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RUSH: Yeah, I was just sitting here thinking. Actually, I’ve been thinking over the weekend. Actually, I think all the time, but one of the things I’ve been thinking is that it has been a long time — I cannot remember, ladies and gentlemen, the last time Joe Biden spoke and we heard the roar of a crowd. I don’t remember a single time where Joe Biden spoke, made a comment, and there was raucous applause. I don’t remember it.

I mean, there’s barely any golf clapping. Because most of the people assembled at Biden events are the media, and they’re cordoned off in the little white circles drawn there by chalk lines. But it’s striking. Where is the evidence — we had a big piece on this on Thursday. I even talked about it with the president on Friday — where is the evidence that Biden’s gonna win in this huge landslide?


RUSH: And, again, folks, it’s a serious question because these people are on the verge of believing that Joe Biden’s gonna win and win big. All of their polls are telling them Biden is going to sweep to victory, and when he does it’s a return to globalism. It is a return to what they have dreamed of, the third Obama administration return by Hillary, what it was going to be. They’re on the verge of that. Now they’re advocating the opposite.

Well, maybe we could find the answer to the question in other news stories. I have a story here, this is a Gallup poll. Now, there’s all kinds of Gallup poll data out there. But we may find it necessary to go through some of this stuff again. Here’s the take-away from this one.

“A majority of Americans view President Donald Trump as a strong and decisive leader, according to a new poll. A Gallup poll released Friday asked Americans to weigh in on how they rank Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on eight different character traits. The biggest difference Americans have when comparing Biden and Trump is how likeable they are, according to the results. More Americans feel Biden is likeable than those who feel that way about Trump. Americans say both politicians are about equally as likely to keep their promises -” What a crock that is. “– bring about necessary change, manage government effectively, and display good judgment in a crisis. Biden scored more points than Trump in every area but strength and decisiveness.” Well, those are two pretty important big deals. Strength and decisiveness during a crisis, during a pandemic.

Here’s the results by numbers. Sixty-six percent say Biden likable. Thirty-six percent say Trump is.


RUSH: Now, last week there were all kinds of stories out there, including a Gallup poll survey, which went through all the usual rigmarole: Biden up by 12, Biden up by eight, Biden up by 10, Biden in a landslide. And then there was this little segment of the Gallup poll where they have been doing since 1996, they asked their respondents who they think their neighbors are gonna vote for. Since 1996, Gallup has not been wrong. Their respondents have predicted the winner of the presidential election in this aspect of the survey since 1996.

Now, you might think, well, that’s not that long ago. I know. You gotta divide that by four, four presidential election races. But still, it’s just short of 30 years, 24 years out there. It’s not insignificant. And by 56% these people believe that Trump is going to win. They believe that their neighbors, they believe their friends, they believe people they don’t know are going to vote for Trump. And this story is just out today. This one happens to run in the American Spectator by David Catron.

“Most of the national polls portend defeat for President Trump in November. At the time of this writing the RealClearPolitics average shows him behind his Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, by nearly 10 points. This lead emboldened Biden to tell a group of supporters on Saturday that the only way he could lose was through polling place ‘chicanery.’ Why, then, do most Americans believe Trump will win? Survey after survey has found that, regardless of which candidate they support, a majority of respondents predict a Trump victory. Yet another confirmation of this phenomenon is available in a recent Gallup poll.”

The Gallup poll, by the way, is not the only place where this phenomenon exists. Now, I know that I’ve talked about all this polling, folks, ad infinitum, given the unrelenting drumbeat that Plugs is leading by 150%, he’s got an insurmountable lead and that all hope is lost. But I think it’s important to keep reminding everybody about the underlining information in polling, not the top line.

So these questions, are you better off? Who do you think will win? Who are your neighbors voting for? Who’s best on the economy? When you ask those questions, the answer comes back Trump unilaterally. When you ask people who are they gonna vote for, it changes. People, for some reason, do not want to admit to people they don’t know that they’re gonna vote for Trump. There’s fear of doing so.

