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RUSH: We got a tweet at our page yesterday from a guy named Marvin. He said, “Rush, thank you for proactively rounding up the troops on this cesspool of a platform. I know you hate social media. I wanted to recognize you taking one for the team by joining us deplorables on the Twittersphere. Godspeed.”

Marvin here is grateful that I am taking the plunge into Twitter in order — he knows that I hate social media. He knows that it’s a cesspool and he thinks I’m taking one for the team by joining everybody and helping maybe collect a bunch of deplorables on their side. My handle is @RealRLimbaugh. There’s only one Twitter handle now. It’s @RealRLimbaugh.


RUSH: Happy to have you here. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network. Most-listened-to radio talk show in the country. And now with a new Twitter handle. @RealRLimbaugh. @RealRLimbaugh. We are gonna be doubling down. We’re gonna be doing everything we can in these last three weeks to take the message of preserving the American way of life, to take the message that America is a good and decent, it is almost a savior of a country, that it is being maligned, it is being savagely impugned.

It is being slandered and libeled by a major American political party. And the people doing this have designs on this country that I guarantee you nowhere near a majority of the American people support. To many Americans, this is just somebody with a D next to their name running against bad orange man who does things that, oh, man, does he have to be so braggadocious? Does he have to be so mean? Can’t he just stop tweeting?

It isn’t about any of that. It isn’t about anything like that. It is about what our opponents seek to do to the future of your children and grandchildren by transforming this country away from its conceptual founding principal of individual liberty and freedom. That will be gone. The notion that individual liberty and freedom define the politics of this country will be gone.

The freedoms and liberty that you take for granted now, that you think can’t possibly ever vanish will vanish so fast, you won’t remember when it happened. And the sad thing is that many of you may vote for it not knowing what you’re doing. Many of you may vote for it because you can’t conceive that there are people who hate America to that degree. Well, there are. And they have been around since the founding of the country, and they’ve morphed through various stages.

In my youth, the sixties, they were the radical Students for a Democratic Society and whatever offshoots. Today they are Antifa, Black Lives Matter. But the ones out there today are far more organized, and they are far wealthier, and they are communist. They are socialists. The others were too. But they knew so long ago they had to hide that. These people are actually not hiding their communist ties. If you go to the Black Lives Matter website, you’ll see they proudly acknowledge their communist roots, their Marxist roots.

This is nothing to smirk at. It is a sad thing to see how they have so easily co-opted the youth of this country, college-aged people, particularly women. It really is devastating. It’s disappointing. It’s saddening to see this. And they’ve done it by appealing to an emotion that all Americans possess, an emotion that’s guilt. They have guilted people into believing they are responsible for the inequities, the inequalities, and the unfairness that exists in our country.

There will always be inequality. In a group of two, there will be inequality. You can do your best to eliminate it, but it will always be there because no two people are alike. In a group of 500 there will always be inequality. There will always be inequity. There will always be people more talented than you are. There will always be people who are smarter than you are. There are always gonna be people dumber than you are. Always gonna be people less competent than you are.

We’re all different. None of us are the same. But you are no more responsible for whatever racism they claim exists than people who haven’t even been born yet. You had nothing to do with slavery. There’s nothing you’ve done since you were born that encourages or promotes or sanctions slavery. Yet they have guilted young people into believing they have.

They have turned college-aged, educated women — college educated — that’s another aspect, they have completely co-opted the education system. They’ve turned the whole concept of an advanced education into believing that America is the depository for world racism and bigotry. And then they’ve combined that with the guilt that they have ladled on to generations of students. And they have convinced these kids that the only way for redemption is to agree with the concept that America is irredeemable. America can’t be fixed. America cannot be resolved. No. America must be disbanded or disorganized and start it over. Which is their dream.

They want nothing of the current concept of America, liberty and freedom, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, none of that will survive. Second Amendment, gun rights, it will not survive. You may think Donald Trump’s horrible guy, you may think Donald Trump’s an ogre, you may Donald Trump’s this or that. Let me tell you something, folks. He is the only person to stop this at this time. He is the only man capable of stopping it. He’s the only man trying.

He got elected trying. He got elected warning people about it. He has stayed in office. He has undergone the most vicious, relentless, never ending, unstoppable personal assault to ruin him, his life, his family, all of them. And any politician in American history. And still he gets up every day and does it. And he didn’t need to do any of it. You really need to stop and think about this. In 2015 Donald Trump decides to come down the escalator at Trump Tower and announce all this. He didn’t have to do that.

In 2015 Donald Trump led a life that 99% of you would just kill for. You dream of it. He had the fame. He had the red carpet lifestyle. He was surrounded by anybody he wanted. Lift a finger, they would show up. He had all the accouterments of a successful life. He didn’t need any of this. He didn’t need to do anything that would result in the next five to eight years of his life being lived as the object of irrational, insane, personal hatred. And yet he did and continues to do so. Didn’t have to do any of it. But he did.

So it’s not complicated what we are up against. It’s complicated to convince people that what we’re up against is real. We have a problem. The mainstream media does not show the opposition the way I have described them. It’s there if you want to take time to see it, but you won’t read about it in the New York Times or see it on CNN or MSNBC or ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, ASS, wherever they are. You won’t see it.

We are a good, just, fair, decent country with the most opportunity for prosperity, freedom, and liberty anywhere on this earth. It was founded under that concept. It survives to this day. It’s what’s at stake. Those of us supporting Trump are not doing so because we want our ideology to prevail, because we want to be able to have bragging rights on Election Day. This is ball game for all of us. This is the future. It’s the kind of country that we are going to be, the kind of country we are going to have.

