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Sep 29, 2020

  • The Hill: Consumer Confidence Rebounds in September
  • American Greatness: ‘The Rock’ Has Sold His Soul to China – Edward Ring
  • New York Post: Kamala Harris calls late Ruth Bader Ginsburg the ‘Notorious B.I.G.’
  • New York Post: Kamala Harris Names Tupac ‘Best Rapper Alive’
  • Breitbart: Team Biden Has Yet to Consent to Trump Campaign’s Request for an Earpiece Check Before Debate
  • FOXNews: Trump Camp Seeks Extra Debate Rule: Third Party Inspectors to Look for Electronic Devices in Candidates’ Ears
  • New York Times: How a Pledge to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Collapsed
  • The Hill: Some Minneapolis City Council Members Would Like a Redo on Defunding the Police: Report
  • FOXNews: Rep. Kevin Brady Calls For Probe Into Whether Trump’s Tax Information Release Was ‘Illegal’
  • The Hour: White Men Backing Trump Say They Can’t Be Swayed
  • Daily Wire: Ohio National Guard Deployed To Cleveland Ahead Of Presidential Debates, Court System ‘Prepared’ For Influx
  • Legal Insurrection: NYT Debunks Three Media Conspiracy Theories With Trump’s Tax Returns
  • Politico: Trump Admin Begins Shipping Rapid Coronavirus Tests to States
  • FOXNews: US Postal Service Investigating Trays of Mail, Absentee Ballots Found in Wisconsin Ditch
  • Breitbart: Donald Trump Lays Out Evidence of Mail-In Voting Fraud to Reporters
  • Daily Wire: Minneapolis Police ‘Looking Into’ Explosive ‘Voter Fraud’ Allegations Following Project Veritas Video Involving Ilhan Omar Campaign
  • The City: Voters Across Brooklyn Get Absentee Ballot Return Envelopes with Wrong Name and Address
  • The Blaze: As Many as 140,000 New Yorkers Receive Absentee Ballots with Wrong Names and Addresses
  • American Greatness: Biden’s Texas Political Director Implicated in Massive Mail-In Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Harris County
  • Project Veritas: Ilhan Omar Connected Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Corrupts Elections: ‘These Here Are All Absentee Ballots…Look…My Car Is Full…” ‘Money Is The King Of Everything’
  • New York Post: Trump Campaign Wants Biden’s Ears Inspected for Devices at Presidential Debate
  • PJ Media: 2000 Bush v. Gore Lawyer Exposes the ‘Underworld’ That ‘Trades on Ballots and Forgeries’
  • Townhall: Trump’s Taxes: Everything Old Is New Again – Derek Hunter
  • HotAir: As First Debate Approaches, Democrats Worry About Biden’s Temper
  • Business Insider: Joe and Jill Biden Reported Earning $16.5 Million from Book Deals and Speaking Engagements Since Leaving the White House

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