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RUSH: Here’s a story from Just the News: “The momentum of the Joe Biden campaign is showing signs of stalling less than a month and a half before the Nov. 3 election, with the Democratic nominee at the center of a political effort that is forgoing knocking on doors, skipping entire days’ worth of campaigning, and at times appearing to avoid engagements with the [media] in contrast to his more gregarious Republican opponent.”

But look, as I said, the lack of Biden’s physical presence anywhere is offset by a massive advertising campaign that has Biden video and audio — and it does, in a way, serve a purpose. It makes it look like Biden is everywhere with all these ads. If you live in a number of states where these Biden ads are running, you’ll assume that Biden’s in your state doing campaign appearances.

The ads make Biden look very active, very engaged. Yet he absolutely is running an AWOL campaign, and if he doesn’t fall flat on his face during the first debate — which won’t happen on Tuesday night — then the media’s gonna declare him the most vigorous candidate in history. You wait and see. So, again, we have it out there.

I’m looking forward to getting your reaction to this, that Biden is staying hidden because they believe the media. They believe the polls. They’ve got this in the bag. Biden’s sitting on a landslide win. There’s no reason to go anywhere. All you can do by going somewhere is screw it up.

I mentioned that I had a piece yesterday I didn’t get to. This would be a good opportunity. Thomas B. Edsall in the New York Times, a piece a couple days ago” “Five Things Biden and His Allies Should Be Worried About,” and in a way, this piece by Thomas B. Edsall makes some points that I have made in the recent past about who the…

There’s a group of people, voters, out there that everybody is convinced, pollsters are not finding, that Trump doesn’t know who they are, that the Democrats don’t know who they are. You know the discussion that I led on who are all these people showing up at Trump rallies, starting in 2016 and to the present?

Who are they? It’s not an easy thing to go to a Trump rally, and there are literally tens of thousands of people doing this. They’re coming from somewhere. They are giving up an entire day and night to get there, and they’re doing it with no guarantee of getting in. They’re doing it with no guarantee of getting close.

I think a lot of them — especially back in 2016 — were people that the pollsters didn’t know how to reach. Especially in 2016! In 2016, these people were mocked, people at Trump rallies. They were impugned and laughed at. They were made fun of. They’re just being ignored this year. It’s as though all of these people at the Trump rallies are invisible.

They’re not even a factor. People don’t even care to find out who they are. They’re the untalked to. The pollsters aren’t finding them. Campaigns aren’t finding them — except the Trump campaign is finding them because they’re showing up to Trump events. So here from Mr. Thomas B. Edsall. “Five reasons Joe Biden’s consistent lead over Trump does not guarantee him a lock on the White House.”

If you’re thinking, “Well, it’s the polls, and the polls lie. It’s the Drive-Bys, and they lie,” okay. “He sold his office to Russia. His son’s a criminal. Biden has dementia.” Nope. It’s none of those things. None of those things are why Thomas B. Edsall thinks that Biden should be worried. First… I’ll give you the five.

“First, there are indications,” writes Mr. Edsall, “that Trump’s base of support … is more energized and committed to voting this year than key Democratic constituencies. And there is also evidence that polling does not reflect this.” Hmm. Hmmmmm. So at the New York Times, they think they have found that Trump voters are more energized — and, by the way, you know who they are?

They are “whites without college degrees.” Do you know what that means? These are stupid people. White, uneducated. You might as well substitute the word “hayseed,” as far as the New York Times is concerned. You might as well substitute the word “hick.” You might even substitute the word “banjo” or “Deliverance,” because that’s what they mean when they throw in this characteristic: “whites without college degrees.”

In the New York Times world, whites without college degrees are despicable. White people without college degrees are the biggest danger this country faces. Do you know why? Because they’re white people! They have the ability to get educated. The deck is stacked in their favor. They have white supremacy on their side. They have white privilege on their side.

Yet these dummkopfs have steadfastly refused to educate themselves. They prefer to be dumb and uninformed. That’s what the New York Times thinks “whites without college degrees” means. Do not doubt me on this. That is exactly what they think of you — and I’m one of you. I’m white and I don’t have a college degree, and that’s exactly how they think of us.

Do not doubt me on this. They think the deck is stacked in our favor, that we — before anybody else in this country — could get a college degree because white supremacy and because of white privilege. The fact that we don’t have college degrees, means that we’re too stupid to understand how important it is. It’s understandable that women might not have degrees.

