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RUSH: Let me grab Julie in El Paso. We get a call in here. How are you, Julie?

CALLER: Yes, Rush, it’s a pleasure. And you are widely loved, and we appreciate your service to America.

RUSH: Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

CALLER: So I have been saying, even before you mentioned it in the beginning of Biden’s campaign, this is elder abuse. I firmly believe his wife has her own agenda and is not protecting her husband.

RUSH: And why is that? Or how do you mean?

CALLER: Because if he truly has dementia or Alzheimer’s, if he doesn’t know where he’s at, you can’t subject him to a lot of the stuff. Look at how much he’s not been in the public. Look at how much he has been not coherent —

RUSH: Right. They’re not subjecting him to anything.

CALLER: Not yet. But why would she even pretend that he’s okay?

RUSH: Let me give you a one-word answer. I’m gonna spell it for you: p-o-w-e-r.

CALLER: Yeah. It’s sad to me that she thinks more about power than she does her own husband.

RUSH: I think she’s thinking about power in relation to her husband as well as herself. Look, I get your point. I understand what you’re saying. You think that Plugs’s wife ought to be protecting him. The guy’s got some mental acuity problems. Instead, she’s part of the cabal sending him out there running the risk of embarrassing himself and humiliating himself.

Look. He knows what’s going on too. He’s part of this. He’s willing to take the risk, and so is she, for the upside. Plugs knows that all he’s got to do is stay on the ballot and then win. After that it’s a piece of cake because he’s gonna be able to resign or retire soon after he’s inaugurated and go ahead and do what he wants to do. But this is clearly a massive quest for power in the party.


RUSH: I have a little bit more time here. I understand the nature of the question our last caller asked: “Why would Jill Biden sit by or join in the exploitation of her husband?” She was calling it “elder abuse.” See, this is the difference, folks. You and I cannot… Well, maybe you can. I don’t know. I know that I do not have the personality type that seeks the kind of power these people seek.

It is total, and it’s massive. Pfft! I don’t even think… Whatever power I as an individual have, it’s not something I’m ever even conscious of in any regard. It’s just not an aspect of my personality. These people are entirely different. It’s something they seek. It’s something they crave. It is something they sell out for constantly. It is a ticket to wealth. It is a ticket…

Look, Plugs has set his family up by using the power that his senatorial position has offered him, and his wife… Well, he’s not totally unaware. He knows what’s going on. She can’t be accused of elder abuse if Plugs is all-in on this, and he is. There’s so much of this that amazes me. I mean, we had 23 Democrats seeking the nomination, and there wasn’t a one of them that could beat Biden?

Biden has tried this on his own two or three other times, and he never got more than 1 to 2% of the vote. Now he’s the nominee? There’s so much more going on here than what you and I know. He has been handpicked. He’s been handpicked by a cabal of — and we know who the people are. We don’t know them by name, but we know that there are high-tech Silicon Valley.

We know that they are — in many ways — very powerful, socialist, would-be communists within the Democrat Party. Fundraisers, donors, bundlers. These are the people that either have tried to run for president and have failed or have never tried but want the power but don’t want to have to run. So now they’re the power behind the throne.

They’re the people that we don’t see that are actually making it all happen for Biden. They’re the ones, for example, scared of what’s gonna happen in the debate tonight. And his wife, as part of the cabal… Look, they’ve just… They’ve agreed to do this, and there’s going to be…

I hate… I don’t want to use the word “payoff,” but it fits. There is a benefit to them that will happen, and the big benefit would be if Plugs won. So there’s a lot that is riding on this for a bunch of people who refuse to identify themselves, even though we know who they are. We know who they are by group. We know who they are by ideology.

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