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RUSH: Back in July, ladies and gentlemen, I shared with you what I thought was a very timely and well-written piece about the stakes of this election. I talked about the Flight 93 column that was written by Michael Anton, and it accurately described the stakes of the election in 2016. He’s got a book out that expands on that theory.

And then there was another piece from chairman of the board of directors of the Claremont Institute that came out in July by Thomas Klingenstein, and he has now a companion piece that was released this week. The piece in July — and I’m sure you’ll remember this. It was a piece in which he advanced the theme that what this election is about — and, in fact, the way to define the future of America going forward is that it is about — preserving the American way of life.

“Preserving the American Way of Life.”

So he’s expanded on that theme, and I want to share it, as I did back in July. I want to share with you some pull quotes, some experts from his piece that was published this week. He says, “Trump versus Biden…” What he’s done here is just try to reduce this to the simplest explanation of what’s at stake as he can in order to reach vast numbers of people.

“Trump versus Biden,” according to Tom Klingenstein, “is the choice between a man who believes America is good and a man who is controlled by a movement that believes America is bad.” I don’t think you can make it any more simple — and I don’t mean simplistic. I mean simple. That is squarely what this is about. Trump “believes America is good.” You believe America’s good. I believe America’s good.

We all believe America is good, and I don’t mean good “great.” I mean good in the sense that America is a decent place. America is a great place for decent people. It is the home for decent, hardworking, self-reliant people who love family, who love God, who love their country, who revere the Constitution — and, above all, who revere the importance of freedom and liberty. And Biden?

Well, his campaign “is controlled by people and a movement that believes America is bad.” Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar. That whole cabal believe that America is deeply flawed, deeply imperfect and irredeemably unjust — and that’s a keyword: Irredeemably. America cannot be fixed, in their perverted view.

America is beyond all hope.

America must be destroyed.

America must be torn down and rebuilt as a socialist paradise.

Those are the people controlling Biden. Biden doesn’t think any of that. That’s the deal he made. Biden does not think any of that. That’s why he’s sold out on the Green New Deal and he sold out on packing the court. He doesn’t believe any of this stuff, but he had to convince Bernie Sanders he does — or, better stated, he had to convince Bernie Sanders that he will implement policies along those lines.

Mr. Klingenstein then says, “I do not think the Republican leaders are framing the election properly. Nor are they doing a good job describing what’s at stake in this election.” Mr. Klingenstein, you’re exactly right, but you know why? The Republicans don’t think there’s a crisis. Lindsey Graham doesn’t think we’re in a crisis. Mitch McConnell doesn’t think America faces a deep crisis!

A few Republicans in the House of Representatives understand what’s going on, but few Republicans really look at this as America in the crosshairs. They just think it’s the usual Republican versus Democrat. Democrats win some; we win some. They get their judges; we get our judges, and we go back and forth. But that’s why they’re not framing the election properly, Mr. Klingenstein, ’cause they don’t see it the way you do — or the way I do.

That’s why they’re not doing a good job describing what’s at stake. They don’t think anything is, other than the party may lose, and it’s Trump’s fault. So Trump is their scapegoat. Trump is the Republican Party’s reason for not framing the election properly. They think it’s a lost cause. Trump is their excuse for not describing what’s at stake in this election.

‘Cause they think Trump’s blown it. They think Trump’s embarrassing and has embarrassed them. Mr. Klingenstein again: “This election is a contest between a man, Donald Trump, who believes America is good, and a man, Joe Biden, who is controlled by a movement that believes America is bad. Or to put this another way, between a man who wants to preserve the American way of life and a man who will end up destroying it.

“Republican leaders are too focused on policy. This is not a policy election. This is a regime decision; a way of life election. One way of life, the traditional American way of life, is based on individual rights, rule of law, and a shared understanding of the common good. Government’s role is to create the conditions for freedom to flourish,” and then get out of the way.

“The other way of life,” Mr. Klingenstein calls “‘multiculturalism ‘or ‘identity politics.’ This way of life assumes that society is made up of identity groups, all of which are oppressed by white males. Government’s role in this regime is to create equal income and power for each group,” as a means of redress. So there’s another thing going on that the Republicans don’t realize.

We are living in a revolution — an actual revolution, not just the word. There is an actual revolution taking place. The American left is revolting against America as founded! They are not the Democrat Party of old. This is not the Democrats versus the Republicans. This is American Marxists and communists conducting a revolution against America, as founded.

Now, going back to this government requirement “to create equal income and power for each [maligned] group. As should be immediately apparent, achieving this kind of ‘outcome equality’ requires a never-ending redistribution of wealth and power. This can only be achieved by a tyrannical form of government.

“This is to say, multiculturalism, which has taken over the Democratic Party, constitutes a revolutionary movement. I do not mean a metaphorical revolution. It is not like a revolution; it is a revolution, an attempt to overthrow the American founding as President Trump said in his excellent Mt. Rushmore speech” on the 4th of July. “Republicans should say the same thing. Republicans everywhere, at every level and at every opportunity.”

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