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RUSH: Okay, now, folks, I know that you know that I am not a big-time social media guy. I have steadfastly opposed it in a number of ways, and I have not used social media as most people do. We’ve got Twitter pages, and we’ve got Facebook pages. We use them primarily as promotional vehicles for RushLimbaugh.com, the Rush Limbaugh radio program, and other things that we do here.

However, we have three weeks left in this game, if you want to refer to it as such — three weeks — and we’re gonna leave everything on the field. We’re not going to go at this in a half manner. This is about preserving the American way of life. This is about… It’s a real simple concept. I think what this election is about is real simple.

It is about a man and his supporters who think America is good — and I don’t mean great in the sense that, “Yeah, man, America’s great!” I don’t mean it in that sense. America is decent. America is good. America is the good guys. America is the solution to the world’s problems. America is not the problem. America is good. It is decent.

And we are opposed by people who are behind Joe Biden who very simply do not believe that America is good, much less great. They just don’t believe that America is good. They believe that America is the problem in the world. They believe that America’s founding is unjust and racist and bigoted and homophobic and all of these things.

They believe that America is the instrument, is the people, is the population — the nation — that has made the world a worse place. This is their belief. They, thus, want to gain control of this country to implement a policy agenda which addresses these grievances. They wish to get rid of capitalism. They wish to get rid of laissez-faire economics. They want to get rid of personal liberty and freedom.

They don’t believe in it. They believe it’s the root cause of our problems. They believe that liberty and freedom are the primary suspects in the lack of equality, in not just the world but in America. They believe that the United States is guilty. They want to gain control of the levers of power to change this. We don’t believe any of this. Donald Trump doesn’t believe any of this.

Donald Trump believes — and you believe, and I believe — that America is great. America is exceptional. America is the good guys. America is the solution to the world’s problems. America is the repository for freedom. America is the repository for equality and decency. America is where Western civilization and the American way of life will be preserved while it is under massive assault.

That’s what this election’s about.

It’s not about somebody that tweets too much. It’s not about somebody who’s maybe a little vulgar here or there or whatever. It’s not about that at all. It is about so much more than that, and so I have decided we have gotten rid of… We haven’t gotten rid of yet, but we’re just abandoning all the previous Twitter and Facebook accounts and I have opened a new one.


RUSH: Okay. Just to make sure: Our Facebook, the new Facebook page is not up yet. We just got started here with Twitter, and I want to give you the new handle. I’m gonna tell you what we’re gonna do with it. We’re firing up a new Twitter account to be able to tweet out the brilliant utterances that occur on this program in a moment’s notice. Video clips, for example.

Something I say on this program that can be video-clipped in a minute, minute and a half, whatever, or longer, we want to be able to jam it back out rather than have it part of a massive 30-minute monologue and transcript. It’s just a matter of focusing on things that we think are poignant and meaningful. Now, the new handle is @RealRLimbaugh.

That is the new handle. Any other handles that you are using for us on Twitter… We haven’t broomed them because we don’t want those names to be used by others, but the only Twitter handle that you should pay attention to going forward is @RealRLimbaugh. And this is for these next three weeks, folks, we’re gonna use everything at our disposal here.

Write that handle down, scrap all the other fake ones out there, and be sure to follow it, and look out for new wisdom as we post it. It’s gonna be fun. And, as I say, it’s not a capitulation. It’s taking the availability of a weapon that we have at our disposal and finding a way to use it as effectively as we can.


RUSH: Let me run through this one more time then we’ll hit the brakes and get back to the phones. I know what my reputation is on social media. I know I rip it, and that hasn’t changed. I think all the things about social media I’ve been critical of are still relevant. But we got three weeks left here, folks. Three weeks left to preserve the American way of life. That’s what I think this election is about. We’re gonna leave everything on the field in support of Trump. In fact, we’re gonna use as much at our disposal as we can.

Trump’s the last man standing as a wall between the American way of life that we know and a radical left agenda that seeks basically to destroy this country as founded. So we fired up a new Twitter account. We’ve had a bunch of them out there, and we’ve used them for various things. We’ve never used Twitter as most people do. Most people use Twitter, post your 140 character thing, you hit send and then you hope you haven’t gotten yourself in trouble. That’s not how we’ve used it. We’ve used it to cross-promote between RushLimbaugh.com and other vehicles. And that’s primarily what’s going to continue.

But we are going to use Twitter and this new Twitter account as a means of furthering the cause. This new Twitter account has a new handle, and this is the only handle that you should use from now on in accessing my Twitter account. It is @RealRLimbaugh. @RealRLimbaugh.

We’re gonna be able to tweet out brilliance in a moment’s notice anything that I happen to say that we can make a short video clip out of and post it and get it out there, that’s how we intend to — I may be writing some posts, I don’t know. But primarily it’s a way to provide instant distribution beyond the radio program of things that happen on the radio program, because that is the objective. So, be sure to follow and be sure to look out for what you’re going to revel in as new wisdom is being posted @RealRLimbaugh. That’s the new handle.

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