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RUSH: Here is Jason, Joplin, Missouri, as we start on the phones. Great to have you with us, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Sir, I tell you what, it’s an honor to speak with you. Longtime listener, first-time caller. I started listening to you — it was the first time that you’d showed a picture of Sally Jessy Raphael without makeup on.

RUSH: Oh, I remember that. Yes, that was the week after I’d be indoctrinated into the Radio Hall of Fame.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Well, I started watching the confirmation hearings this morning, and it seems like the Democrats, their main attack on Amy Coney Barrett is the Affordable Care Act. And they have all these anecdotal stories, they have all these pictures of different people and different stories and tugging at people’s heartstrings. But I remember hearing from one of the original architects of the Affordable Care Act, one of the ones that helped draw it up, in a speech — I don’t know if it was at a college campus or something, and he was talking about how the Affordable Care Act, the way it was set up was — it was set up to fail. It was counting on the ignorance of people voting for it knowing that it would lead to a single-payer system —

RUSH: Exactly right. You are brilliant, you are shrewd, you have a great memory, Jason in Joplin. And what Jason’s saying is he heard one of the architects of Obamacare admit this. Let me very briefly run through what Jason said here, folks, ’cause it’s right on the money, and it’s gonna be tough to believe, especially the first African-American president. Why, Rush? Why would any president want to do things like that? Why would any president want to harm the health care system of the American people? It’s a great question, and it’s a great opportunity, if you can answer that question for people, you can open their eyes.

The long-term objective of Obamacare was single-payer national or socialized medicine. They knew that the American people were in no way ready for this. The American people did not want to lose the health insurance they have at work. They like it. It offers them flexibility. They in no way want to shelve it, broom it, or get rid of it. The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, was designed over the course of years to fail.

It was designed to make a really great effort, we’re trying hard here, we’re trying to make sure that everybody gets health care, affordable health care, pre-existing conditions covered and so forth. But we’re just having trouble doing it. And the only solution after the passage of enough time with so many Americans frustrated would have been, you know what? We’ve been trying to avoid this, but there may be only one way to do this. Let’s just let the government run everything. Let’s just do that.

You’re exactly right, Jason in Joplin. And the architect of this was a guy named Jonathan Gruber. And he talked about how easy it was going to be to make this happen because of the relative ignorance — not stupidity, although he might have meant that, too — but he was talking about the relative ignorance of the American people. They had a seminar. They had a postmortem meeting like they do after successful pieces of legislation, Ted Talk, think tank talk, Harvard, Yale, you name it, where all of the people that had anything to do with it show up for a seminar on how they did it.

And it was at one of these where it was admitted that the objective here was to attempt it and to try it, but have it fail with the clamor from the American people being for single payer. Let’s just fix this, government do it and be done with it. That was the objective. You’re absolutely right. That’s what’s been staved off. That’s what Trump has stopped.


RUSH: Now, folks, it makes perfect sense to get rid of Obamacare. If the Democrats succeed, you’re gonna lose the health care you have at work. Trump’s health care plan will not touch it. It will preserve it.

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