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RUSH: Ron in Newtown, Connecticut. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. What’s going on? I hope you feel well.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I just wanted to say I listened to the whole show with the president, and, my God, he got me fired up. Oh, my God. He got me fired up. Because you don’t get nothing like that from Joe Biden. He’s like a snail, a slug. The president just went through COVID. He’s on fire. He’s great. Oh, my God. I hope he gets back in. But my point is, if these Democrats love their states and their cities so much, why are they leaving?

I live in Connecticut and all I see is New York plates. Everybody’s leaving. My buddy lives in Montana. He gets the California plates. Stay in your states. Straighten ’em out, you know what I mean? I know the president can. The Democrat states and cities are so messed up, you know, I mean, it’s just outstanding ’cause they just leave. And what are they gonna do? Are they gonna come to my state and screw up my state now?

RUSH: Yes. Exactly. That’s what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna come and bring their politics that screwed up the state they’re leaving and they’re gonna corrupt your state. That’s exactly right. I have a story here that’s fascinating. A lot of liberal Democrats, for example, work at Microsoft, and many liberal Democrats are leaving high-tax states where Microsoft has offices where these people work.

You know what Microsoft is doing? Cutting their pay. Microsoft is reducing their salaries commensurate with the tax savings they will find when they get to their new states. I’m not making it up. Not making it up. This is cruel, it is punishment, “Oh, you think you’re gonna leave us and do better financially? Well, watch this.” And so their pay, their salary, is being cut so that the tax cut at their new state will not be seen as additional discretionary income or take-home pay, if you will. I mean, that’s the low of the low. You talk about get-even-with-’em-ism. Ron, thanks very much for the call.

I have a piece here, and I meant to run this one by the president but I didn’t get a chance. It’s at the website Americangreatness.com. It’s a piece by Adam Mill. And it’s entitled, “Why Doesn’t it Feel Like Biden is Winning?” And I found it’s an excellent piece led by an excellent question. We have every day, folks, we have brand-new polls which show it getting even worse for President Trump, so bad that he may as well not even show up. That’s how badly they are portraying how bad it is for Trump in these polls.

Like the latest one I saw, Charlie Cook of the now famous Cook Report, thinks the Democrats could win 15 more seats in the House, that the Democrats are gonna win the Senate, that Trump is now down by 20 points somewhere, some such thing. So this guy’s question is, if all of that is true, why doesn’t it feel like Biden is winning? Now, here try this pull quote, folks. This is a brilliant question.

If we had no polls, if we had no betting markets, if we had no professional pontificators, if we had no professional pundits out there, particularly on the left, “what outcome would we predict from the things that we can observe with our own eyes and ears,” in the presidential race? Excellent question. If there were no polls, who would you think is winning? If there were no betting markets, which is just another form of a poll, who would you think is winning? If there were no professional pundits out there amplifying what the polls are saying, who would you think is winning? And on what basis? Another pull quote.

“While the public consumes a steady diet of polls commissioned by the same news organizations that so obviously want to wish a Trump defeat into reality, we know that the campaigns conduct their own secret polling. Thus, we should take note when the actions of the campaigns don’t match the numbers in the polls.”

For example, do you know that Trump has canceled a bunch of ad buys in battleground states he needs to win? Well, why would he do that? Why is Trump canceling a bunch of buys in states he needs to win? “Well, obviously, Rush, he’s giving up, he knows it’s over and he’s not going to throw the money down the tubes.” What do you mean he’s not gonna throw the money down the tubes? It’s not his money. It’s the campaign’s money. He doesn’t get to convert it to his own money. What do you mean? Could it also be that their own polls show that he’s doing just fine?

“Why Doesn’t it Feel Like Biden is Winning? On Tuesday November 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm, I entered an Uber to travel to a Chicago-area stand-up comedy club in search of escape from the inevitable. The New York Times set Clinton’s percentage chance at victory in the high-90s. The driver had his radio tuned to a panel of NPR election experts assembled to announce the results as they came in. Most of the panel members chirped enthusiastically about Clinton’s inevitable victory. But one Clinton supporter spoke in hushed tones regarding the results from a particular county in Florida. I could hear it in his voice. My news sources still showed a likely Clinton victory. But this expert’s voice told the truth: The polls were wrong.

“The media is actively sheltering Biden. If a Biden victory were indeed inevitable, would we see such vigorous coordination by the media to shelter and prop up Biden? As I recently noted, even a casual observer could see the media seemed to be tipping-off Biden on the already-softball questions it intended to ask. It is also clear that the moderator at the first debate frequently interfered to protect Biden from questions about his son’s corruption, potential Biden Supreme Court nominees, Biden’s position on phasing out private insurance, Biden’s specific criticism of Trump’s COVID-19 policies, and the reasons for Biden’s law enforcement support deficit.”

It’s a good question. Why doesn’t it feel like Biden is winning?

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