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RUSH: Let me tell you something, folks. What’s horrible for the country is what the country faces if the Democrats win. What is horrible for this country is if the American left gets its hooks into the Oval Office. That’s what’s horrible for this country. To say that this debate last night was horrible for America — I’m sorry — is a little over the top. It was just a debate — and, you know, it really wasn’t even that. It was a stacked-deck press conference.

But regardless what it was, to say that the country cannot withstand another one of those, whatever it was last night? That’s nothing compared to what this country faces if people like Black Lives Matter and Antifa and the people who have been looting and burning American cities win. If they get their hands on Washington, D.C., on the Oval Office, you can say good-bye to the America as founded.

You can say good-bye to the notion of the citizen reigning supreme in the United States. You can say good-bye to the structure of our government as the government answers to citizens. You can say good-bye to the founding of America. That’s what’s dangerous, not some 90-minute television show where it seemed to be out of control.

Man, this is the height of arrogance, the height of hubris to claim that a 90-minute press conference, “The country can’t handle much more of this.” No. The country can’t handle the American left. The country can’t handle Marxism. The country can’t handle communism. The country cannot handle radicalism — and Trump kept hammering that point all night long.

And I’m gonna tell you. For all of these who thought that Trump could have been better attitudinally, could have been a little nicer, could have been this or that, he kept hammering the themes that create his base. He kept hammering the themes that make people want to vote for him more and more every day. Every time that he had occasion last night to rip into the radical left and what they intend for this country, it’s a major hit, a major home run.

He is the only Republican who speaks that way about the radical left. Well, not the only one, but in terms of presidential candidates, we’ve never had a Republican presidential candidate who understands and is willing to discuss the absolute danger lurking on the other side of the next presidential election, every one of them, particularly as the Democrat Party becomes more and more radicalized leftist. Trump gets it, he hammers it, and, I’m telling you, it glues his base to him more and more each time he does.

And I’m sure there are people who watch, and they start laughing. “Aw, there goes Rush again, radical -” just like people have always claimed to laugh at me when I start talking about the feminazis or some other element of radical liberalism. Well, there are millions and millions and millions of Americans who are not laughing at it. They are very much opposed to it, and they are afraid of it. They’re worry about it. And there’s one guy who is demonstrating that he will do anything to stop it, including endure a bunch of character assassination, slander, and libel. He doesn’t care.

He’s serious about making America great again. He is serious about loving the American flag. He is serious about American values as founded. He is serious about restoring them and then maintaining them. He is serious about the concept of American exceptionalism and American Greatness, and they are not gonna embarrass him into staying quiet about it. They try calling him a racist. They try accusing him of being a white supremacist. They make things up about him — another lie last night that sadly didn’t get refuted.

Here’s Plugs out there once again talking about his military hero son, and he’d rather have a son like that than a president, a friend out there who calls dead soldiers jokes and whatever. Trump never said it. I kept waiting for Trump to refute that and the Charlottesville stuff. And then I had to realize, you can’t spend the whole night saying, “I never said it.” But he could have. He could have spent the whole night saying, “I never said that. I never said it. You’re lying and you’re lying and you’re lying some more. I never said it.” He did say it on a couple occasions, but he didn’t say it a lot.

Now, there’s one other thing here before we go to the break. There’s more than one other thing. One of the most jarring moments in the debate last night came during the exchange on the riots in blue cities. Biden declared that Antifa is an idea, not an organization. And he was half quoting testimony from the FBI director Christopher Wray that Antifa was more of a movement or ideology than an organization.

What Biden forgot to mention is that the FBI director also testified that Antifa is a real thing that is coalescing regionally into small groups and is among the violent anarchist extremists under FBI investigation. Sound bite number 11. This is Biden from that part of the debate.

BIDEN: White supremacists. Antifa is an idea, not an organization.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, you gotta be kidding.

BIDEN: Not militia. That’s what – (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Oh really, it’s an idea? (crosstalk)

BIDEN: — his FBI — (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Okay — (crosstalk)

BIDEN: — his FBI director said. (crosstalk)

WALLACE: Gentlemen, no, no — (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you know what? He’s wrong. (crosstalk)

WALLACE: We’re done, sir. (crosstalk)

THE PRESIDENT: Antifa is a dangerous, radical – (crosstalk)

WALLCE: All right, gentlemen, we’re — (crosstalk)

RUSH: We’re done, sir. Every time Trump’s on the way to scoring. “We’re done, sir, we’re done, sir. We’re gonna have to move on, sir. Well, we’re done, sir.” Very frustrating. For anybody who follows the news, there is no debate about this. Antifa cells have been perpetrating violence and vandalism for years. They go back to the early nineties. They are anarchists, they’ve been showing up at World Trade Organization events.

That’s where they got started, Seattle. Portland, Oregon, has been under siege by Antifa for months. They’ve tried to set fire to police stations with police and other employees inside. They’ve been causing violent chaos in Portland and in Seattle. And there’s Biden last night, “They’re nothing but an idea. And Trump’s own FBI said they’re nothing but an idea.” An idea? They’re real people with smoke bombs, weapons in their arsenal, and they are not afraid to use any of it.

You know the only important question really is why Democrat mayors and governors have put up with what Antifa has been doing and have not asked for federal help to stop it and they have been putting their populations through hell. Antifa and Black Lives Matter hell, for nights like last night where Biden can say, “There’s nothing going on with Antifa. It’s just an idea.” All of this is designed to slow down the economy. It’s all designed to slow down Trump’s appearance of competence. They’re willing to have their own voters suffer economically, physically, in order to try to get rid of Donald Trump.

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