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RUSH: Dick Durbin and a number of other Democrats are out saying that Joe Biden’s not talking about “packing the court.” It’s the Republicans “packing the court.” You know what they say is packing the court? Packing the court is filling openings with your people! That’s not what packing the court is! They’re literally trying to make the case that Republicans ought to be appointing…

Like if Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg was a Democrat, then Trump should nominate a Democrat. And if he doesn’t — if he nominates a conservative like Amy Coney Barrett — then he’s packing the court. That’s not what packing the court means. They better not get away with this. That would require genuine ignorance and stupidity on the part of the American people.

Packing the court means adding seats to it that don’t exist. The Supreme Court now has nine seats. Democrats want to add four, making the Supreme Court a 13-justice body. That’s packing the court. They’re literally out trying to say the other. They’re trying to make the case that packing the court is simply filling every opening with someone from your party.

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