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RUSH: Steve Scully. I did not know this until last night. Steve Scully, C-SPAN, is the moderator for the next debate, October 15th in Miami, town hall. I did not know the guy worked for Biden. Did you know this? Steve Scully was an intern in Biden’s office when he was in college. He was later a staff assistant to Teddy Kennedy in the communications office. I had no idea.

How is it that a guy who worked for Biden gets the gig of moderating a debate? (interruption) Pardon? (interruption) Well, it fits. Exactly right. So we need somebody from the Trump Organization to moderate the last debate.

Now, we’ve got a picture. Apparently, there was this gigantic party, the Biden beach bash in 2016. And Steve Scully was there. He was all excited. Steve Scully, who worked in Biden’s office as an intern was excited to be at the Biden beach bash. And we have a photo from June 14th at the Biden beach bash. Put it up there, Brian. We’re waiting to switch it for the Dittocam. Are we having trouble?

There it is. That’s Plugs, that’s his wife, Dr. Jill Biden in the background, and a little girl — oh, no. Oh, my God. I just know — oh, gee. I’m sorry, folks. Oh, my God. Take it down. Take it down. Take it down. Take it. Ah. I’ll be back in just a second. I’m so sorry.


RUSH: Man, I tell you, folks, I am tired. I’m wiped out. I’m looking forward to being able to chill for a bit. (interruption) What’s that? (interruption) No, the photo. Look, I shouldn’t have made a big deal out of it. Now people are curious. “What the hell was that about, Rush?”

Well, we put this picture up there on the Dittocam of the Biden beach bash in ’16, and it’s Biden and what would you say, 10-year-old girl, 12-year — I don’t know.

I just noticed something about the picture that had I noticed it, I wouldn’t have put the picture up on the Dittocam. I was putting it up there because it had to do with the Biden beach bash and Steve Scully that tweeted the picture out there, and he’s moderating the next debate. Somebody that was an intern for Biden is moderating the next debate, for crying out loud.

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