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RUSH: I again ran across a story this morning about how Biden is blaming Trump for packing the court. Now, we talked about this yesterday, brought it up. Biden’s actually saying it on the campaign trail. He’s even putting it in ads, that Trump is packing the court. Trump is not packing the court. But remember who we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with mind-numbed robots that are also Democrat voters who have a predisposition to hating Donald Trump.

So if first they hear packing the court, packing the court, packing the court, bad, bad, bad. Packing the court, not good. Packing the court, bad, bad. Then they hear Trump’s doing it. Trump is not packing the court. Trump is filling vacancies on the court. Look, for all of you who are listening to this program, this is a key point. It’s a very simple point.

This is a very simple way that you can make a difference beyond voting by being armed with this. Donald Trump is not packing the court. He is filling vacancies on the court brought about by the retirements or deaths of sitting justices. When Trump finishes, there will be nine justices on the court just as there were before Democrat justices began to either retire or pass away.

Packing the court is what Biden is gonna do, and he won’t admit to it. Packing the court is adding seats to the court from your own party. Packing the court is putting politically sympathetic judges on the court. And after you have succeeded, if you do, in packing the court, then you’re gonna have 13 seats, 13 justices, not nine. That’s what Biden wants to do. It’s not what Trump is doing.


RUSH: Look, this is why court packing, why Biden’s trying to make such a big deal how Trump is — court packing is so big of an issue because when the Democrats get control, if they win this election, they’re gonna pack the Supreme Court with 13 seats. They’re gonna add four. They’ll do away with all of the limits on the government that are in the Constitution. That’s what a 13-seat court will do. They’ll wipe out the Second Amendment. They’ll wipe out the freedom of speech clause of the first. This is their plan. This is not speculation.

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