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RUSH: Looky here. “Consumer Confidence Rebounds in September.” This is why the Drive-By Media is telling us that the number-one election issue is not the economy, but instead it’s COVID-19. You know why it’s COVID-19? It’s cause there’s nothing you can say about Biden regarding COVID-19. Biden day-to-day might not even know what it is, but you sure can’t link him to it, but you can link Trump. So, the media, “Oh, no, this election’s about one thing, it’s one thing, and one thing only, COVID-19 and the perception of the American people about how Trump has dealt with it.”

And there may be some ancillary feelings about how would Biden deal with it, but if you’re the media and naturally the Democrats, you’d want to set up an issue about which you claim the election is going to center, especially if it’s an issue that one of the candidates literally has nothing to do with. Biden was not in office. He was not in any position of power when the virus hit. And so there’s no way that he can be linked in any way to the supposed American response to it. That’s something that they can exclusively target Trump.

But I think that the economy is as big a factor. And, remember, it’s the Drive-Bys telling us that it’s COVID-19, so they’re trying to convince people of that. But consumer confidence, anyway, staged a major comeback in September. It rose 15 and a half points in the Conference Board’s monthly index. It is the highest figure. It’s 101.8. The number doesn’t mean anything unless you have a way to put it in context.

That 101.8 consumer confidence number is the highest figure since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in March. It’s lower than what it was in February, 132.6. But still the latest figures, the first time consumer confidence bounded above the 100 mark in six months. And it is related to COVID-19, as you see. So, there’s that.

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