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RUSH: You know, I was watching the Trump rally last night and there are times that I watch Trump rallies that I get a little frustrated. I’ll admit it to you. I get a little frustrated that he hurries through things with an assumption that his audience knows what he’s talking about already and may not. So he rushes through things. One of the classic areas of this is when he talks about the millions and millions and millions of dollars from China that we’re now getting because of his new trade policy, millions and millions. We had stupid leaders in the past, dumb leaders, but now there are millions and billions and billions of dollars flowing into the United States.

I keep saying, why? How? What did you do? But he’s assuming that that the accomplishments are being reported in the media and they’re not, particularly in the mainstream media. Last night another one of these happened. He ran through the Hunter Biden prosecutor story in Ukraine. And he tells 20% of the story. And if you don’t know the story, what the president is telling you is not furthering your understanding of it.

Another one was the Israeli embassy finally moving to Jerusalem. Trump mentions that every president in the past has promised to do this, but he’s the first one who actually has done it. He never says why it’s important. He never says why it matters where the embassy is. What’s the big deal? He expects and gets a large applause line, but he doesn’t explain why it matters.

And then last night at the rally he said, “You know, if you elect Biden, Biden’s gonna give everything away to Cuba, he’s gonna give everything away to Nicaragua, everything away to Venezuela.” And that one I’m saying, “What? Not even I know about that. What’s that?” But he doesn’t explain them because he believes that you know what they are. Let me give you the prosecutor story in Ukraine as an example.

What the president does not explain — well, he references it briefly because he assumes everybody in his audience knows what he’s talking about. And then he delivers a punch line that doesn’t go with what he has said because people don’t understand the guts and the details of the story.

Very simply, there is video of Joe Biden appearing at the Council on Foreign Relations in I believe 2012 bragging — the Council on Foreign Relations is an American organization. It’s made up of American foreign policy specialists, media people. It’s a Rockefeller group. And he’s explaining to them how the prosecutor in Ukraine was prosecuting his son Hunter for malfeasance and theft and general skullduggery.

And so he’s telling a story where he went over to Ukraine, and he told the president of Ukraine — this is Biden — that if you don’t fire this prosecutor, you’re not getting the next billion-dollar installment in American aid. And Biden says the prosecutor looks at him, has a look of disbelief on his face, so Biden says, you don’t believe me, call the big man. Call Obama. He’ll tell you.

The president of Ukraine calls Obama, and Obama backs Biden up, says yep, if you don’t fire that prosecutor — ‘Cause the prosecutor was getting close to nailing Biden’s son. The prosecutor was getting real close to nailing Biden’s son. So the president calls, and Biden says, yeah, he’s right, if you don’t get rid of that prosecutor, you can say good-bye to that billion dollars. Biden gave him six hours to make up their minds on it. So five hours go by, and Biden then says to the group at the Council on Foreign Relations: I got a phone call. And they tell me that the prosecutor’s been fired. They want that billion dollars.

So Joe Biden is on videotape admitting that he extorted the president of Ukraine. Now, Trump doesn’t tell any of his audience what I just told you. He assumes they know it. So he references it as a, “Can you believe these guys?” Because, in Trump’s mind, they impeached him for supposedly doing that.

Trump called the president of Ukraine, but he did not threaten to withhold any money. He didn’t threaten anything. He just asked them to finish the investigation into Biden’s kid. That’s all that Trump wanted. Could you finish that? It’s rather important. We gotta know what our government was doing because the vice president’s over here bragging about how he was able to influence your investigation, which he was.

So I think the president assumes his audience knows all these details I just imparted to you. Some of them may not. So when he tells the story with only 10% of the details, there are a lot of people left scratching their heads saying, “I don’t follow.” It’s not their fault. But it’s a big deal. The prosecutor was investigating Burisma, which was given Hunter Biden millions of dollars for a job he was not qualified for. I mean, millions of dollars. So Trump called president of Ukraine, that call they target him for impeachment. And that’s the story. “You believe they wanted to impeach me? It was a perfect phone call. Then Biden’s over there, he’s calling, threatening them, take away a billion dollars.” He doesn’t in all instances set up his conclusion first. He doesn’t set it up with the necessary detail.

Like the embassy in Israel. What does it matter where it is? Trump expects the audience to think it is a big deal that he kept his word and actually moved it to Jerusalem. To most in his audience, they’re saying, “What does it matter where the embassy is?” I mean, they will applaud because Trump wants applause, and they can read that and they can understand that, but they don’t have the slightest idea, and most people don’t. I mean, to be fair, most people have no idea why this matters.

Okay. Let’s break it down. Every American president in our lifetimes since the sixties has indeed promised, if elected, to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But they never have. Trump is the only one to do it. It’s more than keeping a promise, folks. It’s so much more than keeping a promise. Jerusalem is considered a city of the world. The Palestinians consider it theirs. Many Arab states consider Jerusalem part of their culture. The Israelis believe it is their home city. And so the United States, to avoid any international incidents, has not put its embassy in Jerusalem and, therefore, not chosen one nation over another in terms of endorsing the role of Jerusalem in the Middle East peace process.

