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RUSH: My friends, you know what? I believe Trump’s likability numbers skyrocketed after Friday. I think one of the great things that happened on Friday, the president appearing on this program, is his likability numbers no doubt skyrocketed.

I can’t tell you — and, by the way, you people that made this observation and I heard about it, you made my day. My objective — and I had many — one of the objectives with the president’s appearance Friday was to have him seen by all of you as I see him every time I’m with him. He is a likable guy. He’s the kind of guy you would love to have dinner with or go grab a drink with. He doesn’t drink, but likes to spend time in that kind of social setting, Donald Trump is a very likable guy. He is very open. He is not mean. He’s not rude. He’s funny as he can be. He’s energetic and engaged and enthused.

And I have one tweet from a woman — I ought to print this tweet out rather than try to paraphrase it, ’cause, man, it was really nice. In fact, I’ll do that. I’ll find it and I’ll quote it back to you.


RUSH: All right. Now, it’s risky when you start mentioning one tweet out of the millions that came in, and, folks, I meant to tell you that the response that we had from the president’s appearance on Friday was in the hundreds of thousands, and it amplified into the millions. It was just over the top. But somebody found one as we were going through the process, and I want to read this to you, because this met one of the objectives that I had in having the president appear here on Friday.

“Rush Limbaugh almost made me feel like I was the one having the conversation with the president. He asked the questions I would have asked. He made many of the same responses I would have made. What a wonderful two hours. I feel heard.” Meaning she thought the president heard her. She felt encouraged, and she felt motivated just listening to two hours of the president.

Another follow-up tweet, or reply tweet. “Yeah, it seems at times that President Trump forgot he was even on the air. He was just having a conversation with a friend. I appreciate the candid, transparent, and genuine president.” You know, folks, “Barack Hussein Obama dropped $150 million worth of bribe money on Iran. Donald Trump dropped an F-bomb on Iran on this program on Friday.” An excellent comparison.

“Yes, both Rush and the president are genuine. No pretenses. It’s just like having a face-to-face conversation with them.”


RUSH: This is Nolan in Nacogdoches, Texas. You gotta be going there to get there. Welcome, sir, to the program. Great to have you.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to talk to my friend. And I’ve got the winning formula for this election.

RUSH: All right. Tell me.

CALLER: The winning formula is a takeoff on what happened last Friday on your program.

RUSH: What’s that?

CALLER: I heard a man that I could not believe how nice he was, how informative he was, and the formula for this the election is just tell the people in the next three weeks everything that that that man has done, everything that he plans to do the next four years, and I’ll tell you, Rush, I think the corner’s turned. I think it’s all gonna be President Trump from here on the next three weeks. I’m optimistic, buddy.

RUSH: Yeah. I think that’s the key too. I think Trump’s record is his ace-in-the-hole.


RUSH: There’s nobody else that has that record. It is his. It is his alone. And that’s why I asked him, if you recall how I did that, I thought it was very clever the way I did it, Nolan.

CALLER: Yes, I heard you.

RUSH: I asked the president, “Take a break, sir, you’ve been talking a long time. I need 60 seconds. I want to read something that somebody has written to you.” And then I read that, and I went through 60 seconds of his record, just to get it out there for people to hear it. Because I have to tell you something. Trump has more humility than anybody would ever believe. And he has no problem extolling the virtues of his record, but it is something he thinks other people ought to do.


RUSH: But he does it well when he does it, and so I agree with you. But you’re also saying that he came across likable, he came across as somebody you wanted to listen to, right?

CALLER: Yes. I’m sitting here in my den, and I could talk to President Trump the rest of the day and next week too. And he’s so informed and such a nice guy. I just think we need to talk about all the good things he’s done. I think he’s been probably, for me, the best president I’ve ever voted for, starting with Eisenhower.

RUSH: Wow, you’re going back a ways.

CALLER: Yes. My first was at 21, I got to vote for Eisenhower.

RUSH: I appreciate that. So you heard the formula. You heard —


RUSH: — the formula right here on this program on Friday.

CALLER: Yes. It’s a winning formula. Rush, I don’t think that we need to — I think we ought to go for about 57 or 58% of the vote. I’m gonna tell you what I think about these polls, buddy. I think they’re on purpose to give ’em a ground to stay in court the next three years trying to turn over that election. So they’re setting up for a big win for the opponent, and they’re setting up for those things. We just need to beat ’em hands down and go on with America. I’m an old guy —

RUSH: I hear that. You know what? That’s another great point. There needs to be — the piece de resistance would be a huge victory, a landslide victory that is slam dunk for Trump that just conveys to everybody that this is who the American people prefer. You’re whistling Dixie as you go down the wrong road here. You think you can sue the guy out of office, you think you can stop him here, stop him there. You don’t have the American people behind you in this effort. Yeah. Who knows if that could happen. But I do have a story about that, in fact. I’m gonna use your call as a transition. Thank you, Nolan.

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