Who’s best on the economy, who are your neighbors voting for, are you better off now than you were four — that one, by the way, we talked about with the president on Friday. Stop and think about that. Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Four years ago is 2017. That’s when Trump took office. And we were in the throes of an economic quagmire bequeathed to us by Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, the Trump economy took a couple years to kick in. By three years it was smoking. But even at that, then comes the virus and the shutdown of the country. How long were we shut down? The shutdown destroyed practically every economic gain. And yet even after that people still say they’re better off today than they were four years ago. When I saw that, frankly, I didn’t believe it. That blew me away.

Go to New York, for example. New York just announced that Broadway is not gonna open up until June. Do you know what that means? You can say good-bye to the New York restaurant industry that serves theatergoers early enough in the afternoon where they go have dinner before the production. It’s the elimination of a veritable industry in the number one city in the country. You go talk to those people, are you better off today than you were four-years ago, and they say yep? Man, mind-boggling to me.

I think that the underlying, if you will, data or evidence that there is all kinds of unregistered support for Donald Trump is there in droves. Let’s face it. Most of the national polls portend defeat, big time, for Trump in November. Trump’s telling a group of supporters Saturday the only way he could lose was through the chicanery of the polling place. Brian, grab that video. I want to show you all something. I’ll put this at RushLimbaugh.com as well.

This little video here that I pulled over the weekend. I think it’s Las Vegas. Biden’s pulling into town — I’ll cue you for it — he’s pulling into town. There’s a Mexican rally at — I think it’s some hotel. I’m not sure where. But it’s a nothing event. And there are very few people. They’re cordoned off. There is hardly any audio. Go ahead and roll it. This is your average Biden event. Vote early Nevada.

Look at this. Mariachi music. There is nobody there, folks. You can see this. Plugs is applauding nothing. Ah. There’s the crowd. Look, four people. Four people. There’s some more. There’s maybe 10 people. And they’re in white circles. So one, two, three, four, maybe 15 people at the Biden event, 15 people. Like I said at the top of the show, I have never heard a crowd roar at a Joe Biden event. I’ve never heard any kind of loud applause after he makes a statement.


RUSH: Here’s Mark in Moran, Pennsylvania. Welcome. Great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Deplorable dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: My question is in regard to Biden and the whole crew of Democrats. In regard to the Affordable — Unaffordable — Care Act, why is it that the politicians were able to exempt themselves from participating in the Affordable Care Act back when we had to find out… As Biden won’t tell us who his nominees would be, didn’t Nancy say, “That’s why we have to pass it before we tell you what’s in it”?

RUSH: Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And now Biden gets away with saying he’s not gonna tell you who his judges would be, the judges on his list to pack the court. He won’t even admit that he’s gonna pack the court until after he’s elected. He thinks people don’t have the right to know.

I said, “You know, Amy Coney Barrett ought to say to these Democrat, ‘I’m not gonna tell you anything about what you want to know regarding my judicial philosophy until after you’ve confirmed me.'” How does that sound? Of course, you know they would never go along with that. But what is your point about the Unaffordable Care Act? Did you ask me something else?

CALLER: Yeah, I said, “Didn’t they exempt themselves from having to participate while they were passing it?”

RUSH: Yes, they did.

CALLER: Well, if it was so great, why did they exempt themselves?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: If it’s good for the American people, why did the politicians…? Well, they’re the less than one-percenters.

RUSH: You obviously are —

CALLER: If it was such a great, you know, legal document for all of us, why not them?

RUSH: You’re asking a rhetorical question, because you know the answer.

CALLER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My point —

RUSH: It’s so damn expensive. It’s far more expensive than the one they have as members of Congress.

CALLER: Yeah. So what’s good for us is, you know, not good for them. They’ve left us behind. You know, if you still with that, they are the true one-percenters, we are the deplorables, and — as you’re saying — a butt whooping’s coming in three weeks.

