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RUSH: According to the geniuses at NBC News, Republicans are on the verge of losing the battle for the Supreme Court even though the Democrats can do nothing to stop the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

How’s this work? Well, after she is confirmed, says NBC, Republicans are gonna lose one of their biggest “tried-and-true” weapons. They won’t be able to convince voters they should be elected so they can reshape the highest court. And without that argument, Republicans will starve politically and they’ll hand this big weapon over to Democrats. So even with a 6-3 court, the Democrats win, you see, and the Republicans lose, according to NBC.

You might be tempted to admire these guys in the Drive-By Media. No matter how bad the situation is, they still find a way — in their own minds — for Democrats to come out on top.

But despite the spin, the facts are clear. Since President Trump was elected, he has filled more judicial nominees to district and appellate courts than almost any president in history. Now a generational shift on the highest court in the land is in reach.

So make no mistake: Liberals losing the courts is a huge obstacle for their ability to execute their agenda and to stop us.

So if this is what Republican defeat looks like to liberals and their Drive-By Media accomplices, then I’ll take it any day of the week.

Bring on more of it!

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