people letting us know they were never politically active. Now they are. Now they’re into it, and they are into voting for Trump. And then I see, I see what you see.

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