RUSH: Yeah. You know… (sigh) I don’t know how to say this other than just say it. I have never believed that we are cruising for a landslide loss. I have just never believed it. It has not computed. It hasn’t made any sense to me. Now, you know, it’s hard to factor in election cheating and things that we know that Democrats are capable of and have done before.

It’s hard to factor all those things in. But the main reason for me is the source of the information. It’s been a bunch of people who aren’t right. Mainstream media pollsters didn’t get anywhere close to accuracy in 2016. They despise Donald Trump. This we know. They’ve doubled down on taking him out and eliminating him.

And I just don’t see all these great changes. The closest that you come — and I say “you” generically. I think the closest — and you all tell me if this is not true. The closest people come to giving up is when you find yourself succumbing to the onslaught of mainstream media, when you can no longer find a way to resist it, when you start believing it.

A daily dose of mainstream media: Donald Trump’s this, Donald Trump’s that, Donald Trump’s a reprobate, Donald Trump is always horrible. Maybe you’ve had had to resist it for so long that your guard’s down. And maybe one day or two days, Trump will put out a tweet that you wish he hadn’t put out. It’ll cause you to cave.

“Oh, my God. The guy is blowing it!” I think it happens that way to people rather than what I would call institutionally. I think it’s something that people experience in a rolling fashion, that they don’t feel consistently. But when they do feel that Trump is blowing it, they believe it, and it bothers them. Anyway, Mark, I appreciate the call.


RUSH: Doug in New Carlisle, Ohio. Welcome, sir. It’s great to have you here today. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos and mega prayers, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I would just like to say that on the optimistic side of the house, no one has left Trump. Everything he had in 2016 has gone absolutely nowhere. The media has had no effect. People are gonna crawl through broken glass for —

RUSH: What is your evidence for this? I’m not arguing with you. I’d just like to know what your evidence, your feeling, your thought, why do you think this?

CALLER: Well, he’s the same guy he was in 2016. Billy Bush didn’t make people stay away. What’s all the smears of the media today gonna make ’em stay away? I mean, he survived everything. That was stacking the deck in 2016. It didn’t scare anybody.

RUSH: Well, no, true. But he may not be the exact same. Now he’s got a record. Now he’s got things that he has said and done, say, on the virus, things that he has said and done on the economy.


RUSH: That’s a big deal. When he ran in 2016, he had nothing tied to him. He could criticize anything that didn’t have his fingerprints on it. Now there are a lot of things have his fingerprints on it. Much of that is good, by the way. He’s got a great achievement record.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. You know, I don’t think that what’s happened since 2016 has persuaded any moderate or undecided voter. Has BLM, Antifa persuaded anybody to go out and vote Democrat? I don’t see it. Now, on the Republican side of the House you have the BLEXIT movement which didn’t exist in 2016. You have the WalkAway movement. I mean, this stuff matters when you won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, by small margins. I mean, that stuff matters.

RUSH: Right. So what did you say about the — oh, never mind. Well, I find it fascinating that you think that nobody has a — and you think more people have joined him. You think he’s attracted —

CALLER: I think that — not nobody. Ann Coulter. Other than Ann Coulter, nobody.

RUSH: Okay. Yeah, touche. Touche. Well, the reason I say, ’cause how many people do you think voted for Trump in 2016? Was everybody that voted for him all-in? Were they a total 100 percent Trump supporter or were they were just voting for here’s an outsider, here’s somebody new, this is refreshing, I haven’t heard anything like this before, I think I’ll vote for this guy. You think every Trump voter was personally invested in his success?

CALLER: All of the Trump new voters. And then you had the Republicans that are Republican regardless. And then you had the Never Trumpers. And I think a lot of Never Trumpers have gone away. A lot of the Never Trumpers were, oh, he’s pretending to be a conservative, and we see what justices he got.

RUSH: Okay. I appreciate it.

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