It’s understandable that African-Americans might not have degrees. Because people like you and me, we’re standing in their way with white supremacy and privilege and all that, you see. Do not discount this. This is how these people look at us. So, the number one problem Biden faces: “indications that Trump’s base of support — whites without college degrees — is more energized and committed to voting this year…”

How many of you were hearing that for the first time? How many of you believe that it’s the Biden voter that can’t wait to go vote? It’s Democrats, not Biden, ’cause Biden doesn’t have a connection. But the Democrats? Oh, they hate Trump so much! They’re so fed up with Trump, Mr. Orange Man, they just can’t stand it anymore!

They’re the ones who can’t wait to line up and vote, and yet Mr. Edsall says (paraphrased), “No, no, that’s not true. It’s the Republicans that have more enthusiasm,” and there’s no question in my mind that that’s true. You know why? For four years, the people who elected Donald Trump have had to listen to this drivel — and you know what it all is: He’s not qualified; his voters are stupid idiots, racists and bigots and all that — and they’re fed up with it.

They’re fed up with the attempts to run him out of office. They’re fed up with all the scandals that have been perpetrated. They’re fed up with Russia this, Russia that. They’re fed up of hearing Biden’s got the thing sewn up. They’re tired of hearing Biden in a landslide, like Hillary. They can’t wait to go out there and prove every damn one of you in the media wrong again. At the same time they can’t wait to go out there and save their country, and they really believe that that’s what Donald Trump is. Donald Trump will save this country from the American left. That equals enthusiasm.

Okay, the second of these five reasons that Biden should be worried, “Latinos, who are key to the outcome in several crucial states — Arizona and Florida, for example — have shown less support for Biden than for past Democratic nominees. Many Hispanic voters seem resistant to any campaign that defines them broadly as ‘people of color.'”

Did you know that? Did you know that Hispanics don’t like being considered people of color? Did you know that they don’t like being called people of color? And who does that?

That’s right. The left. The Democrats. Because that’s how they see everybody. Their skin color. Or their sexual gender. Or their orientation. That’s how they see people, first, second, third, and fourth. They don’t see who you are. They don’t care who you are.

The third reason Biden should be worried, “absentee voting is expected to be higher among Democrats than Republicans, subjecting their ballots to a greater risk of rejection.” Whoa. Wait a minute. I thought all this time we’re supposed to be voting early and often and mail-in ballots and absentee. Why? Well, because bad orange man’s gonna have a landslide win on election night. The left is being warned, if they watch election returns on election night, don’t get depressed because the early returns are gonna have Trump winning in a landslide.

But after they start counting the mail-in and absentee ballots, that’s when Biden is going to score the reverse landslide win. So now here comes Thomas B. Edsall. Nah, absentee voting, that’s not a reason to be happy. That’s a reason to be worried, if you’re Biden. Because Democrats do it more than Republicans. And that means their ballots are gonna be rejected more for irregularities or illegalities.

As Mr. Edsall says here, it’s “a fate more common to mailed-in votes than to in-person voting.” It’s another reason why I say flood the zone, just show up on Election Day and vote, I mean, like you have not done it before. There’s no substitute for it. It’s going to counter so many other attempts at vote fraud. There’s no substitute for showing up. I know some of you have to vote early and some of you have to vote absentee. But for those of you who don’t, showing up on Election Day, there’s no substitute for it, folks. I don’t care how long you have to wait. It’ll send the fear of God down these spines. The turnout alone will drive them nuts.

The fourth thing that Biden should be worried about, “the generic Democratic-Republican vote (‘Would you be more willing to vote for a Republican or Democratic candidate for Congress?’) through early July favored Democrats by more than 10 points, but has since narrowed to 6 points.” And they’re losing ground on this generic question, are you more willing to vote Republican or Democrat. Meaning things are trending.

As time gets closer to the election, things are trending away from Biden, which is what happened to Hillary, which they have to see. See, I don’t believe that Biden has ever been going to win in a landslide. But the polling data’s all said. So they’ve gotta normalize it somehow, and they do it with this kind of stuff as we get closer to the election.

The fifth reason that Biden should be worried, the debates. “The debates will test Biden’s ability to withstand three 90-minute battles against an opponent known for brutal personal attacks.” Like Biden doesn’t know anything about that. Biden as a Democrat doesn’t know a thing about personal attacks. But Mr. Orange Man, that’s all he knows, that’s all he does. So Plugs and his team have gotta worry about showing up three times for 90 minutes and withstanding the withering personal insults from Mr. Orange Man.

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