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RUSH: I was not just exaggerating on this. Everybody has been in a tizzy about Pelosi and the 25th Amendment and putting together a panel of people to try to get rid of President Trump. I honestly don’t think that’s what this is. Newt Gingrich sent out a tweet this morning, and it…

Well, it echoed what I think. I think it’s aimed at Biden. I have thought from the get-go this guy’s not gonna be president for very long. Now, I had assumed that Biden was agreeing with this. My mistake was assuming that Biden was in agreement with whoever these people running his campaign are, whoever’s running this whole show. There’s a bunch of people like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain — and we know generically who they are.

They’re Silicon Valley people, they’re Big Tech people, they’re Facebook and all that. They are Hollywood types, Wall Street types. We know who they are. But I was always under the impression that Biden was in on the game, and the game was he’ll be at the top of the ticket. He’ll be the guy that has the best chance of getting elected, primarily.

And he’ll be the best guy to hold onto the black vote for the Democrats as he demonstrated in the South Carolina primary with James Clyburn of the Congressional Black Caucasians. But then, shortly after, if he wins… Heaven forbid. If he wins, that Biden would willingly step aside and make way for Kamala Harris. Now, I also believe — should I say “believed”?

I also believe that Kamala Harris has been told, “Hey, Babe, you may be sworn in, but you are not actually going to be the one who holds the power.” And she may have said, “Okay, fine.” (chuckles) But if these people think they’re gonna make her president and she’s going to not accept it? I mean, if they think that she is going to let them run things, then they’ve got another thing coming.

I don’t think… But where I have been wrong, is I was under the impression that Biden was a partner in this. Apparently, he’s not. Apparently, they’re gonna have to find a way to get rid of him shortly after he’s inaugurated — if, heaven forbid, he wins — and that’s what Pelosi is doing here with this 25th Amendment stuff. As Newt tweeted, “Pelosi is talking about 25th amendment replacing incapacitated President as trial run for replacing Biden with Harris next Spring if they win.

“She can have a San Francisco radical as President,” meaning Pelosi can. “(Feinstein is also from San Francisco as is Governor Newsom).” Anyway, Newt says, “Target is Biden, not Trump.” I think that’s true. I think that’s right on the money, and I think what I learned is that Biden is not a cooperative player in all of this. Now, the fact that she’s on the ticket…

This is another thing. You know, folks, she got out… As I was discussing with the president, she got out of the race, the Democrat primary, before a single vote had been cast. She wasn’t going to get a number of votes that would even register on the Richter scale, and yet she may end up being… (Snort!) I hate to say this. She may end up being president. She didn’t get a single vote.

That tells me they want… When this is all said and done, their objective, as we know, is to get somebody radical left — as radical left as they can — in the White House knowing full well they can’t do that by getting that person elected. This country is not gonna elect, knowingly, a radical left socialist/communist like Kamala Harris. So, you run Plugs!

You run him, and you let him run around saying, “I’m not one of these radical leftists. I’m not some socialist. Do I look like a socialist?” The American people are made safe and secure. “No, he’s not one of those guys,” but it ends up with her being there.

They cannot get somebody like Kamala Harris in the Oval Office legitimately. So this is how they are playing it. Grab sound bite number 11. This is Pelosi talking about that this week at her weekly press conference. Those are normally on Thursday, but I think she did it today, and here is her comment…

PELOSI: This is not about President Trump. (pause) He will face the judgment of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. The 25th Amendment creates a path for preserving (sputtering) stability if a president suffers a crippling physical or mental problem. A president’s fitness for office must be determined by science and facts. This legislation applies to future presidents. But we are reminded of the necessity of action by the health of the current president.

RUSH: I think she’s being honest, to a degree. By the way, this doesn’t have a prayer of working on Trump. He’s not suffering a disability. Donald Trump does not have a disability! There’s no way the 25th Amendment works. But with Plugs, with Joe Biden, it’s a different ball game. He has — and it may be demonstrable as time goes on.

He has a disability, and so we will take her at her word on this.

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