Trump did it. By moving the embassy to Jerusalem, Trump firmly let the world know that Israel is our ally and nobody else. When push comes to shove, Israel is our ally in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia would be number two. Jordan in there. But Israel, that’s what it means. It is really significant. But he doesn’t explain why. (interruption) No, no, no, no, no. Not being critical. I think this is a mistake that a lot of public speakers make who happen to be the focus of media all the time.

I think that Trump is typical of a lot of people who believe that everything they say is reported on and thus everything they say is known by everybody. I think Trump believes the vast majority of people know the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden threatened the prosecutor, Burisma story in Ukraine. I think Trump believes that everybody knows the importance of actually moving our embassy to Jerusalem.

But they don’t. The media doesn’t explain why it’s a big deal. Trump doesn’t. These are simple things to do. But he just, I’m convinced, thinks everybody already knows about Hunter Biden and extortion and threatening the president of Ukraine with a billion dollars. Trump is a student of media. He reads it, he watches it, he consumes it, he thinks everybody does.


RUSH: This is Doug in Kissimmee, Florida. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us. How you doing?

CALLER: Very well, Rush. I just want to let you know that you are in my daily prayers before God for your complete healing every day.

RUSH: I hope they are heard. I think they are. I really do. I thank you very much.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I just wanted to let you know, I was at the rally in Sanford last night at the airport. And, Rush, it was just as you said. People are happy with one another. It was a conglomeration of all colors, creeds, nationalities, you name it. The ultimate picture of a melting pot coming together with one voice —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — with one goal in mind, to reelect this president. And, Rush, I know for a fact it was at capacity because I know people that showed up late and were turned away because they couldn’t get in. And it was absolutely —

RUSH: I never doubted it was capacity. We posted a couple of videos on our Twitter page @RealRLimbaugh, and they’re awesome. These are awesome videos, if you haven’t yet seen them, you need to go to @RealRLimbaugh, take a look at ’em.

CALLER: I will do that. President Trump spoke with an energy. It’s as though he just took up right where he left off and never missed a beat.

RUSH: You know, that’s what I noticed it watching it. His energy was through the roof, and then I looked, I paid attention to when he wrapped it up, and he was wrapping it up so that he would finish right at an hour. And I think that’s a good length. Sometimes he goes one and a half, sometimes he goes an hour 45.

CALLER: It was just at the right amount of time, yes. Kept your attention, and you didn’t get lost in the message.

RUSH: Well, good point. Good point. And did the president — was he upbeat and making sense to you?

CALLER: Very much so. I have a Secret Service friend that got me in a VIP section.

RUSH: Oh-ho-ho name dropping. Here we go. Love it. Love it. Love it.

CALLER: (laughing) No, I’m not gonna drop any names.

RUSH: No, no, no. We powerful, influential members of things, like you and me, we need to hang together. I’m glad you dropped that little bit of info on us.

CALLER: Yeah, at his closest point when he was coming in and leaving he was probably about 20 feet from me. And, yes, he was even dancing to some of the music when he left.

RUSH: Yes. Saw that.

CALLER: And he was — it’s amazing, this guy’s nine years older than me, I’m 65, and he’s got an energy that I envy. And I just don’t know how he does it because I —

RUSH: Not just that he’s nine years older. Stop and think what his last five years have been like. He has been targeted for human destruction. They have targeted his physical and mental well-being. They have literally tried to drive him crazy. And you saw him last night. He’s unaffected by it or at least appears to be. To me, it’s a study in human perseverance.


RUSH: So I just got an email. “You’re wrong. You’re wrong. Trump doesn’t need to explain the Jerusalem embassy. His audience already understands it. Evangelicals understand the importance of it. They’ve known it ever since they were kids. All Trump has to do is say he moved it there. That’s it, and his audience gets why. He doesn’t need to say anymore.”

Okay. Okay. Okay. Trump doesn’t need to explain the embassy in Jerusalem. I feel like I should stand up and smack myself. (interruption) What do you mean, Trump has a very big tent? Oh, I know. Well, I know, but his — my staff is backing me up here. It is a big tent. He’s got more than evangelicals in the audience. That’s true. That’s true. Look, this is not a criticism. Boy, am I learning something. I’m the biggest Trump supporter in the world and I’m being ripped here for criticizing our boy.

I’m just saying that if he’s gonna talk about the Hunter Biden thing, then explain to people, he’s got ’em in the palm of his hand. He’s right there in a rally. Explain what the guy did and then explain how they tried to impeach him for the same — in fact, they impeached him for nothing. Trump never tried to extort Ukraine. Never threatened Ukraine. Biden did, bragged about it, and got away with it. And his son still got the money.


RUSH: Okay. By the way, I got a note, “Rush, you have to understand that snarky email you got about Trump and the Jerusalem embassy, you sounded mad at him. So it’s natural his supporters are gonna get mad at you.” I sounded mad at him? Did I sound mad at Trump when I was saying he needs to explain this stuff? If you missed it I got an email from a snarky Trump supporter. “He doesn’t need to explain the Israeli embassy being in Jerusalem. The evangelicals, which is his group, they know, they know why. They’ve known ever since the first of days Sunday school. He didn’t have to explain it.”

I said, whoa, okay. So now another email saying, “Yeah, you sounded mad at him. That’s why.” All right. I’ll take it under advisement. I didn’t think I sounded mad at him, but the heck. It’s not the first time that I think I maybe be misunderstood.

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