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RUSH: One of the most jarring moments of the first presidential debate between Trump and Plugs came during their exchange on the riots in blue cities across the country.

Now, Joe Biden declared that the violent, radical left-wing group Antifa is “an idea, not an organization.” He half-quoted testimony from FBI Director Christopher Wray, that Antifa was more of a movement or ideology than an organization.

Now, what he forgot to mention (Biden forgetting is common) is that the FBI Director also testified that Antifa is a “real thing” that is “coalescing regionally into small groups,” and is among the most “violent anarchist extremists” under FBI investigation.

Now for anyone who follows the news, there is no debate. Antifa cells have been perpetrating violence and vandalism for years. Self-identified Antifa members committed arson and destroyed property at the Trump inauguration.

Portland, Oregon, has been under siege by Antifa for months. Now, aside from the nightly riots and arson, they’ve even tried to set fire to police stations with cops and other people inside! For years, Antifa has been causing violent chaos in Portland and also in Seattle.

The main question isn’t whether Antifa is “an organization” or an “idea.” The only important question is why Democrat mayors and governors have put up with Antifa and haven’t called for the federal help they need to crush these violent, anti-American extremists!

And we know why.

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