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RUSH: One thing I haven’t mentioned — other than tangentially — is the jobs report today. The September jobs report news was beneath expectations, and I’m not talking about the usual left-wing “expert” expectations. It was something like 816,000 or 900,000… (muttering) There’s a reason for it, is the point. The jobs that were created were less than what was expected, given the economic recovery should be robust now and that many people believe that it is.

Wages were up 4.7%. Unemployment’s down now to 7.9%. The labor force participation rate is 61.4%. Here it is: 661,000 jobs added in September, and the number hoped for was 900,000 to a million. Now, there’s a reason for this, ladies and gentlemen. There’s a solid reason for this. We’ve talked about it, and you know what it is, and the media does not ever mention it when talking about whatever.

Economic news, whether it’s good or bad, but especially when it’s disappointing… The reason that the economy cannot explode… It’s not the reason economy isn’t exploding. The reason it can’t is due to the states that are purposely keeping themselves shut down. These Democrat-run states are keeping their economies shut down and their schools closed. Connecticut, New York, Virginia, California, New Jersey, Illinois.

You can’t just shut down the economy, for example, in New York and California, and have it not impact the nationwide economic circumstances. The state of Washington’s in a mess. You’ve got Portland and Seattle in a mess, and until these states open up — and until there is a booming economy in these states with jobs to fill — then the economic news is not going to meet expectations. And why is this?

It’s by design. The blue state governors along with the mayors of the large cities in these states: In New York, Governor Cuomo; Governor Newsom in California; New Jersey; Virginia; Illinois, J. B. Pritzker. When you shut down those economies, when you shut down those states, then you are going to have large obstacles in the way of a nationwide recovery, and they’re doing it on purpose.

This has been the thing that we have marveled about. These governors and these mayors are purposely — purposely, folks — seeing that their people in their states are suffering economically. There’s a story out of New York that half of the restaurants will never open again. We had Barry Diller yesterday say it’s over in New York. if they don’t open this place up soon, it’s over.

New York is not gonna come back. Well, it’s not gonna come back anytime soon, by design, and the same thing with California. They are purposely keeping people out of work. They are purposely seeing to it that jobs are not being created, and it’s all to get Donald Trump thrown out of office.

It’s all to see to it they can do what they can to make the economy bad enough that people will vote against Trump. The media is not explaining this to anybody. The media is not. When they give the jobs report like today, they don’t tell you that it’s really hard for the nationwide economy to go boom-boom when these large Democrat states remain shut down — locked down is more like it.

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