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RUSH: Here’s Joy in Erie, Colorado. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, thank you. Listening for 30 years, and in that time you’ve helped me become an unapologetic, unwavering, confident conservative woman.

RUSH: Wow, 30 years is a — I’ve done it, so it’s incredible that you’ve been out there listening that long. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I wanted to bring up the concept I’ve heard brought up different times. We are a fractured country. There is gonna be no unification under whichever president is elected. Is it time for people to start talking about the idea of the national divorce where the country is split because there will be no reprieve if Trump wins. They will use their subversive methods to continue to work against him, and, you know, democracies do. They roughly have a shelf life of 200 years before they implode. I’d like to get your thoughts.

RUSH: Well, in fact, do you know who Lanny Davis is?


RUSH: Well, Lanny Davis tweeted something in the last few days that he and his blue state buddies are getting ready to secede and they’re gonna take all of their blue states with ’em. And they’re gonna take all the things in those blue states, they’re gonna take like Hawaii, they’re gonna take the best beaches, they’re gonna take all that stuff. He’s not the first to talk about seceding. I actually broached the subject in a discussion much like the one you brought up. What do we have in common? Where do we overlap? What are the things that unify us? Name one thing that if this country were under assault that we could all unify around. I don’t know what it is.

CALLER: Yeah. It seems as if, you know, they hate us. They hate us so much, there is no, “If you win, we are going to recede and allow you to rule.”

RUSH: Oh, hell, no. Hell, no.

CALLER: They haven’t done for 1,400 days. So —

RUSH: Well, they’ve been like that my whole life. We just haven’t realized it.

CALLER: Yeah. And I’m tired of it. I don’t want to live wondering if the KGB is living next to me and, if they are, you know, watching what I do and —

RUSH: Let me tell you, they are. If you have Democrats nearby, they are. To what extent, we don’t know for sure, based on person-to-person research. Look. I’m out of time. But I’m not gonna shelve this. We’ll continue this discussion tomorrow. Not the seceding, but how do you deal with all this. I understand what your point is.

We’ll be back here, folks. Hang on.


RUSH: Sorry. I promise we’ll finish this tomorrow. It’s why I keep saying we have to continually defeat these people. “But, Rush, they don’t act defeated.” I know. we’ll talk about it.

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