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RUSH: Amy Coney Barrett has also tested negative for the virus. She has been in contact with senators, Mike Lee, who have tested positive for it. So there’s a lot of people that will be announcing the results of tests. I just saw Chris Wallace on Fox saying he’s not gonna get tested. He was at the debate too. You might have remembered him.

He was the moderator, and he said he’s not gonna get tested until Monday, he and his wife, because you gotta wait. You gotta wait for stuff to happen and settle in out there. It doesn’t necessarily show up within a day or two of coming into contact with someone who has the virus. A lot of people are taking the occasion now of the president’s contracting COVID-19 (and the first lady) to say that he didn’t wear the mask.

It’s obvious the mask is the problem. If he’d just worn the mask, this wouldn’t have happened. They say he’s the most protected human being on earth. He lives in the most secure bubble of any human being on earth. Everybody that has a meeting with Trump, everybody that’s going to be in the same room with him has to get tested for COVID-19 before they’re allowed in, and still he got it. Still, the first lady got it.

Some are saying, “That just proves that you gotta wear the mask. That just proves you gotta listen to the science,” and I don’t know. Does it? Would the president wearing a mask…? Can anybody conclusively say that he would not have gotten COVID-19 had he been wearing a mask at all of these meetings and places and rallies and fundraisers and so forth that he had attended?


RUSH: The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam… (accent) “You remember him. He is a doctor. He’s the one that painted his-self up in blackface in med school, and the Democrats thought that was funny.” No Black Lives Matter problem there! He got it. He’s a doctor. He got perfect lockdown. He got it.

President Trump is a germophobe. He lives probably in the most secure environment any human being in the world lives in with constant testing. Everybody around him constant testing. He got it. You can look at the mitigation efforts against COVID, six feet, social distancing, wear a mask, and still people that social distance and wear masks have contracted the virus.

It’s a virus. The virus doesn’t say, “Oh, there’s a mask! I’m gonna go somewhere else. Ooh. That’s too far away. Six feet? I can’t get there.” I don’t know that it works that way. Look, I’m not gonna stop people taking whatever steps they think will work to prevent getting it and so forth, but I don’t think it’s safe to say that there is a universal set of behaviors that will guarantee that you don’t get it.

You know, there probably is one, and even this one is, for most people, impossible — and I mean that, literally impossible. The best way of assuring that you don’t get this is to never, ever come into personal contact with another human being. Now, if that’s what it required, if there was… Let’s say there’s a killer virus out there. Not this. Let’s say it’s a killer virus, and the only way to avoid it was to avoid contact with humanity.

Could you do it? Could you do that? Most people couldn’t, they wouldn’t. They wouldn’t have a prayer. Human beings need human contact. They need the interaction. They need the physical contact, the emotional, the psychological. That is probably the best step you could take, and it wouldn’t have to be universal. But seeing as few people as possible, never leaving home, never letting anybody in?

I mean, if you really wanted to go to the max to not get the virus, those are the things that you would have to do. You can take the other steps that they recommend, and you can hope that they work. You just… You do the best you can. You protect people who are at risk of getting it and suffering greatly from it, including dying from it. You do the best you can — and people that do get it, you treat them the best that you can.

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