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RUSH: Now, here’s a little interesting story. This is an AP story. What’s the date of this? I gotta make sure. (sigh) Well, it’s this year. Headline: “After Pandemic Delay, Biden Launching In-Person Canvassing.” Why? I thought they had this wrapped up. Now, stick with me here for a minute, folks. “After months of avoiding direct contact with voters because of the pandemic, Joe Biden’s campaign is about to launch in-person canvassing efforts across several battleground states.

“The decision comes amid growing concern from Democratic officials on the ground in key states who fear that Biden has been giving a significant advantage to President Donald Trump and his Republican allies, who have been aggressively courting voters at their doorsteps for months. The reversal also reflects a sense of rising urgency as polls tighten in key states…”

No! Nate Silver’s out saying that Biden gained an additional three points after the debate. Nate Silver is out saying Biden’s pulling away from Trump. The Drudge Report says Biden’s pulling away. It’s not even close. The Drudge Report says the betting markets are all-in on Biden now. It’s up to 80%! Trump doesn’t have a prayer. What is this story all about anyway?

But there’s more to this. Two months ago… You might remember this. But, see, you don’t have to, because I do. Two months ago, Biden’s campaign attacked Trump and the Republican National Committee specifically for using their door-to-door canvassing. They said it was risking the lives of the staff, and it was risking the lives of voters.

It was risking become a superspreader organization because of the pandemic, because of COVID. They accused Trump and the RNC of risking lives by going door-to-door, two months ago. Uhhh, let’s see. Any word on the infections from the Trump grassroots door-to-door operation? By the way, you know what else? I have a story from one of my tech blogs, of all places, and they can’t believe it. They can’t believe that COVID-19 is not spreading in schools after the schools have been open.

They can’t believe it. They’ve got a story saying one of the most unlikely things, that you are never gonna believe, but COVID is not spreading in the schools like we all thought it would. Really? Who is “we all” thought it would? Now, Biden, two months after getting all over Trump for risking lives by going campaigning door-to-door is launching door-to-door campaigning. You know, because Biden’s running away with it.

I read the Drudge Report. I read Nate Silver. I read Charlie Cook. I read it all. Biden is running away with it. He’s running away with Pennsylvania. He running away with Michigan. He’s running away with Nevada. He’s running away with New Hampshire. He’s running away with Wisconsin. He’s running away with Michigan. He’s running away with everything.

So why is he sending in ground troops a month out from the election? Why would Plugs risk all of these lives that he has been protecting all of these months, why would he risk these people’s lives in states he’s clearly running away with? Can somebody explain this to me? Because, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t make any sense. Biden’s already got the election won. The polls say so, Nate Silver says so. The Drudge Report has stories up there that say so. The betting markets say so.

It’s over. Trump’s making everybody mad, everybody hates Trump. Trump’s a white supremacist, he won’t denounce white supremacy. Trump’s a reprobate. Trump is mean. He wouldn’t let poor Joe speak in the debate so much so that we gotta cut Trump’s microphone off at the next debate.

In fact, we ought to cancel the next two debates. Biden was winning ’em so bad we gotta cancel ’em. That’s right, Biden was kicking ass so much in that first debate that we gotta cancel the next two so he doesn’t win too big. And now Biden’s gonna go door-to-door, or his campaign is, door-to-door canvassing after denouncing the Trump campaign.


RUSH: We may know a little bit more here about why Plugs has authorized the campaign to all of a sudden start canvassing door-to-door. Remember two months ago the Biden campaign criticized the Trump campaign for exposing people to death, COVID-19. How dare you. How dare you, Plugs said to Trump, how dare you risk your campaign staff’s lives by making ’em go canvass door-to-door. I’m not gonna do it and I didn’t do it. He didn’t do it.

Now he started canvassing door-to-door in battleground states. Well, I have an NBC News story here by David Wasserman, the House editor for the Cook Political Report. Headline: “Trump is Winning the Voter Registration Battle Against Biden in Key States.” (gasping) What was that? I’ll do it again. “Trump is Winning the Voter Registration Battle Against Biden in Key States.” (gasping) “It may not be enough to erase Biden’s lead, but it could boost the president if the race tightens.” Oh, come on.

See, this is what gets me. You go to the Drudge Report, and there’s 15 stories about how it’s over. You got Nate Silver, you got the betting markets, all these other stories, it’s over, Trump keeps looking ground. Even now Fox has a story, not a single vote they can find is changed in Michigan, battleground states, after the debate. I could have told you that. That debate wasn’t gonna change anybody’s minds. It was not gonna drive people away from Trump. There was no way that was gonna happen, despite what the media wanted.

So, Trump is winning the voter registration drive. It may not be enough. It may not be enough to pull Trump ahead of Biden, who’s leading handily. Oh, no. But at least it’s got ’em worried enough that Biden’s gonna start going door-to-door.

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