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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to clue you in to something you don’t know anything about. Today when this program opened at 12 noon Eastern time — as Open Line Friday opened — I was going to open with… Eh, it’s not an announcement, but I guess that’s as good a word as any. Yesterday on this program I mentioned how I think it is important to stand up and speak out for American law enforcement and first responders.

Our American heroes.

We are sick and tired of seeing the police unilaterally impugned and criticized, mischaracterized. It was not that long ago… Stop and think of this. It was not that long ago that the police, first responders were considered American heroes. You go back to 9/11. That’s just 19 years ago, less than a generation. Everybody thought the police were the-end-all, and first responders. They were American heroes.

These are the people that ran into the World Trade Center towers to try to rescue people. If you go back to that era, athletes loved displaying the American flag. Professional baseball players carried large and small American flags as they rounded the bases during pregame warmups and so forth, pregame ceremonies. Gigantic flags were unfurled to cover entire football stadiums.

Presidents showed up at Major League Baseball games to throw out the first pitch. The national anthem was king! The American flag was revered. It was back then that Rudy Giuliani was wearing a new cap, NYPD/FDNY, Fire Department of New York. These people were considered our heroes — and now? Now look what’s happened in our country.

Now we have people openly suggesting that they be murdered. Now we have them being attempted to be murdered sitting in their patrol cars in California. We have people laughing at it after it happened, hoping they die. In a few short years, how does this happen? How does the entire…? Well, that’s just it. It’s not the entire. How does the American mood and the American opinion of, say, police officers or any first responder change so dramatically to this point?

Throughout this country the cops are routinely lied about — and, yeah, there are. There are some bad actors in the police, just like there are bad actors in every institution and every line of work in this country. Anyway, this has so affected me, us, that we produced a video to honor American heroes — our police, law enforcement, first responders.

It’s a special message to demonstrate this support we have in their honor, and we were gonna debut it today. We were gonna put it all over the place, and I decided not to when the news of President Trump and the first lady coming down with COVID-19 hit. I was gonna do this at noon, and we decided not to do it because of all of the attention — deservedly so, understandably so — the president’s situation with COVID-19 got.

But as the program went on today, I decided, “What the heck. Let’s just do it.” So we’ve done it. We’ve now posted the video at RushLimbaugh.com. We posted it at our YouTube channel. It’s coming soon to our Facebook page — and, yeah, we do have a Twitter account. I don’t use it like other people do, but we have a Twitter account, and we’re gonna post it there.

It’s going to be posted a number of places where we hope it’ll be retweeted. And we want you to retweet it. We want you to redistribute it. We want you to send it to everybody that you know. You know, we started the effort yesterday, and today we were gonna release the video to continue the effort.

We just decided about a half hour ago, “Go ahead and do it. What the heck.” It’s time that we stand up for our law enforcement and first responders and make safety for all Americans a top priority. So the video is available at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s gonna be available at iHeart, that website. It’s gonna be available at the Facebook and YouTube pages, and a whole bunch of other places as well.

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