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Guest Host Mark Steyn

Oct 8, 2020

Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence
  • Reuters: U.S. could adopt carbon tax under a Biden presidency, ex-Fed Chair Yellen says
  • NY Post: AOC slams Kamala Harris for fracking stance after VP debate
  • NY Post: How Joe Biden and Kamala Harris really feel about banning fracking
  • FOXNews: Washington Post’s Megan McArdle knocks gender defense of Harris: ‘Pence is actually a good debater,’ she ‘is… not’
  • NYT: Six Takeaways From the Vice-Presidential Debate
  • LA Times: California parents mostly disapprove of distance learning, poll finds
  • SF Gate: Is Kamala Harris’s little history lesson about Lincoln’s Supreme Court vacancy true?
  • FOXNews: Democrats resigned that Amy Coney Barrett confirmation is inevitable: ‘We can’t stop the outcome’
  • SF Gate: California governor calls for protecting 30% of state land
  • SF Gate: Prince Harry wears face mask by Oakland designer
  • FOX News: AOC to VP Pence: ‘It’s Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez to you’
  • Reuters: Trump’s COVID-19 case rattles Republican hopes to hold Senate
  • FOX News: Wisconsin protesters terrorize residents by throwing rocks into homes after shooting decision
  • The Hill: Trump swipes at Barr, Pompeo, Wray in return to Russia investigation, Clinton emails
  • FOX News: Biden gets post-debate bounce in crucial battleground states: polls
  • Reuters: Regeneron antibodies in demand after Trump treatment, doctors seek more data
  • The Hill: GOP vows quick confirmation of Trump’s Supreme Court pick amid coronavirus turmoil
  • BPR: ‘Irony has no bounds’: James Woods slams narcissistic celebs posing naked to educate the masses
  • Reuters: U.S. troops in Afghanistan should be ‘home by Christmas’: Trump
  • BPR: Massachusetts changes rules to count DEAD people’s votes this year, if they voted before they died
  • NY Post: Florida teen reportedly arrested after not wearing mask while having panic attack
  • NYPost: FBI thwarts militia plot to kidnap, assassinate Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
  • The Sentinel Echo: Memorial created for ‘Joe’ the hospital parking lot cat
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