It’s shocking to me to see that we’ve even gotten this close to this country being on the edge of the cliff. I can’t even believe we are this close to it. The stuff that has become Democrat mainstream, the things they say, the things they believe, the environmental things they believe, the climate change, global warming, all those things, 25, 30 years ago, ladies and gentlemen — I’m not kidding you — we used to laugh.

We did environmentalist wacko updates. We had timber updates. We made fun of these people, under the belief that nobody would ever really believe this stuff, or very few. All the while, a lot of people were swallowing it. A lot of people were believing it. So we had to ask ourselves why. The answers are psychological. I’ve been explaining them for years.

But we’re beyond the explanations. The explanations at one time served a purpose. The point of everything on this program is to get you, the listener, to see things as I do. Make no bones about it. I love America. I love everybody in America. I want the best for everybody in this country. I want the best for this country. I want this country to be the greatest place on earth because that’s how the people living in this country get to become the best they can be.

That’s what I want for everybody. Incidentally, that’s what Donald Trump wants for everybody. Make America Great Again. You ever stop to ask, why in the name of Sam Hill is that controversial? Why does the Democrat Party react to Make America Great Again the way Dracula reacts to garlic or the cross? To me, it’s the least controversial thing anybody could say. I grew up thinking everybody believed this country was great. I grew up thinking everybody was a patriot.

I was naive. I didn’t know the Alger Hisses of the world existed when I was growing up. But I learned it eventually. But just in the universe of average, ordinary Americans who get up and go to work every day, wherever that is — on the farm, in the mall, at the law firm, at the hospital, the pharmacy, wherever people go to work, that’s where the people who make this country work are.

And it is those people I’ve always believed, believed in a great America. They sent their sons and daughters off to fight the nation’s wars. They sent their sons and daughters off to universities in their states to be educated so they’d have the greatest opportunity they could give them for success. They loved and treasured this country. They believed in its greatness. They believed it was hard work to achieve, but they knew that it could be achieved if the work were applied, if the work were performed.

Now Make America Great Again is controversial? You know why it’s controversial? Let me tell you what it means to these people on the left. Make America Great Again — this is how sick they are. To them, Make America Great Again means going back in time 250 years to the days of slavery. I kid you not. That is what it means to them. When I first heard that or figured it out, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t relate to people who think that way. But they are there.

Make America Great Again to some other people means let’s go back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet where there were only white people in charge of things, white people made every decision, white people decided who got what and who didn’t. White people with their 2.8 kids and a picket fence and a couple of cars. That was America. Well, it’s not America. America’s indigenous peoples. America is Indians. We never said it was anything but. Make America Great Again has nothing to do with race. Because, again, we love everybody.

Make America Great Again has nothing to do with sexual orientation, sexual preference. Sure there’s some morality challenges and all that, but in terms of defining the greatness of America that has anything to do with race is obscene. It’s absurd. It also means even crazier things to other people.

I’m gonna take a break. I have something I want you to do, something I want you to watch in regard to this, but I’m not going to tell you now. It’s something that I’m gonna post on Twitter near end of the program ’cause I don’t want you leaving the program to go watch this. But near the end of the program, I’m gonna post a video that I really want you to watch. I’ll explain it. I will describe it. It’ll be well worth your time. And it may help you to know it’s a video. It’s not a professional video. It’s a guy at a lectern making a speech. Nothing flashy. Nothing pizzazzy. Just one man.

And he says in this video, under normal circumstances, there is no way he would even consider voting for Donald Trump, no way under the sun. Normal times, but these are not normal times, and he has concluded that Donald Trump is the only candidate, the only person who can save this country at this point in her history.


RUSH: Back we are right at it here, Rush Limbaugh. Great to have you with us, as always, folks, Rush Limbaugh at 800-282-2882 and the email address if you want to join us is ElRushbo@eibnet.us. And I check those emails during the breaks. You have an intriguing subject line, who knows. I may stumble across it and find it.

Our Twitter handle is @RealRLimbaugh. If you have any other Twitter handle that you have for us, if you use it, don’t. Broom it. We have set up a new Twitter page. We just wanted to simplify it. There had become a host of different Twitter pages because we, over the course of years, had different purposes for each one. And it just kind of got lost in the mix. (interruption) Oh, it’s a great picture. It’s a great, great, great — Kathryn took the picture. It’s an excellent picture. I’m glad you noticed it, Mr. Snerdley. It’s a great picture. And because I hadn’t gotten behind any particular one page, it just kind of blossomed out there on its own.

And you know why. I think Twitter is a cesspool. And I think the Democrats make the biggest mistake in the world thinking that Twitter is America. It isn’t. A majority of the thoughts and opinions that are expressed on Twitter, the media is making the same. The media looks at Twitter as a stand-in for majority public opinion. And it isn’t. And I finally said, “You know what? We’ve got three weeks. We’ve got three weeks until this election. We may as well double down and enter this beast and do what we can to reach as many of the people in it for our purposes.”

So that’s what we’re in the process of doing, and our objective is to have a lot of content on the Twitter page. It’s not gonna take away from RushLimbaugh.com or any of the paid subscriber services or anything like that. It’s just our attempt to go to where the sinners are, as Jesus once said. That would probably be the best way to describe what we’re doing. They’re laughing uproariously on the other side of the glass over there. But it’s probably true.


RUSH: The handle. @RealRLimbaugh. Yeah, we’re trying to — you know what? When we first did this, just to show you, our first Twitter handle, I don’t even remember what it was, I’m not gonna even tell you what it was, we don’t want to confuse anybody. But it was when Twitter was brand-new and it was still hot, and it didn’t take long, we had over a million followers.

But I never posted anything there. And so the followers eventually stopped following. And they kind of fell off there. And so we’re building it all over again. We want to get back there. We want to get back there. We want you people retweeting stuff. We want this to expand like hotcakes out there, and go for broke here in these last three weeks before the election.

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